This Is No Ordinary Love Tarot Reading of February 2019

Eligiusz Niewiadomski, Angel of Love. Public Domain

In terms of planetary transits, Venus is in for quite a ride this February as she marches through controlling Capricorn currently home to saturnine, plutocratic energies preparing to meet with the shadowy force of Ketu (or South Node), who brings knowledge and spiritual ascension through losses that highlight one’s shadow side. In this tense terrain Venus will step in not only to be dampened first by Saturn, and then driven to jealousy or slavery by Pluto but then to receive the light through Ketu so that by the time she is exiting Capricorn with one last showdown, through a square with wilful Uranus, she will be ready to take charge and cut some cords rather decisively…or may be change up the rules a bit. This is also love — self-love that allows us to bow out of or amend situations that are not healthy for us, and love for others to be protected from experiencing pain at our hands. Dissolution of contracts and relationships should come easy at this time with Mercury in Pisces forming a collaborative Sextile aspect with Venus — with Mercury not in its best position to communicate solid facts, conversations could serve to put the last nail in the coffin. There might be philosophical or ideological differences that just cannot be bridged. Yet the element of Pisces’ ‘Universal love’ might just mean that while connections formally break in the material world, they persist on a psychic level, percolating into your unconscious mind wisdom that might make itself known later down the line. Something is not quite over. This is a useful aspect however to channel your hurt into creative expression such as poetry or writing.

As always it matters which houses in your chart are occupied by Capricorn, Cancer (the sign opposite) as well as Aries, as this will determine which areas of your life are affected by this difficult trek Venus is making. Also those born (roughly) between May 1944-Dec. 1945, Jan. 1963-Aug. 1964, Sep. 1981-Mar.1983 and Apr. 2000-Oct. 2001, who are experiencing their Nodal return this year (when transiting North Node or Rahu returns to one’s natal position), might feel this transit more significantly than most — an eighteen year old cycle might be coming around a full circle now. But everyone should expect accord and interpersonal dynamics to be affected to some degree. There might a strong undercurrent of a power struggle, jealousy, and desire here.

Note: This post has been amended on 15/02/19 to remove information about Venus’s aspect to Chiron in Pisces due to a miscalculation on my part regarding the aspects.  

Interestingly, the tarot readings I have done for this month so far do all seem to be reflecting a Venus-through-Capricorn theme, where small-seeming interpersonal, financial or pleasure (all Venus themes) related occurrences are leading to big breakthroughs in our lives. I hope you enjoy the joyride!

Tarotscopes by Sun/Moon/Rising Sign*

Aries in February 2019

Taurus in February 2019

Gemini in February 2019

Cancer in February 2019

Leo in February 2019

Virgo in February 2019

Libra in February 2019

Scorpio in February 2019

Sagittarius in February 2019

Capricorn in February 2019

Aquarius in February 2019

Pisces in February 2019

*If you know your birth time and place as well as birth date, find your Rising sign (Ascendant) and Moon sign here for free Some months, the tarotscopes for these signs will be more helpful for you than the one for your Sun sign, some months, all three combined will give you the messages you need.

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2019 Annual Tarotscopes

img_20150521_161925-1Welcome to 2019!

Read these tarotscopes for your Sun sign only (and not your Moon sign and Ascendant as I usually advise you to), because in the intention I set for my readings I focused solely on what is going on inside of you, how you experience the world (rather than what is actually happening, since these can be two entirely different things), and consequently, solutions entirely within the domain of your free will.




2019 for Aries

2019 for Taurus

2019 for Gemini

2019 for Cancer

2019 for Leo

2019 for Virgo

2019 for Libra

2019 for Scorpio

2019 for Sagittarius

2019 for Capricorn

2019 for Aquarius

2019 for Pisces

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The Guiding Star in the Key of Virgo


(If you’re looking for September’s advice please click here)

I’ve been through a long passage filled with confusion and turmoil regarding some old patterns in my life and as Saturn stationed direct in Capricorn (on the 12th house side of my rising sign), I had a WTF! moment (the Tower card) when I realised that I had built something up to be more special than it was. A lot of pieces fell into place to give me a more realistic picture of what was really going on, and it looked nothing like the cloud cuckoo land I’ve been in (with natal Neptune retrograde in my 12th house opposing natal Venus in the 6th, this happens to me a lot, but strictly in matters where emotions are involved because hey! my natal Moon’s conjunct illusion-making North Node too!). But fairly soon after, a switch just flipped in my mind (right when the transit Moon moved from Gemini to Cancer) and my perspective shifted towards hope.

I have always given the side-eye to all that woo-woo talk about ‘manifestation’ and ‘law of attraction’ but suddenly the idea made sense. Because I’d been so focused on things that are long dead, I was also giving life to associated heavy emotions which was having a knock-on effect on my daily life, slowing down my progress in endeavours that will eventually lead me to my ideal life. But in a trice I switched my view finder to a more inspiring vision of the future with the thought that If I could spend all that time mulling over history which is no longer tangible, I could easily spend time looking to an equally intangible future instead!

Conjuring a desirable scenario in the head released a wave of positive emotion which in turn energised me to dust myself off and get back to my piling chores with a better tempo — a spring in my step.

I realised that’s what the Star card is in the original Rider-Waite tarot deck. I’ve always read that card as many things, including signs to look out for, that are mostly external to the individual. But for the first time I saw the Star to be a distant glorious goal that is alive and bright at the back of the girl’s mind even as she focuses on nourishing her landscape in the here and now.

Keep your eye on the prize to get the inspiration to stay in and tend to your present. Be mindful of how every action and thought of yours in the here and now is either a step to or away from that cherished goal. This attention to detail for the sake of building something beautiful is essentially the Virgo archetype. I would associate the Star card with Virgo. The guiding ‘Star’ would be the inspiration Pisces brings to her from the opposite end of the axis, and from the depths of human consciousness which knows fewer limits to possibilities than our cognition.

In psychological terms too, I suppose there is merit to visualisation. When we dwell on the past we are simply following force of habit, taking the easy way out to go over mental constructs that already exist, firing affective chemicals that we get used (addicted?) to over time. Essentially, that’s our brain’s cognitive bias for functional fixedness, which ultimately leads to concrete thinking. Keeping our brain supple, young and protected from cognitive decline requires some mental gymnastics and divergent thinking — using imagination to create and hold in place a vision of future destinations would encourage greater mental activity in the production of new constructs, and therefore, the use of new neural connections and the triggering of different affect (with the assumption that one is moving from a less happy to a more happy visual to spend one’s thoughts on).

I suppose this boils down to that old cliché: Follow your dreams.

If you find thoughts of the past or undesirable situations rearing up in your head at any time while you go about your business consciously redirect your thoughts towards that beautiful vision of your future, and ask yourself, what can I do right this minute to get a step closer to that goal. The answer will be: Drop this ugly thought for starters, duh!

Now, if this isn’t an appropriate post for the upcoming New Moon (a time to start a new cycle) in Virgo, I don’t know what is!

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Dancing in September Tarot Update


Max Ernst, Une Semaine de Bonté. By Source, Fair use,

I am writing this post mostly out of a sense of commitment to regularity and information dispensation but a race against a deadline for paper submissions related to course work is keeping me from trotting out any sign-specific tarotscopes this month. I promise the monthly tarotscopes shall return per usual in October.


‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word, love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves. This is our last dance. This is ourselves under pressure’Queen & Bowie

Here’s the most important message for September: Venus this month leaves her own sign of Libra and ingresses Scorpio, where she seductively crawls to about 10 degrees till 5th October after which she retrogrades, retracing her way back into Libra’s 25th degree till November 14. Venus’ reverse motion is always a time of reckoning for matters related to money, relationships, giving, receiving, peace, women in your life, nurturing etc. But this year, a revisit of her own sign right before some other major shifts in November makes this period all the more potent. Broadly speaking, it’s going to be lessons in whom or what we choose to invest in or passionately protect (even if it is our own interests) vis-a-vis a paradigmatic shift in our understanding of what we ought to pursue.

September is the sort of month where everything on the surface is seemingly neat, in true Virgo spirit, but there is an undertow of psychological material we would be ill-advised to neglect. In the early degrees of Scorpio, Venus will (not once but three times!) provide opportunity or assistance to a newly-direct Saturn in Capricorn who is on his own agenda to build  new (self-serving?) support structures (where in your life are you doing that? Pursuing long-term goals that require some sweat and tears?); and she will square off against the Lunar South Node (Ketu) in Aquarius and North Node (Rahu) in Leo — the axis along which our compulsions and impulses have alternately kept us tethered to ‘what’s good for everyone’ and pushed us towards ‘what’s good for my self’ for the past year (and perhaps even expressed themselves as ego-validating humanitarianism).  Venus is not in her true element here, so it is possible her dark side comes out in the form of manipulative behaviour we justify to ourselves in order to achieve our vainglorious desires (that might even disguise themselves as altruistic or ‘sensible’ goals). Not to mention, Venus opposes a retrograde Uranus in Taurus too where she might tempt us to channel our repressed ‘potency’ into something shady (related to money, sex, sensuality of any sort). I paint a sordid picture, I know. But the whole point of metaphysical pursuits such as astrology and tarot is to forewarn in order to forearm — this too is an expression of Venus in Scorpio, the lady who will take no prisoners! If all goes well, I expect something of  (happy) consequence to occur in favour of women’s rights (from now through November, as Jupiter finishes his journey through Scorpio as well)

All of the above might play out, or not, at different octaves for you depending on how and whether these planets trigger your natal chart placements. Also, as always, self awareness, willingness to honestly accept our mistakes, and commitment to acknowledge and heal our shadow will keep us protected from any planetary configuration. Still, you might be affected indirectly by the consequences of changes in  your environment. We are all inextricably connected and as one after all.

When Venus turns retrograde, especially back into her own domain of Libra, you might have to revisit the terms of agreement and cooperation you forged earlier: from the distant past or more likely from this period of September. Therefore, as a preventive measure I pulled out a tarot card as the general advice for us all to live by during this period. Bear this message in mind at all times during September when working with your desires and others in your world.

And oh! On a positive note, this is an excellent period for you to delve into esoteric matters, do background research on plans pertaining future financial (or any other) goals, or even sign up for counselling or therapy.

Tarot Advice for September

Temperance RW

How aptly the Temperance card has shown up for the season of Virgo, a time of measured, precise action. But more importantly, in light of the intense Venusian themes mentioned above, this month this card highlights to me, more than ever, the need to surrender to ‘divine’ will a.k.a. the natural flow of things. In September, it might be a better idea for all of us to let events play out through us rather than by our own agency. Meditation, or simply reining in our reactivity, might help us to listen to the whispers of our higher calling that will in turn guide our actions along the right path. I always see this card also as ‘fated’ meetings of the blessed sort. In relationship matters, contrary to what movies, books and songs tell us, your soulmate might be the one who mellows you out rather than the one who stirs up your passions. This is also a great time for a detox or a new self-care regimen.

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Pick-A-Card Tarotscope


Concentrate on the image below, empty your mind of any chatter, hopes or expectations, choose the card that calls to you and then scroll down to select the link labelled with the symbol associated with your card of choice.

This reading is published in August 2018, but it can serve as a timeless reference for whenever you feel stuck and need an answer.



We’re living in strange times indeed. Or are we? Are we so plugged into the alternative reality of electronic media that we can’t see the normalcy right under our noses?

I think now more than ever we need to get back in touch with our intuition and reality — which might be quite different to what we perceive it currently to be. The irony of me writing about the need to unplug from media on electronic media isn’t lost on me! 😛 But still, we try.

So this month instead of writing ‘scopes for each sign, I’ll let you tune into your own intuition and choose the card that calls to you, to get the message you need the most at this time for constructive action on your part. We can’t always control external factors, but we can control our responses to affect better outcomes for ourselves than readily available.


Green star
White square
Blue star
Black pentagon
Blue ring
Orange square
Red ring
Pink pentagon
Yellow star
Orange oval
Purple star
Yellow square







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Siriusly Serious July Tarotscopes 2018


By Yashima Gakutei; Yashima Gakutei died 1868; Shichidaime Sanshô died 1859; Bunbunsha died 1837 – (handle), Public Domain,

Happy Birthday Cancer, I’m one of you, so to me too!!












Tarotscopes for this Month

Aries, July 2018            Taurus, July 2018             Gemini, July 2018

Cancer, July 2018               Leo, July 2018            Virgo, July 2018

Libra, July 2018            Scorpio, July 2018            Sagittarius, July 2018

Capricorn, July 2018       Aquarius, July 2018        Pisces, July 2018


It’s Cancer season, and an intense one at that, with eclipses and retrogrades all joining the party. Even in more benign times Cancer time is the time when even the baddest, moss-free rock will catch some feels. And with a Full Moon that conjoined a retrograde Saturn close to the start of the month (28 June), we might just be making our way out of quite a bit of melancholy.

Saturn in astrology is melancholy himself. Wherever he sits, he plonks beside him a bit of a damp squib. As a rather melancholic person with a strong Saturnine cloud containing extremely sensitive watery energies in my natal chart, only recently, on the Full Moon in fact, did I start to take some interest in Saturn and melancholia as such. I was trying to find a cure when I started out. But the very interesting literature out there on Marsilio Ficino’s humanistic view of astrology in 15th Century Italy, composer John Dowland’s part in the ‘School of the Night’ in 16th Century England, and their connection to Hermeticism  has given me a rather glittering perspective on my “condition”.

If one views the Universe as one of divine purpose, and our existence here on Earth as the learning experience of recovering from a fall from heavenly grace to find a path back to our blissful abode, then the planets, arranged in almost concentric orbits, symbolise the levels and expressions we must graduate through in order to go back home. From that point of view, Saturnine natives can be said to be “blessed” with a life of looking inward, cosseted by deprivation of social fulfilment, which ultimately opens them to the most fulfilling interaction of all — of formlessness through sublime spiritual union, of losing oneself in the flow of everything, of no longer being confined in 3D but getting swept away atom by atom into the universal consciousness that contains us and fills us.

Melancholy is good for the soul. It takes us away from that hamster-wheel of physical desire into a far more exciting chase and adventure of self-discovery. It is so easy for us currently to stay trapped in the “social” sphere through our phones and laptops, to buy into a version of reality that is entirely and exclusively made by the input-constrained perceptions of the human mind. When your heart breaks watching children being caged at the US border it might be good to remember that borders and countries and their resultant problems are all human-made in the first place. If there were no demarcations claiming ownership of space that frankly, belongs to no one, most of the problems we face today, of rising extremist nationalist sentiments, terrorism, and even environmental abuse wouldn’t exist. If we all shared this planet as a border-less home, common to a joint family, we would all perhaps treat it with the love and respect we give to the place we rest our head on every night. With national and personal property divisions also comes alienation and transference — everything is someone else’s problem. Everyone has facts to quote from history to pass on the buck to someone else for the present state of the world. (How boringly Cancerian of me to want the entire world to be a home to everyone equally!)

