So Not Je-June! Monthly Tarot For All Signs (2017)


Get your June buggies out!

After a time of frustrated action, stalemate or simply quiet preparation and even perhaps an epiphany or two, we are getting closer and closer to lift off. June will be the month when you take the inaugural step, however small or insignificant seeming, towards a grand plan, which will unfold and be realised over the next many months or even a year or two. Signing papers or getting information is usually the flavour of the Gemini season we are in. Also of benefit is meeting, chatting and mingling with youthful minds, and friends with whom you enjoy great bants. You never what important piece of info or idea emerges through these activities! Beware though of those who can only seem to tell you what you can’t do; beware too of that disparaging voice inside your head. Heed the naysayers though but only as the Devil’s advocate, to check if you have dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s of your plans.

General tarotscopes written en masse for everyone of a sign can tend to sound so generic you’d be forgiven to think astrologers and tarot readers use ambiguity to give an illusion of accuracy. But that’s not true. Look from one sign’s scope to another and you’ll realise it’s about different, though overarching, trends that are affecting everyone in a sign, albeit in specific ways for every individual. It’s akin to a big event like an economic crisis affecting everyone but uniquely — some become homeless, some merely need to fire their butler. some make money off the crisis, some discover a different calling as a result of joblessness. So please, apply these general readings in a broad sort of context for yourself.

It also helps to look up your Ascendant and Moon sign scope (to find both signs out for yourself visit this link: Ascendant sign is ‘AS in’), because sometimes they explain your situation better.

Of course, when you get a personalised reading from me, there’s none of that ambiguity and just direct, clear messages meant for your specific situation. So if you feel like  getting one, do mail me at I take PayPal payments on a pay-as-you-like basis.

ARIES: Self-preservation is the theme of this month. You seem to be emerging from a time of heartbreak, a painful decision, betrayal or health problems; June is when the wounds start healing. If it’s not physical well-being you’ve got on your mind, then it’s money issues that have you preoccupied. It is also possible that you’re being extra defensive or, dare I say. miserly with your resources towards others because someone let you down and left a bad taste in your mouth. While you’ll keep a sharp eye out for any more bullsh*t coming your way, you’re advised to keep from erring on the side of being sharp tongued in the bargain. Question others, politely; don’t pick fights to test them! Be it in matters of health, wealth or work, do look out for yourself by all means, but don’t end up alienating others by being too close-minded or tight-fisted. A recently-made tough decision will bear the fruit of stability for some.


TAURUS: Slow and steady is what usually wins the race for you. But in June it looks like a move to calmer waters (read a career or house shift) is slacking in forward momentum. Whatever new job, investment-related plan, or location change you had initiated recently could be temporarily stalled due to your own worries. Or perhaps you need an ally to help you through? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It looks like an Air sign male (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) or someone who is a professional expert will be able and available to help. If you don’t know anyone like that yet you might meet them soon. They could engineer the realisation of a goal or wish. Or perhaps a chat with them or advice from them will uplift you. It’s also possible that someone who was stonewalling you before opens up now. Fun times could ensue!

To be honest your jumper cards have confused me a little, so if any of the above transpires in any shape or form, do leave a comment because it will help me refine my readings in the future.

Those of you who’ve been suffering from mobility issues might experience a small setback but nothing that can’t easily be solved with timely, expert advice. Go slow!

Jumper Cards
(Please let me know how they translated for you)


Main Card

6 of swords

GEMINI: Go forth and conquer my friends as stalemates end and progress begins. This forward momentum most likely has to do with work and the team or people you collaborate with. Where once there was confusion or disagreement over the path to take there will now be consensus. This could also have to do with a job-related relocation. Whether it is a project getting the green light or a physical move you have in your sights, or even a new car you wish to purchase, make sure there are clear rules and boundaries you are working with. Still, the overall feel is good: Of a small victory leading to a big leap.

For some of you though, a recent promotion could have put you in charge of an uncooperative team. But this month they will be digging their heels in no longer if you work with a spirit of unifying opposing forces and differences into one mellifluous structure.

In June future directions become clearer and if you had joint issues then movement becomes more supple. Have a good month! And happy birthday! 🙂


CANCER: Reviewing and revising emotional goals is on the cards. Many of you will be ditching an outdated dream of the proverbial white picket fenced happy family in favour of a more free-flowing aim to find happiness in any shape or form, wherever the winds take you. If you’re not feeling quite so much like a rolling stone, it is recommended you cultivate that feeling in the interest of your own spiritual and emotional evolution (because happy surprises are around the corner!). Many will be leaving a long-term or past friendship, partnership or family relationship behind in light of the realisation that this association is more discomforting than forthcoming with any real joy. You stay guarded around an individual and loyal to a fault in hope of a happy outcome or recognition that is ever more elusive. Forgive and move on says the Jumper Card!

The Ace of Cups in the Rider-Waite tarot deck is special because it is the only card that in its reversal too has an indisputable symbol. As the ‘W’ on the cup becomes an ‘M’ when upside down many speculate it connotes Mary Magdalene, some say it hints to the great Mysteries of life. Either way the message is: The internal joy you derive from numinosity is far more rewarding and resilient than the happiness you get from external sources.

The reversed Ace of Cups also means happy new beginnings are in the works, but for now, work on your own inner peace. Soon baby, soon the sun will shine on your patch!

PS: Beware of coveting what others have. Their happily-ever-after might just be your “Quick! Get me a raft out!” Contemplate your own unique fairy tale this month.

Also, the fact that all cards came out reversed tells me that the time isn’t right for you to know where you’re going next. This month could be the universe’s way of testing your ability to surrender to the moment. Ommmmmm!

Jumper Card

Ace of Cups

This Month’s Cards (two came out!)

LEO: Most Leonine manes will be in a tangle over confusing choices, fallouts and even moral dilemmas. Some are just about getting over a recent betrayal or quarrel in a key partnership and contemplating leaving the union entirely. The cards suggest you take some time out and see things from a different perspective before you make that final decision. Even those of you dealing with infidelity should retreat and wait for matters to unfold or information to reveal itself gradually. Some of you are having to make some tough choices over material matters  — walking a more spiritually satisfying path could mean giving up on some creature comforts. But are you ready to do that? You could be convinced to by a wise ‘ascetic’ type you might encounter who inspires you give it all up for a bigger dream. For some, this is a period when physical (surgery?) or emotional wounds are healing but the body and mind aren’t back in balance just yet. If this is related to medical matters, check with your physician if you can do Yoga or Pilates to aid healing. Or try meditation. If you’re avoiding making a choice or getting restless about making one, be diligent to look at things from all angles, not just those related to material issues.

There are many different areas of your life where this could apply but in a nutshell: There is a difficult decision to be made, possibly an element of deceit to contend with, and the need to look at the issue, person or thing from a different angle.

In more ways than those mentioned here, Leos in June will be spurred by imbalance or discomfort to find the ‘right fit’ for themselves. In simplicity, austerity and spirituality might lie your answer.

Jumper Card

Hanged Man

Main Monthly Card

Lovers rx RW

VIRGO: An uncomplicated reading for an uncomplicated sign. You have had your nose to the grindstone, working hard at learning a new skill or producing a piece of work for yourself or for the organisation you work for. Now is the time to reap the rewards for all that toil! If you’re graduating from an educational/training program, you’ll get a job offer. If you’ve been slaving over an independent project, you’ll now be able to present it in its full glory. Even if you’re a stay-at-home mum or dad you could be revealing something like a treehouse you built to surprise your kids with. If you’ve been on some health regimen, you’ll have a beach bod to flaunt just in time for summer; or good health to glow with after a loooong time. Some of you might get proposed to by their romantic partner who is finally appreciating your loyalty and sincerity towards them. One way or the other, be it an internal feeling of a new beginning or through the agency of an external event, there is a fresh start in some aspect of your life this month following a long period of perseverance, honing, and sincerity.  Enjoy the just desserts! 🙂


LIBRA: You are coming out of a fairly inward looking time when you were perhaps (emotionally or physically) unavailable to dear ones. Were you wrestling with confidence or health issues? Or creative blocks may be?Well that changes this month when you start to feel more secure and stable in some way. Your domestic situation is looking calm. Some of you might even experience a money windfall. All this means that in June you’re not so “What about me?” focused and more interested in spending quality community time. Some of you could see the return of a child who had flown the coop (for happy reasons) so that your family unit is restored to its usual integrity. Health wise you’ll reach a milestone on the jogging track to greater strength. Additionally, in the wake of incoming stability, you might decide to take a trip somewhere, or make new friends through your hobbies or start a new physical activity. Some of you could get involved in a hot affair but bear in mind, it’s just for fun. A new fiery friend could also enter your life (could be Aries, Leo or Sagittarius). Word of caution: You might have a tendency to get too stuck in old ways and habits to the point of stagnation. Keep an open mind!