But I’m digressing (and ranting!).  Of the “melancholy of a soul trapped in a material world, exalting the veiled mysteries and inward truths of the night over the rational clarity of day”*, late English Renaissance composer Dowland had this to celebrate in Flow My Tears:

Flow, my tears, fall from your springs!
Exiled for ever, let me mourn;
Where night’s black bird her sad infamy sings,
There let me live forlorn.

Down vain lights, shine you no more!
No nights are dark enough for those
That in despair their lost fortunes deplore.
Light doth but shame disclose.

Never may my woes be relieved,
Since pity is fled, and tears and sighs and groans

My weary days of all joys have deprived.

From the highest spire of contentment
My fortune is thrown;
And fear and grief and pain

For my deserts are my hopes, since hope is gone.

Hark! you shadows that in darkness dwell,
Learn to condemn light
Happy, happy they that in hell
Feel not the world’s despite.

Healthy detachment from emotions is important for humans to survive, but the occasional trip to the ocean of emotions, for those unaccustomed to living by its shores, is necessary for catharsis and liberation too.

*Angela Voss. The Power of a Melancholy Humour. Source:



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2018 Summer Solstice Special: Retrograde Revelation (or Ramble)

Currently the Sun is in 0 degrees Cancer, marking the Summer solstice, a time when according to myth the veils between worlds are thinner and there are rituals one must perform to keep the evil spirits from taking the opportunity to invade our minds and our lives. Hah! Has no one noticed lately, Earth seems be full up on its evil spirits quota!

With many planets in Cancer, I am always quite physically informed (by headaches, tingles, or lace doily patterns flashing my eye etc.) in the movements of the Moon and ingresses of other heavenly bodies in signs that make contact with my Cancer planets: Crabs are extremely sensitive to the “undercurrents” that affect their home environment and sense of safety. I don’t even have to look at the ephemeris to know when the Moon has moved signs or perfected a New or Full phase.

This solstice, in the midst of feeling rather anxious and breathless — I feel as if big shifts are coming our way like tidal waves so massive they could be made by Cthulhu — perhaps in anticipation of the upcoming eclipses in July and retrogression of Mars and Venus etc., I had a sort of epiphany about retrograde planets in transit and in one’s natal chart.

From my still-incomplete knowledge of astrology: The Western school views retrogrades as a time to ‘re-view, re-visit, re-do’, while practitioners of the Vedic form view retrograde planets in a natal chart as a symbol of their amplified energy. Mulling over my own experiences of retrograde planets, in personal life and astrological practice, I came to the realisation just now that perhaps the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

When a planet goes ‘retrograde’, that is just the apparent motion of the heavenly body from Earth’s point of view, but what is actually happening is that Earth is outpacing the planet, almost as if the Earth, like a thief, is getting away with something of the planet!

In astrology as in most other esoteric spiritual practices the Earth is viewed as the realm of physical manifestation, ideally, of the Divine will or direction (I have recently been studying the Kabbalist Tree of Life, Sephirot, and the Rosicrucian Rose Cross, which illustrate this idea so intriguingly beautifully). I say ideally because like every Tarot card has a different meaning in reverse; like every planet and sign in astrology has a higher and lower expression, so every human has shades of  ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ which determine what an individual might do with their free will — will they materialise that Divine inspiration for ‘good’? Or ‘bad’?

When I synthesise all the ideas above, I visualise (I only truly understand anything through immersive visualisation) the retrograde effect as: A human on earth, rat-racing forward, getting ahead of themselves in the pursuit or expression of an urge, suddenly stopping, realising something is missing, looking back to see their goal is falling away from them, it’s being taken away! Then retracing their steps to get back to Start, discovering on the way something they’d dropped, to place themselves once again in tandem with the project schedule (planet agenda). Or differently, A person leaving their house to go somewhere, getting to the car only to realise they’ve left their keys back home so they turn back to fetch them, realising in the process they’d left their heating on!

In transit terms this seems to fit the Western view of review times during retrograde.

Also, from Earth’s perspective, when a planet is retrograde you are spotting it in a portion of sky you’ve already looked at before, so symbolically too, you are called to attend to something from the past rather than initiate new projects. Since planetary retrogrades are less frequent than their direct motion, they symbolise periodic flips in perspective which might return to normal once the planet resumes normal movement, so anything initiated at this time, you’ll most likely have different feelings about once the tide changes, hence the prediction of doom associated with retrograde-born initiatives.

But from whatever I have understood of the Western view* of retrograde planets in the natal chart, is that the energies of planets in reverse are “internalised,” something the native must work on on their own, without, or perhaps in spite of, external events provoking that energy.

I appreciate more the Vedic view of amplified power in natal retrograde planets because those who are born with a ‘constant’  feeling like their goal/objective is falling away from them will, in the planet’s positive expression, try doubly harder to get to it. Since achieving the retrograde planet’s forward expression does not come easy, and requires quite a bit of trial and error to refine their methods, people with natal retrogrades are perhaps even better at what they ultimately achieve — a hard-won victory! Also, since they can’t quite “run away with the planet” as the Earth racing forward would like to, they also experience the restlessness and chagrin that comes from not being able to get away with the liberties and privileges other people seem to.

I know a few people with retrograde Venus in their natal chart who are really good at amassing money in spite of, or perhaps because of, their poverty mindset.

Individuals with retrograde Saturn are likely to desire approval from a father or authority figure so much that they self-regulate themselves to the point of toil, achieving high ranks and authority positions (Saturn) for themselves in the bargain! Of course, on the negative side, this same desire for approval can cause fears or blocks in their creative expression or intuitive intelligence.

Being on the greyer side of 30, I have lived through many retrograde transits myself but in 2018 I have become acutely aware of three whose impact was too stark to ignore.

Saturn retrograde in my First House of Will: In line with Saturn’s message of toil I have enrolled for an educational course that I hope will launch me into a completely different, yet perfectly resonant with me, career. As I got to grips with studies at this age and stage, I put off getting my balcony door fixed, which was threatening to fall off any day. But it so happened, one thing led to another, and I was forced to postpone taking my exams for this course to the next semester because, upon closer inspection, along with the door, the roof was crumbling, as were the walls and various other parts of the house! I had to pause my ambitions for an overlooked task which would only have created a bigger block at a much more crucial time further up ahead in my course.

Jupiter retrograde in my 11th house of wishes and networks: My pursuit of finding “my tribe” (also linked to my course above) also got stalled with the home renovation and interestingly, this period and a little before it, has witnessed a natural ‘trimming away’ of friendships and associations perhaps to make space for the new? Or as we might find out when Jupiter turns direct, to return in my life better aligned with my new goals.

Neptune retrograde in my 3rd house of communication, mental and manual abilities, and kinship: The standstill of Neptune just a few days back couldn’t have been more obvious had it dropped a piano on my head! Here I was merrily exchanging messages, communicating with people when suddenly, I realised there was a different meaning to what was being communicated to me and I had been perceiving it as quite the opposite! Certain facts came to light too that gave me a BIG pause for review.

This year we have more ahead, Mars (our drive, ‘warrior’ spirit, energy, lust) turns retrograde on 26th June, Uranus (our unfettered, ‘eccentric’ drive and will) on 3rd August, Venus (our sense of romance, harmony, pleasure, abundance) on 5th October, and of course Mercury (our cognitive abilities, communication skills, logic) on 26th July and again on 16th November.

I have only written here the personal expressions of each planet but of course these planets also manifest their lessons as external events through the agents associated with each but I’ve other work to do and I’m beat, perhaps I’ll update this already rather long post another time to list them all!

Happy Summer Solstice and Cancer season! 🙂

UPDATE: (On the resourcefulness of retrograde planets) I write this at a time when Mercury has resumed direct motion in Leo, but Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (not to mention Chiron) are still retrograde. I was meditating on astrological symbols just now when it dawned on me that when a planet backs away from us, functionally withdrawing its support from our progress on the path of that planet’s expression, it leaves us on our own, first befuddled why our endeavours are not yielding the results they ought to but then! THEN! Like a spirited youngling left to fend for themselves without their parent, we can find a creative solution to achieving the expression on our own! No wonder then that retrograde planets in the natal chart can point to path-breakers and eccentrics*

I say this from recent personal experience with the currently retrograde Mars: Its backward transit through Aquarius and now Capricorn has affected my First House of Will, Health, Vitality, Virility bringing constant fatigue and sleepiness at a time when work and study commitments need me to have 26 hours in a day! I was getting nowhere fast with a complete loss in momentum in studies when one day, I had the brilliant idea to make a school time table sort of schedule for myself where instead of just studying for hours on end, I set the timer for 1-hour chunks, taking 30-min breaks in between for rest, and I’m pleased to report, forward movement despite groggy-headedness has not been disappointing!

You see what I did there? Took a different approach to the affected situation. Of course, what matters here is that we don’t lose heart when we encounter the initial roadblocks and keep a can-do attitude to achieving what we wish some way, some how. This might be easy to do during a transit, but those born with natal planets in retrograde can struggle with finding the hope of a solution — after all, resistance is all they’ve known! But I hope what I’m writing here reaches those of you who need to read this and know that that Mercury retrograde in your chart means you have an intellectual gift! That that Venus retrograde in your chart means love and money are yours to enjoy as you long as you don’t set great store by the tried and tested methods of making them! Whatever your retrograde planet(s), I envy you your gift! 🙂

*In case I’m interpreting it wrong here are two links for you to explore to reach your own conclusions (,

* See some famous names here:

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Maybees Won’t Fly in These June Tarotscopes

The slow-moving outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are viewed in astrology as generation defining forces, which to me underscores their potency when it comes to the impact they can have on individual lives, especially when they make contact with a natal planet or point. For me, the most important event of June is the retrograde motion of Neptune in Pisces. With a natal Neptune in retrograde in my own chart I am all too familiar with the subtle yet insidious ways in which it can distort your thinking to show you demons in angels, angels in demons, diamonds in lumps of pure coal. This retrograde starts on 18 June and ends on 24 November, and it won’t necessarily affect you directly, but it might influence someone close to you and have an indirect impact through their changed behaviour towards you, good or bad. This is all the more relevant in June when, with Jupiter still in retrograde motion in Scorpio, Pisces’ fellow water sign, we might already be exhausted from trying to keep alive a transformational process that showed promise to begin with, but now seems to have slowed down to a near halt. We become all the more susceptible to unfair blame-assignation and delusional thinking in such a dismayed state of mind.

In a nutshell, don’t kid yourself! And remember, it’s Gemini season and perfect time to learn a new skill, make friends, keep an ear out for useful information and generally, keep an open mind to the existence of duality in various measures in everything and everyone.


André Derain, Arlequin et Pierrot. Public Domain,

Pick Your Sign, Read Your ‘Scope

Aries, June 2018

Taurus, June 2018

Gemini, June 2018

Cancer, June 2018

Leo, June 2018

Virgo, June 2018

Libra, June 2018

Scorpio, June 2018

Sagittarius, June 2018

Capricorn, June 2018

Aquarius, June 2018

Pisces, June 2018

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May Day! May Monthly Tarotscopes!S.O.S.! Pass them on!

20150521_124152This month’s tartoscopes are without reversals or jumper cards — just good, clean, uncomplicated, straight to the point readings the way Taurus love ’em…or are they? Snh!

For the rather eventful astrology of this period: Prosper You MAY: Astrology Update

For ‘scopes for your sign:

May for Aries

May for Taurus

May for Gemini

May for Cancer

May for Leo

May for Virgo

May for Libra

May for Scorpio

May for Sagittarius

May for Capricorn

May for Aquarius

May for Pisces


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Prosper You MAY: Astrology Update

May the upcoming month of May be an exciting month for one and all. While the usual personal planet movements might or might not be that interesting to follow (depending on your specific interests in astrology and/or life), April to May is a period I’ve been looking forward to with much anticipation for the big energetic shifts that certainly herald ‘exciting’ times in the eight years ahead for fertility, wealth and anything we assign value to. As Uranus ingresses Taurus, our values and the things we value, are about to change. We already see glimpses of what lies ahead in the birth of cryptocurrencies on the one hand, and a turn to ‘local’ sourcing and produce, upcycling, kitchen gardens, on the other.

The wind

Félix Vallotton, The Wind. Credit: Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon

Something’s Changing — About Uranus

I find mythology to be the best source for truly internalising the meaning of a planet or sign. Uranus, according to myth, is the primal sexual urge that seeks to satisfy itself regardless of consequences, which in the case of the deified Uranus were a stream of children he either ignored or buried alive. So too has Uranus come to be associated in the natal chart with an urge to express oneself unbound by emotions, social mores, rules etc. Uranus the god of the skies, is unpredictable too, given as he is to his impulses, thus lending his domain changeability. He signifies the shocking, including, quite literally, electricity. Astronomically speaking, Uranus has an odd axis with a 98-degree tilt that essentially means it spins on its sides, its rings spinning around it but vertically, quite unlike any other planet, which further reinforces its rulership over everything eccentric. For the past eight years, this crazy, self-willed, lusty character has been in Aries, giving birth in equal parts to the rising phenomenon of lone-wolf attacks (booooo!!!) and women refusing to take any shit from anyone any more (yaaaaaaayy!!!). The atmosphere has been especially charged since Uranus’ tense aspect with the lord of Plutocracy, death and buried wealth, Pluto, currently busy destroying and reconstructing the political and organisational structures. That is to say, the individual’s assertion of self-will has been both agitated and inspired by overdue change in power systems and equations.

So what happens now, when Uranus enters Taurus? It dons the character of the mythical Bull now, thinks, feels and does things, the Bull would. The good news, or perhaps the bad news (?), is that Uranus now will be in a harmonious aspect to Pluto (there’s also Saturn in the mix but for relatively shorter time, so I won’t go there) signifying either positive changes in what we value, wealth distribution, etc, or easy times for the power hungry to redefine wealth to suit them better i.e. devaluing currencies, demonetisation etc.

As always, things in astrology, and in life, can go either way, depending on how you’re playing your cards, i.e. on free will, and attitude. Unfortunately, when it comes to slow moving planets, it’s down to the collective will to turn the tides one way or another, so we better hope everyone’s on the same side, fighting the good fight.

Venus removing a thorn from her foot

Master of the Die, Venus removing a thorn from her foot. Credit: The Elisha Whittelsey Collection, The Elisha Whittelsey Fund.

Something’s Changing — About Taurus

There is no singular origin myth about Taurus being incorporated into the zodiac, but the one that I turn to for understanding the Bull better, is the one about the once wild and untamed Cerus who went about trampling gardens and causing general mayhem among people until Persephone taught him patience and wise use of his strength and since then he brings the goddess on his back, back to earth in time for spring each year, to make the flowers bloom. The other useful origin myth has to do with the ancient people’s association of the bull with prosperity in terms of its use in agriculture and as a food source. Being associated with things earthy, fertile and life-sustaining, Taurus is a sensual sign in every sense of the word.

Imagine now the lusty soul of Uranus come to possess Taurus for the next eight years! Sex drives may go crazy — people might start doing it outdoors more!