Jumper Card


Main Card


SCORPIO: A male in your life has been wanting too much of your attention lately but now it’s your time to shine. the difficult male in question might turn around and shower you with their warmth and affection. This could even play out at the workplace with a bossy boss. Alternatively you could have found your own emotions all over the place and as a result thrown a tantrum or two about how no one cares. In June you’ll be singing a different and happier tune. For some of you, a child, or a product of your creativity, could be the source of much pride. If you’ve been suffering from issues related to bloating, swelling or water retention you will start to feel better. If you’re not there yet, the cards recommend some time in the sun. If your house was plagued by issues related to dampness, it will start to dry out. If you were suffering from creative blocks, especially as a teacher, chef, nursing practitioner or musician, June will be a more productive month. Get the general drift? Here comes the Sun!


SAGITTARIUS: This is one hubbub of a month dear Archers. You emerge from a time of trials, feeling lack, suspended animation or reviewing life, into a  period filled with chatter, emails, meetings, things to do, places to go, people to meet (and even do? ;-)). Some of you receive enlightening information that spurs you to get back at someone. Try not to indulge in pointless battles of wits and ego. Don’t let your ambitions make you too cut throat either (Your time will be better spent in stimulating debates or competitive sport). It is possible you become more holier-than-thou and put people off with your cutting words. Think before you speak whether what you say will be constructive at all or simply raise everyone’s hackles.

If you end up having an altercation with an Air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius), it will be because they are being too hasty or pugnacious and it looks like you’ll be putting your foot down. If it’s a Pisces you’re clanging your sword with it might serve you well to at least listen to their point of view, which may enrich you in some way.

Your mind is sharp as a razor as you cut through bullsh*t; your wisdom also shines through in the decisions you make. Enjoy the busyness of June!

Knight of Swords

CAPRICORN: Illusions dissipate in the wake of revelation. Bitter the truth might feel at first but then you’ll realise how living a lie is so much worse than this transient hurt. Seeing the dream you built around a person, or goal, for the flimsy castle in the air it really is has been a long time coming but here you are now, eyes wide open.  Something you have been waiting on or wishing for has remained elusive for a long enough time, and now you realise it never is going to happen. Truth is, whether you know it or not, you have outgrown this dream the universe is now forcing — if you don’t volunteer to — you to give up on. But here’s where things start to get interesting. Your Jumper Card says that almost at the instant you shed this inutile dream or person from your life, something new will come in to make you happy! So hurry up and get disillusioned already! 😛

If a person starts to look a bit dodgy in the clear light of day, take not a second extra to move on. If there’s a dream that remains ever distant like a mirage, turn the other way! Happiness is coming.

If you have been worried about an ache , pain or symptom that has escaped diagnosis thus far, it could come to light in June, which is good because then healing will begin. Now is also a good time to give up on an addiction or habit that you know is bad for your mental or physical health. All the best! 🙂

Jumper Card

Ace of Cups

Main Card

7 of cups

AQUARIUS: All the bad things that have brought you pain — physically, financially or emotionally — climax and conclude this month. Difficult as this might be for now, the good news is, it means a new day is dawning soon. A job, investment or relationship that would bring you greater security has proven to be a dead horse. And I think you’re just so tapped out by all the effort you’ve put in that you wouldn’t be able to carry on with it anyway. Some of you might experience losses in income. Some of you might discover that a stable-seeming partnership wasn’t quite all promising as it looked to be. Some of you are just tired from working at it patiently without any real results achieved. Whatever sad feelings you’re feeling, let them sink you then wash over you in June. Don’t hold back tears if you want to cry. And seek a friend out if you can; you don’t have to suffer silently. If none of this applies to you then the caution for you is to look after your health as you might be fine one minute and fall ill the next. Also, read all the fine print before you invest in anything lest you get swindled. It’s not the happiest of readings I agree, but it heralds the end of an exacting cycle so happy new beginnings can have their turn.

In some cases I’d say everything is all right but your own fears and concerns are making you see cloudy weather cast over clear skies. Don’t self sabotage!