But in terms of money, possessions, physical comforts, expect the unexpected. All that gold you’ve got stowed away for a rainy day might not be worth a dime any more, on the other hand, your collection of 1950s crockery might fetch you a great price. Agriculture will be affected. Economy will be affected. Earth will be affected. Nutrition might be affected. Eating habits might change. Notions of beauty might change.

Hopefully, with Pluto in a Trine house, this will be to everyone’s benefit.

Importantly though, Taurus is the earth in bloom, it has a strong association with the verdant bounties of this planet, a planet that is just now trying to cry for help with a voice muffled by all that plastic and other suffocating junk and fumes we are producing. Most people sense an imminent crisis in the life of Mother Nature or Pachamama as she is called by the good folk in Ecuador who have granted her constitutional rights.

Poetic it is therefore that Uranus, the god whose unbridled lust gave Earth its rivers and ponds and other life-sustaining water bodies, should now enter Taurus, the sign that signifies the Earth itself. Hopefully, this will signal the dawn of a happier, cleaner planet for the plants and trees, birds and beasts.

How Things Change – About Planetary Interactions

The one thing I have noticed with the slower moving planets is that they seem to have three phases as they transit a sign (may be the fast moving planets have those same phases too, except they happen so fast you don’t notice):

First, you experience the planetary energy as an external agent of change. Something ‘bad’ happens (mostly. slow moving planets are a bit…strict teacher like), or at the very least something happens to ruffle your feathers or entirely undo you.

Then, once you’ve regained your bearing a little from the initial ‘WTF’ moment, you start to negotiate that energy or you attempt to negotiate with it — It’s either “OK, if this mud is now my life, I better get some Welllies” or “OK, if I do this, will you not do what you’re doing in return?

Third, at the moment when you surrender to the will of whatever seems to be controlling things for you, there comes the stage of becoming the planet. It becomes a part of you in some way, that very essence of your ‘teacher’ is now your way of doing things too.

These phases tend to correspond with the transit of the planet through the three decanates (or 10 degree divisions) of the 30 degrees of a sign. They are also greatly determined by the pace at which you naturally tend to adapt to things. But also, for some, who unfortunately get consumed by the darkness of the first phase, things remain stuck there, and they continue to experience the energy as an external force. It’s a bit like if you don’t join ’em, you keep getting beaten. Not to say that this necessarily means we have to ‘join ’em’, it has to be a choice that is made from the very core of your being, from a place of true understanding of what it is that you were meant to learn from it all.

Uranus in Taurus then, might shake the markets, economies, the earth, its produce in the first phase, then we’ll start to take stock and make amends and then, we might end up assimilating some hitherto “eccentric” way of doing wealth…like returning to a barter system may be? Or something completely new. Or may be it will be something quite unexpectedly mundane?

We need to talk about Chiron!

On April 17, Chiron enters Aries and begins its nine-year-long trudge through the sign that personifies the will, the instinct to win, the drive to conquer, hot-blooded youth, bloodymindedness…

Like Uranus, Chiron is eccentric too. In mythology, Chiron was the one genteel Centaur in a population of lusty boors. In astronomy, 2060 Chiron, the minor planet (there’s nothing ‘minor’ about it in astrology, if you ask me!) located between Saturn and Uranus, has a wonky orbit around the Sun whose perihelion is closer than Saturn ever gets, and whose apehelion almost touches Uranus’ orbit. Thus, Chiron appears to ‘pendulate’ between Saturn and Uranus.

Now THAT’s a whole load of classic Chironic symbolism right there! Chiron in our charts is where we experience that one (or repeated) ego-wound we never quite forget, usually through some kind of or sense of rejection or alienation. The ego (Sun) burns. But then, when we ‘admit defeat’ or ‘give up on’ that which continues to elude us — a goal, a desire, a sense of self gained from the validation of others — something magical happens: we liberate ourselves from the rules and structures (of society, relationships etc i.e. Saturn) of the interactions that were necessary to for us to gain and keep gaining acceptance. When we no longer need others to notice us, or cater to us, to make us feel valued, expression turns to self-expression, of the unbound kind (we get closer to the Uranus way).

If you’ve seen the stage musical Wicked, (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVEN’T YOU MIGHT WANT TO SKIP THE NEXT PARAGRAPH) the Chiron experience is akin to the part where Elpheba, having worked hard through the ridicule of peers, and pressures of study, finally gets to meet and perhaps work with her hero, the great Wizard of Oz. But then, as her admiration turns to disgust at the discovery that he performs cruel experiments on animals, she seeks to expose him to the kingdom, a decision that turns the entire Oz administration against her. She is publicly vilified as a “wicked witch” and being hunted by bloodthirsty crowds when she realises she no longer can ever dream of working with the Wizard; but aha! that as the outcast she no longer need follow the rules that forbid the use of magic for flying. At that moment when her lifelong dream comes crashing down, she gains the freedom to “defy gravity”.

Contrary to what our consumeristic, production-oriented, productivity-focused, Earth-hollowing culture will have you believe, it’s OK to be a ‘loser’. In fact, it’s bloody fantastic! From loss comes a new kind of gain. Something more creative, different and of a higher order than what it was before. It’s the kind of experience that makes blissed-out fakirs of former accountants; free lovers of puritans; iconic artists of former rejects; content humans of racing rats.

In Aries, a more will-driven sign than most, that initial wound or loss can feel more acute — the more attached you are, the harder it is to let go. And with Uranus about to change the rules for everything Taurus, you’ll do well to identify less with your “possessions”, be they objects, people, animals, lands, or even concepts. Because whatever you secretly call “My precioussssess” like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, might just be wrenched away from you in the next few years. I recommend a visit to the The Minimalists for an elegant view of a life with ‘nothing much’ in it.

This is not a doomsday warning, it’s actually glad tidings! 🙂

Have a good one! 😀

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April Monthly Tarotscopes


April fool!

Sorry for that bad joke, but genuinely I’ve no tarotscopes for you this month. It’s a very difficult and busy time for me just now (as it is for everyone in some way or another, I know, judging by planetary indications) so you’ll have to make do with my quick and dirty stichomancy readings where I choose a book and ask for messages for each sign before I randomly open to a page, and blindly point to a random line on the page.

Hopefully this will still yield some important insight or points to ponder for you. If not, mea culpa! I shall return hopefully next month with your monthly readings!

Since T.S. Eliot, for very different reasons, did feel “April is the cruellest month” summarising how I’m feeling with my life plans and chores just now, I have chosen Selected Poems by T.S. Eliot to get everyone’s messages from. Surely a poet will know best how to make sense of the chaos that might have hit your life in the last month and ongoing period (hint: it’s the kind of astrological environment that frustrates you into life-changing decisions)!

Stichomany Readings for the Signs

ARIES: (Blank space) Page titled: ‘The Waste Land’ 1922

(I’m sorry, that’s all it said, and I tried twice, it opened to the same page! What could it mean? You tell me! Do the numbers mean anything? Is your life feeling like a waste land? Perhaps it’s just a matter of perspective. If there is *nothing* to look forward to, then there’s everything to look forward to! Perhaps this is the time for you to be the Tarot’s Magician who can conjure up anything he wishes from nothingness by the sheer force of will putting all the four elements in his command. Where there is a vacuum or a feeling of emptiness, there might be opportunity to go freestyle! Balancing your autonomy with collaborative enterprise might be the key. See what I did there? I made SOMETHING of a reading out of nothing!!! :-P)


Your building not fitly framed together, you sit ashamed
and wonder whether and how you may be builded
together for a habitation of GOD in the Spirit, the
Spirit which moved on the face of the waters like a
lantern set on the back of a tortoise.


And if it rains, a closed car at four.
And we shall play a game of chess,
Pressing lidless eyes and waiting for a knock upon the


And four wax candles in the darkened room,
Four rings of light upon the ceiling overhead,
An atmosphere of Juliet’s tomb
Prepare for all the things to be said, or left unsaid.


The collocation of these two representatives of eastern and western asceticism, as the culmination of this part of the poem, is not an accident.

(My personal note: Go figure!)


You see the border of her dress
Is torn and stained with sand,
And you see the corner of her eye
Twists like a crooked pin.


Proffer my deeds to oblivion, and my love
To the posterity of the desert and the fruit of the gourd.


Among the smoke and fog of a December afternoon
You have the scene arrange itself — as it will seem to do —
‘I have saved this afternoon for you’


I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
And I have seen the eternal Footman hold coat, and
And in short, I was afraid.


Whispering lunar incantations
Dissolve the floors of memory
And all its clear relations,
Its divisions and precisions


Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to  eat a peach?


And some say: ‘How can we love our neighbour? For
love must be made real in act, as desire unites with
desired: we have only our labour to give and our
labour is not required

…Until next month! 😀



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March for March 2018 Tarotscopes

IMG_20150711_180818March brings us out of the deep-delving, mind-scrambling, brain-fogging, intense-feeling Pisces season that’s gradually waning. Yet, Jupiter goes retrograde in Scorpio on March 8th so that we aren’t entirely spared all the befuddlement.

Jupiter in Scorpio can be quite…complicated, as such. This transit marks a period when endings rather than beginnings are to your benefit, as is your brave decision to deep dive into your own psyche and bravely face aspects of yourself that might be subconsciously sabotaging your success. Jupiter softens the blows of the endings and deep dives, in fact it can even bring a sense of joy in the oddest moments of these processes. Jupiter in Scorpio is in a nutshell, about evolution and rebirth, true to the Scorpio keywords. In the material realm, it is about tending to finances and benefiting from strategic decisions to pool in your resources with others  (not just intimate partners but also investment vehicles) but with a sharp eye and full knowledge.

When Jupiter turns retrograde all of these themes are accentuated, demanding our attention because suddenly, something we were counting on just doesn’t seem to be yielding the results we were hoping for. You might find your investments dipping, you might slide back into a situation you thought was over, or you might even experience the same old anxieties and hurts you thought you’d vanquished. Never fear! Just as a planet’s retrograde motion is only an illusion, so too the reversals of planets are only seemingly negative from a material perspective. All the good things are still happening, or rather, can happen, if you can, like those enterprising individuals born with a retrograde Jupiter in their charts, be hip to the hidden opportunities in setbacks, make use of what the trend is revealing and learn to make your own luck! Just be aware that all may not be as it seems.

Your Monthly Tarotscopes By Sign

March for Aries

March for Taurus

March for Gemini

March for Cancer

March for Leo

March for Virgo

March for Libra

March for Scorpio

March for Sagittarius

March for Capricorn

March for Aquarius

March for Pisces

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Pick A Card: An Eclipse Oracle

If you’re confounded, lost, confused or simply curious about what’s going on in your life at this time, consider this Pick-a-Card oracle for answers. Clear your mind and look at the four tarot cards laid out face down in front of you. Pick the number, colour or whatever, that draws you in the most, then read what your choice reveals by scrolling down below!


In astrology, regardless of whether a Solar Eclipse is total or partial, it illustrates a significant time in our lives when our emotional and physical selves first obscure then illuminate a part of our soul’s desire that we might not have even known exists.  This process of self-discovery, be it through inner dialogue or external events, leads to powerful new beginnings that light up our path for the next many months (and sometimes even years) ahead, especially if the degree and sign in which the eclipse occurs tickles planets and points in our natal chart close to that degree, especially now since this Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is getting supported/challenged by Uranus in its last few degrees of Aries, eager to see you being more YOU!

Messages follow

If you picked card number 1

moonAll may not be as it seems. Amplified fears or hopes might be obscuring the truth. Listen to your inner voice. Meditate. Pay attention to what your mind says to you when it’s making detached observations and ideas. The inner chatter of disturbing thoughts is illusion. Something might be revealed to you, and as painful as it might be at first, it shall open a new path for you towards a more evolved, psychically attuned way of being.

If you picked card number 2

deathSooner or later, everything ends. The trick to inner peace is to truly internalise this fact of life and appreciate that when something leaves your life, something else comes to take its place. An ending long overdue might be playing out in your life right now. Simply, things that no longer serve your evolution are withering away.  Let them. It might seem unfair now, but wait till you see what a new day has in store for you. New misadventures at the very least!

If you picked card number 3

3 of cupsSometimes three is company. Sometimes three is a crowd. Forcing yourself to stay in a circle of friends or an association that once was full of mirth but now seems forced is serving no one nothing. Set yourself and your associates free to explore other, more rewarding interactions. Also consider if an overemphasis on ‘fun’ and ‘partying’ is actually taking away from your experience of life’s magical offerings. Take a walk outside among nature’s critters, stop to notice the roses and what hovers about them. Earthly delights of a much more energising and enriching kind abound all around you, outside your favourite hangout spots.

If you picked card number 4


Going nowhere fast? Stuck in a rut? Consider that the places you want to go and the things you want to achieve might need you to learn a little more, the art of navigating ambiguity and harnessing failures to become vehicles of victory. If something comes along to upset your apple cart of desires, upturning your well-laid out plans right now, see it as a course correction destined to take you where you need (and will ultimately like) to be rather than where you want to be. Perhaps what you were aiming for wasn’t actually good for you. Losses are blessings.


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Fervently February 2018 Tarotscopes

IMG_20170902_075543The month of February is bookended by eclipses, marking a period between two crucial decision points. First the Lunar Eclipse on January 31 beckons us to declare autonomy or make a crucial break, not just for our own sake, but also for the sake of the collective or group. Sometimes, leaving unhealthy dynamics is the best way to show you care. Sometimes, one noble mission must be sacrificed for another. Eclipses can be rather complicated and nuanced like that hence perhaps their notoriety in ancient times. The Solar Eclipse on February 15 begins something to replace the ending from earlier. And it likely has to do with an opportunity to create change but at the cost of legacy systems,  extant rhythms and connections that you were coddled in. If Valentine’s Day is your thing (it’s not really mine) then expect this one to be more about connections that encourage your thoughts and freedoms, rather than any ooey-gooey stuff.  Planets are always up to something, but this month and the period till May might prove significant for being maverick Uranus’s last chance to push you to greater individuation. In whichever area of your life you have begun to feel, for unbidden reasons,  a bit fettered in the past few years, there shall be change or your spirit shall be broken. Sorry! Not meaning to cast gloom, but Uranus rolls on without a care for broken anything. It’s up to us to get the better of the energy. All the best!

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Your Monthly Tarotscopes













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2018 Tarotscopes



Whether you came by choice or got directed here by default, I believe it is because there is a message for you that is important for you to know. That’s what I intend and pray for my readings to be — timely interventions of the sort I wanted at a time when I needed them badly. Not to sell you on any kind of ‘woo-woo’ idea of synchronicity and signs, but I do believe in intention and force of will. I hope mine are of help to you!

Have a wonderful 2018. Not to rain on any parades but I do think it won’t be before 2020 that any of us will get any sense of something more solid and certain in our lives. No matter how silent or insignificant seeming, that feeling inside you that makes you feel just a tad…bewildered…is the sense of a major process of overhaul that is happening as we speak. In 2018, we’re one step closer to a different world. Your smallest effort counts, not just in your life but in our collective experience.