10 of Swords

PISCES: Is there a megalomaniac that has been giving you trouble? Is there someone in your life — at home or at work or in your social network — who is all about me, me, me and getting under your skin? (This could be a Fire sign – Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) Looks like you’re picking a fight with them this month. But before the gloves come off beware! Your victory could come at the price of moral or spiritual discomfort, and even the support of your compadres. Think before you speak, words carry the immense power to endear you to or isolate you from the people around. Where you might think you’re healing someone with the truth pill, they might think you’re destroying them with a rude bomb.  It could also play out the other way around where this troublesome individual plays a dirty game and profits off your losses in some way — like diving in for the promotion you were going to get on the day you’ve had a bit of a struggle with your boss. Something like that. It could translate in any area of your life. In June, stay vigilant yet open; stay honest yet polite. And accept the challenge of building a constructive dynamic with even the worst of individuals.

5 of Swords

Until next month! 🙂

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Prediction Log: 7/05/17

Fashion design will introduce a translation of “womenswear” for men. If women can wear suits and men’s style clothing, why not the other way around?

In the Age of Aquarius men wear skirts to office if they wish, just like women wear trousers, without it getting categorised as a specific sexual/gender/lifestyle preference.

Unisex clothing in its truest sense without eliminating the pretty laces, florals or even the “dad” checks and argyle!

This is the world Aquarius wants.

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May-hem Tarotscopes

Welcome to May!

IMG_20170128_142920.jpgHow was April? If you were ‘lucky’ you lived through the drama of sudden reversals and scandalous exposures. The rest had to suffer the electric angst of spinning their wheels in idle. Did your heart break somehow? Or were you set free? Or both?

This month marks a time for self-care and slow progress — both Taurus trademarks. Shifts are indeed happening. Gradually. Your life is about to change, just not as fast as you would prefer it.

Read on to see what energies are affecting your Sun sign this month. Tarotscopes of such general nature apply only broadly (and sometimes not at all) to people. So if your reading doesn’t resonate with you, perhaps read the ‘scope for your rising sign and Moon sign too (to know what your signs are, follow this:, the field marked ‘AS in’ tells you your rising sign) . It might reflect your situation better.

Of course, for specific matters and important advice get a private reading with me! You can email me at I have a pay-as-you-wish system for now, so make the most of it while you still can!

ARIES: Opposing energies and sentiments clash poetically this month. Temperance is crossed by the Devil — the pleasure you are taking from maintaining a healthy equilibrium (in food, habits, emotions etc.) might be interrupted by the lure of an unhealthy addiction, relationship or habit that you thought you’d left behind. Think you’ve become Zen? Think again. This month tests your resolve, discipline and patience. And the Devil arrives disguised as a pleasant interlude. Perhaps you’ve proudly remained off the wagon but now an old friend wants to reconnect over a few pints? Translate this example into any other similar situation: work discipline vs. sweet laziness; exercise habit vs. food binge; emotional freedom vs. return of the toxic ex; celibacy vs. seduction…

Whatever occurs externally will hold a mirror to your own tendency to rebel against restrictions. Just that this time you’re rebelling against a self-imposed judgement!

What will trip you up is the return of hope, innocence and child-like wonder after a period of stagnation. Which is a good thing, of course. Just that at this time you need to balance logic versus sentimental foolery. Ruled by Mars, you’re more susceptible than most to have passionate urges and spontaneous whims run off with you. But, Mars also gives you the strength to stand up to any adversary and this month I believe in you to stand up to your biggest one yet — your own dark side.

This is hump month: have that decisive battle against evil once and for all, just in time to emerge on the other side where heavenly pleasures await.

PS: For some of you this drama plays out through the arrival of an intriguing stranger, a long-lost friend or an offer that harkens back to a forgotten dream. Stay temperate.


Jumper Card


TAURUS: It’s been so dark and hopeless that you’ll need shades to face this break of dawn. Just when you thought your empire was crumbling, a well-timed victory puts your flag back up on the pole. May gets you the job or contract you had your eye on, or some achievement that energises you. If you were having trouble with a boss or father figure, things turn around — you win against them or win them over. Granted, this turn of events may still fall short of restoring a sense of complete control and stability with regard to a domestic, financial or health situation, but it’s still something. A happy something. Some of you might finally leave the family business and strike out on your own. Some of you might start your own independent venture. This month you’ve got comrades to support you in whatever move you make. If your leadership was a bit wanting at work/business, you’ll rally troops more effectively now. Just remember, when you feel good, everyone around you feels good too. So if you’re focusing too much on what you don’t have or lost in the past, it’s time instead to charge at the things you can attempt to have. Luck and energy are on your side.