I’m adding each sign’s 2018 tarot reading one at a time. If your sign’s ‘scope isn’t up yet, please check back soon, it’s only a matter of time!


Aries in 2018

Taurus in 2018

Gemini in  2018

Cancer in 2018

Leo in 2018

Virgo in 2018

Libra in 2018

Scorpio in 2018

Sagittarius in 2018

Capricorn in 2018

Aquarius in 2018

Pisces in 2018

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13 February 2019

Before any beginning
the void
then the rainbow-striped snake
slithered across
filling it with things, colours, illusions
‘reality’ could just be
Dhumavati’s Kundalini uncoiling
Dhum Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Svaha


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Sartre’s Oracle for the Existentially Challenged

Your February tarot readings are here


Umberto Boccioni, Dynamism of a Man’s Head, 1913. Public Domain,


As Chiron hovers on the critical, final degree of Pisces bringing up issues related to attachment, love, transcendence, parallel worlds, escape, release, addiction, karmic bonds, liminality, sublimation etc., for a final reckoning, it subconsciously informs the actions of the less subtle, more dramatic Uranus who is also on the brink of a shift, on the last degree of Aries where he will make one big final assertion of self-hood and free will, generating an air of anxiety that usually accompanies change. A well-expressed Chiron is off-beat in the way it interprets and re-forms its experience of hurt; Uranus is the primal male, the unencumbered (even destructive) urge to ‘seed’ — raging creativity. Whatever arises now will be eccentric, and possibly outside your comfort zone. You may surprise yourself with your own initiatives. If this strange space just now is bringing up any crisis related to existence itself, questions that need to be grappled with, I’ve a fun oracle to help you along!

These are messages for you from Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness (1956). Hope they raise some questions or thoughts uneasy enough to take your mind of your current issues. 😛 ….or I hope they help anyway.


‘If to die is to die in order to inspire, to bear witness, for the country etc., then anybody at all can die in my place — as in the song in which lots are drawn to see who is to be eaten.’


‘ In fact, since possibility precedes existence, it can be possibility only with respect to our thought. It is an external possibility in relation to the being whose possibility it is since being unrolls from it like a consequence from a principle.’


‘Therefore each relation in its own way presents the bilateral relation: for-itself-for-others, in-itself. If then we succeed in making explicit the structures of our most primitive relations with the Other-in-the-world, we shall have completed our task.’


‘Actually if solipsism is to be rejected, this cannot be because it is impossible, or if you prefer, because nobody is truly solipsistic. The Other’s existence will always be subject to doubt, at least if one doubts the Other only in words and abstractly, in the same way that without really being able to conceive of it, I can write, “I doubt my own existence.”‘


‘There remains one type of activity which we willingly admit is entirely gratuitous: the activity of play and the “drives” which relate back to it. Can we discover an appropriate drive in sport?’


‘In discussing the dyad “reflection-reflecting,” Sartre uses reflet-reflétant. Here, “reflection” means that which is reflected — like an image — and easily suggests to Sartre the idea of a game with mirrors. In the present section, however, the subject of discussion is refléxion, which means the process of mental reflection in general and in particular introspection.’


‘Fear is nothing but a magical conduct tending by incantation to suppress the frightening objects which we are unable to keep at a distance. It is precisely through its results that we apprehend fear, for it is given to us as a new type of internal haemorrhage in the world — the passage from the world to a type of magical existence.’


‘Consciousness is a being whose existence posits its essence, and inversely it is consciousness of a being, whose essence implies its existence; that is, in which appearance lays claim to being.’


‘The reflecting exists only in order to reflect the reflection, and the reflection is a reflection only in so far as it refers to reflecting.’


‘To discover oneself doubting is already to be ahead of oneself in the future, which conceals the end, the cessation, and the meaning of this doubt, and to be behind oneself in the past, which conceals the constituent motivations of the doubt and its stages of development, and to be outside of oneself in the world as presence to the object which one doubts.’


‘”Having, “doing,” and “being” are the cardinal categories of human reality. Under them are subsumed all types of human conduct. Knowing, for example, is a modality of having.’


‘This original relation between the all and the “this” is at the source of the relation between figure and ground which the “Gestalt theory” has brought to light. The “this” always appears on a ground; that is, on the undifferentiated totality of being inasmuch as the For-itself is the radical and syncretic negation of it.’




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Pisces in February 2019

Impatience, poor sense of timing, lack of discipline and restraint, or a tussle between spiritualism and materialism are distinct themes emerging from your reading this month — any one or all could apply to you. All the tendencies mentioned above  are genetic of poor judgement pertaining to the identification of root causes, and even visible problems, in a situation. On the face of it this could be about your finances, or a project you are eager to launch, or anything you wish to happen NOW. But fundamentally this is either about the need to meditate, learn patience, and attune yourself to the natural flow and timing of things, or it is about a spiritual practice that is doing you more harm than good by imbuing you with some sense of moral or intellectual superiority that is blinding you common sense. Some of you are also letting material concerns affect your usual philosophical, high-minded way of life.

On the opposite side of things, for some of you things have occurred at a faster pace than you were ready for and now you find yourself needing some time to step back and regroup, perhaps look at the situation from a distance. Alas, the cards suggest this is not the time to retreat, there are people who need you to be there for them but the advice to you remains the same as that for those in the first camp. Meditate.

Surrender to the flow of things.

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Until next month… 🙂

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Aquarius in February 2019

Everyone is talking about Marie Kondo’s mantra for de-cluttering our lives. She asks us to ask ourselves, “Does this (insert name of object) spark joy?” to decide whether it stays or gets binned. Perhaps inadvertently you have been following this rule for the endeavours you pursue, but badly. Rather than eliminating pursuits, your quest for joy seems to be accumulating more things to do than you can handle at once, and when that gets to be a joyless state of things, you simply move on to the next thing? You may not agree with any of the above for yourself, BUT, if you have been finding it difficult to manage your finances, time, or indeed, any resource, or if you have more projects on the anvil than in the FINISHED pile, then there is a problem. What you need to realise this month is that the joy you seek is not somewhere out there waiting for you in the form of some dream job or way of life. Make your source of joy the achievement of perfection (or as close as you can get to it) in what you do already have. Your cards seem to be showing a tendency to procrastinate, and that too might have to do with your mental resources being thinly spread over a growing list of to-dos — vow to finish just one small task everyday, that will be enough, and slowly proceed to the finish line.  For some of you, something you lost is to be found somewhere right under your nose.

While you figure out how to sort things, here’s some comic relief:

Your cards


From left to right: Context, advice.

Until next time… 🙂

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Capricorn in February 2019

This month is about the haves and have-nots, and the imbalance between them. Even though it is a Minor Arcana card from the Tarot indicating a mundane situation, it may represent a big theme for you (as it is already in the world) in February. Either the money that you thought you had coming to you, or the money that you owe to society (as taxes, charity, sponsorship, patronage etc.) is not moving as it must. Underlying this situation is a deeper disharmony that has something to do with misinformation, or even disinformation. It seems as if someone’s mischief, or even a simple oversight, has led to misunderstandings that might be blocking a transaction of money or support. There is also an important warning for you here to beware of obtaining wrong information, skipping the fine print, or assuming you know all you need to know as this may impact your money situation somehow. If you are in a leadership position in an organisation or enterprise then this card also cautions you against someone leaking sensitive data pertaining to your finances, the salaries you give out etc. Be careful too with your banking information, credit card use, and financial transactions, as you might be susceptible to fraud that most likely presents itself in the guise of someone’s need (but not necessarily that only).