For some of you it’s out with that crusty old partner who only brought you down and in with a new suitor who’s younger, handsomer and ahem…more accomplished *wink wink*

6 of wands

GEMINI: It’s going to feel like a fresh start of some sorts during this somewhat more social period than recent times. You’re coming away from a phase when you were either ruing a move or decision or staying firmly entrenched in the familiar when faced with the prospect of a new adventure. But this month you emerge from your perceived mistakes or unwillingness to explore with a clean slate. You’re willing to find your place in the world anew and you could be expanding it through new connections. If you’ve been housebound for health reasons, you’ll be able to step out! There could be a shrewd, smart yet difficult woman in your life who has useful advice to give. Be open! Also, watch for a tendency to be too cynical or cutting in your interactions with other, especially when people have something to say or an idea to share.

queen of swords

Jumper Card

The World

CANCER: There’s something you’re trying hard to bring about but things aren’t moving by leaps or bounds, are they moving at all? You’re doing the best you can to evolve or make your world a happier place but you’ve not much to show for it eh? Brace yourself, because this month isn’t going to be very easy either — especially if you look at lessons as obstacles. You might have to face competition, difference of opinion or some bickering on the way to getting a venture off ground. Those applying to academic courses or new jobs will have to work extra hard to outdo other candidates. But that which does not kill you my friend, only makes you stronger and wiser. So embrace the friction, wherever it comes from, as an opportunity to evolve.

But life could also go completely differently: You could now be emerging from a reclusive period when you were battling mental chimeras to engage with new friends, a diverse set of people of different ideologies and cultures! For you, this could turn into a social month of much banter and stimulating interactions.

Which chain of events will pan out for you?

For all Cancers there is a message of hope: You might feel blocked or in a stasis but that special project or dream that you have invested your heart, sweat and soul into is about to bear fruit. Just wait this month out…

7 pents RW

Jumper Card


LEO: All leaps of faith are hanging in suspended animation this month as you get spoilt for choice between enticing options, some familiar, and at least one that is seductively, exotically risky in some way. Will you take the cash prize or go  for whatever’s behind the door marked with a big black X? That’s the kind of conundrum that has Leos pausing before they start on a new project or endeavour or life direction. This is to do with a dream that you’re emotionally attached to. And it looks like some of you are waiting for more to be revealed from one source before you make an informed choice. Well, at least this time for a change you aren’t just jumping at the first exciting offer that comes your way! But for some of you the reading is saying the opposite: Are you so busy building castles in the air, or waiting on an iffy promise, that you’ve put all progress on hold? Whatever your particular situation, take some time this month to reassess your desires —  Are they realistic? Will they aid your evolution? Do they truly indicate new beginnings or just more of the same sh*t in a different package?

Invest your trust wisely. But at the same time, don’t be afraid of the unknown.

If you’re planning a big ticket purchase, take some time to study the details or might get gypped!


VIRGO: The healing powers of self-love are helping you get over an emotional or physical setback.  Whatever hurt your heart or body no longer carries the same sting. This month sees some of you emerge fully cleansed from a detox plan with no more lingering feelings of withdrawal. Many of you have seen the light regarding someone you had put on a pedestal; now you’re more confident in yourself and no longer wallowing in misery of abandonment. While this month nothing external may change, but, BUT, so much of you is changing internally that soon you’ll see the wonderfully exciting knock-on effect it has on your life. The cards encourage you to brave a tell-all conversation if you had recently withdrawn from someone who hurt you. Be direct, be honest, say it like it is. Those of you who are using work or self-care as an excuse to avoid implementing a painful decision (like cutting someone out; or facing the reality of a betrayal) be warned, this month, the blinkers will come off one way or another so you might as well rip the bandage off yourself! For some of you an exposé results in the end of a three-way situation (that perhaps you weren’t even aware of?).

7 of cups

Jumper Card

3 of swords.jpg

LIBRA: Your ability to find the middle path between two opposing directions is being put to a major test in May! For some time now you’ve been dithering on a decision while you try to divine the right way forward. Perhaps you left the issue on ice hoping to receive some divine answer or sign … in your dreams! Hah! 😛 Anyhoo, whether it’s because you’re ready or because others are pressuring you to, this month you must at least make the first step towards a concrete answer. Choose this answer carefully for it will involve a major life change, perhaps even a physical move. Have I just scared you back to square one? What I’m saying is: Rather than sit on your hands waiting for your mind to debate out an answer, why not do something more active like test driving various possibilities in terms of exploring the details involved (for instance, rather than mull over which country is best to move to, how about exploring each one’s immigration rules and identifying the ones easiest for you! Or if you’re dwelling over a relationship, talk to the other about the practicalities involved). The way forward might emerge in the form of the most doable!