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Until next month… 🙂

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Sagittarius in February 2019

For the sign that personifies movement and progress, the theme of emotional stagnation coming up this month is ironic. Sagittarius are mostly jovial spirits who like to hold on to their childlike wonder. But as you grow up and experience more of the world’s pleasures, a return to innocence will inevitably go through the path of emotional maturity and refinement that is able to distinguish cherubic joy from juvenility — this is the fundamental message the cards for this month have for you. Humans are the only species on this planet whose offspring spend so much time dependent on their parents. Since we spend a considerable time of our early lives being cared for by others, even after we grow up the child inside us remains, requiring affection and validation as essential nourishment for our psychological well-being, which is where our adult relationships come into play. A sense of ‘home’ is just as important for the wanderlust-ridden Sagittarius as it is for any other sign.

This month, you might find yourself experiencing fear, anxiety, sadness, or plain confusion surrounding bonds that nurture you, or that ought to make you feel nurtured. Childhood friends, siblings, romantic partners, indeed anyone with whom giving and receiving affection should be a source of comfort might be a source of discomfort through some information that comes to light or simply through troubled dynamics. Perhaps all this while things were all innocent fun and games with another, but then you learn of disturbing undercurrents.  The appearance of the Moon card in your reading  — which represents reality as a reflection of our state of mind — suggests that whatever sh*t goes down with another for you is mirroring who you are, unpleasant as the reflection may seem. Relationships are indeed dances where one person’s moves influence the moves of  the other, so when we see something that we do not like in the people we are dealing with, it is often telling of something about our conduct too.

The Moon card upright is usually an unwelcome omen but I always read it as a card  of necessary gestation, preparation and evolution, the dark birth passage that one must take to reach a new place of material achievement. If you look at this card closely it shows a pathway, poorly lit as it might be, that portrays the evolution of life from its first emergence from water, to the stage of human civilization represented by the brick-and-mortar towers. This card also signifies unconscious and subconscious activity that manifests in reality. In its reverse position this card indicates a lack of movement — staying stuck in the uncomfortable comfort zone of one’s fears and trepidations rather than choosing to walk that difficult path of self-work that could lead to emotional healing. In your arrangement it is also talking about staying stuck in outdated patterns of relating, obsolete values, or nostalgia.

Troubled dynamics in your world now point to work you, and you alone, need to do in order to become a source of emotional sustenance for others so they may be able to reciprocate in kind. That cliché about relationships being like sharks that need to constantly move in order to survive also holds true here. Relationships that you may have been happy with staying the way they are now demand evolution of some sort and for that to come about you will need to evolve first in how you define conviviality.

This month, commit to leaving your (dis) comfort zone and find your way home.

The lyrics of this song from Enya, Anywhere Is, might help.

(P.S. If there are any Star Wars fans reading, I couldn’t help but notice how this card combination also reads like Anikin Skywalker’s fears regarding the safety of his loved ones (mum and wife) that ultimately takes him to the dark side….)

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

God spede… 🙂

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Scorpio in February 2019

You have one of the easier readings this month. While everyone else might have to struggle with changing whole life patterns, you have a theme not entirely alien to you. It is something you might be aware of, and in fact, at this time, you might even find it almost natural to make the changes that you have perhaps always known you need to make but never quite could.  Your zodiac sign of the scorpion tends to aptly represent an innate ‘survival’ orientation common to most individuals of your sign. In nature, the scorpion will eat its own offspring, and even sacrifice its most important defence, its tail, in order to escape its predator even if it means ultimately dying from the inability to egest. Scorpios have earned a bit of a reputation for being bite-yer-head-off defensive, or secretive, around people for this very reason. But in February you are being called to let loose a little.

You might have recently learnt (or may be about to learn) of the talent or power you possess to achieve success and overcome obstacles. You might be feeling a wave of that sort of energy — it is sharp, brilliant, clear, and silent, like the Sword of Nuada himself. With such power in your possession, do you really need to hang on to your pennies? This month you might realise you can afford to stop guarding jealously your material belongings, that you don’t have to be doing your accounts all the time, that perhaps focusing too much on your fears surrounding material adequacy is preventing you from doing the great and glorious things you can do with your time.

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Until next month! 🙂

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Libra in February 2019

Like for most other signs this month, the trend of a small event become something major on your soul path is showing up for you too. Since Libra are ruled by Venus, and since Venus has a difficult transit this month through Capricorn (see post intro), it is no surprise these themes are showing up strongly in your reading.  The desire to attain something, or force something to a culmination or conclusion might have had you almost challenging the natural flow of things lately. But what happens when we fight against nature? Nature fights back. And this translates into you perhaps attaining that which you almost arm-twisted events into attaining but then realising that somehow, what you achieved doesn’t feel so good after all. You might also experience an incredible amount of resistance from Lady Luck and general events to your progress (like losing funding for your project for no particular reason, or experiencing a health situation that stalls you). Because working hard to achieve your goals is one thing, stubborn insistence on pursuing something out of season or out of step with what you truly need at a point of time is quite another. It is like a tree demanding snow at a time when it needs sunshine.  There is a call for you this month to get back in touch with the natural flow of life, and where you are placed within it. You might learn that you have to give up on some things that you want (for now), but if you resist getting back in tune with yourself and nature and making the necessary sacrifice of a demand (not wish!) to  do so, you might ironically prevent yourself from getting the very thing you want in the future. This month, look for happiness within, not without.

P.S. Shortcuts and rush jobs will be tantamount to self-sabotage this month. Take the scenic (read proper) route right now to ensure a bountiful harvest later…

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Hope you have a fruitful February. 🙂

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Virgo in February 2019

A major life event with a strong karmic theme is coming up for you it seems. If you have been in a state of equilibrium (teetering on stagnation), or if you have been restricting your self-expression to mind your P’s and Q’s around others, then you might welcome a shake-up brought about by circumstances or by your own impulse to strike or just strike out on your own.  However, in most cases the Tower card symbolises an act of God sent to correct one’s course away from blind ambition or narrow-minded collectivism, towards broader horizons. Initially, this ‘course correction’ can indeed come as a destabilizing shock, a ‘dis-homing’ situation. But over time one comes to appreciate the new avenues, places and people it opened up for them.

With the Justice card showing up as the context around the Tower occurrence, it seems as if a legal pronouncement or a crucial official (or even social or interpersonal) decision could bring with it climactic outcomes for those in the ‘wrong’  — you or the other. Some of you could have to move on account of an unexpected eviction or damage to the house.  Some of you might experience a sudden fallout with your spouse or family member. Some of you could find yourself out of a job or losing a project due to some decision. The keywords here are ‘sudden’ and ‘displacement’ based on a ‘decision’, in whichever way it plays out for you. Remember this is an expansive influence…embrace it.

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Hope the changes are welcome ones! Until next month… 🙂

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Leo in February 2019

A solid foundation of material security and familial harmony, that is what you need, it is what you have been working on for a while now. Some of you may have even achieved the goals you set out to in this area of your life fairly recently. This month ought to have been a celebration of that success, or a celebration in general of feeling at home, but something inside you does not seem so inspired. Where you ought to have been feeling inner bliss and surge of motivation to love, create, dance, you seem to be holding back. Or something is amiss. Is this going to be the month when you realise that internal peace cannot be acquired through external structures? Or does it seem as if you have had to toil to secure for yourself something that ought to be easily the right of everyone? In practical terms, some of you could experience a hiccup at the final stage of a completion of some sort. Don’t lose heart. This situation requires a creative solution, perhaps some lateral thinking. All is not lost unless you decide it is. For some of you a retreat in nature, or regular meditation practice is in order.

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Until next month! 🙂

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