Those of you who have used their meditations to make a definite choice might find their way forward thwarted by the conflicting choices of another party (or parties) involved. This is where your sophisticated Libran diplomacy saves the day!

Some of you suffering from mobility issues might see welcome improvement but the progress remains slow. All the best! Keep your balance!


SCORPIO: You’ve been labouring hard at building a stable material or domestic base for yourself. You’ve been at your entrepreneurial best in the recent past and now you start to see actual results. Some concerns related to family, work or money have now been dealt with and you can enjoy the sweet fruits of success. You stand on a firm base. But perhaps your achievements are in part attributable to the tight leash you’ve kept your desires on? Have you been closely watching your pennies, calories or Ps and Qs? Your special message card says there is such a thing as excessive moderation! The secure balance you need in your life needs to include some downtime, some indulgence, some impropriety — repressed instincts have a way of exploding rather unhealthily, better to give them some ventilation from time to time. In simple words: You done a good job, treat yerself!

Some of you have an earthy male or businessman to thank for a financial blessing. He’s reliable and level-headed but perhaps not as balanced as he seems. Do due diligence.


Jumper Card


SAGITTARIUS: This is a spiritual month where the joy of exploration and learning is derived from discovering new levels of self-restraint. Acquiring more graceful methods of pursuing your desires will be on the lesson plan. You’re finding pleasure in quality versus quantity; of unearthing fascinating nuances versus idea hopping. Something about you is more…evolved. It may be that new-found domestic or financial stability is allowing you the luxury to focus on the journey instead of the destination for a change. At least, the cards advise you to stop and smell the roses; refine your means rather than charge ahead to your ends like a big galoot!  This is also a rather passionate time, and many of you will find yourself involved with a seductively earthy woman who will perhaps inspire you to sophisticate and prolong your foreplay. Perhaps you’re enjoying the process of getting to know someone and gradually baring yourself to them. Ooooooh! For others, anger management or familial conciliation is on the cards and working well!


CAPRICORN: Things are all right but they still aren’t all right. Something is missing even though nothing is. You’re in a relatively comfortable place but why don’t you feel happy about it? Is that sneaky feeling of discontentment your wanderlust kicking in? Do you feel like living a different life to what you are now? That nameless angst you’re feeling is your desire to go on a new adventure bubbling to the surface. And perhaps in the most secret parts of your mind you even have a few ideas for travel, relocation or learning something new. What’s stopping you? Your comfort zone (which really, when you take into account the discomfort of atrophy you’re feeling, isn’t all that comfortable)! Perhaps you don’t know a way out. Perhaps you feel you don’t have what it takes to live a different life. The solution: Start by eliminating the things that don’t bring you joy. De-clutter your life of the pursuits and people that don’t add beauty to your ideal new world. Go slow by all means. Do it one at a time. Soon you’ll find new opportunities rushing in to fill the vacancies! There’s been a long-pending decision to be made — to drop one job, chore or obligation from your life. Do it! Also, learn the difference between generosity and enabling bad behaviour in others. Withdraw love and/or money from those who don’t deserve it.

If you’ve been on your bum bum a bit too much recently, get exercising! Sloth’s a sin.

2 of pentacles

Jumper Card


AQUARIUS: Hopefully you found a sanctuary where you could heal from the tumult of recent times. Are you feeling…less wounded? However, there still remains looming a painful matter that you don’t know what to do with. You feel trapped in some way or deprived of the requisite resources or information to deal with that which plagues you so. There’s definitely some ongoing stress in one area of your life but this month, even though you don’t have much to run with, you’re still braving your way forward, moving through a treacherous path with nothing but the end goal of release in mind. Why must you suffer this period at all? Perhaps because you’re being taught to use your intuitive abilities and rely less on logic and information as you’re usually wont to. Testing times are training time. And the good news is that this situation is transient. So use this interlude to feel what needs to be done; get in touch with divine inspiration. Importantly, this month, look out for yourself, keep your cards close to your chest, and be a little selfish. Put your own financial and physical self-sufficiency before anyone else’s issues, whether you’re negotiating the terms of a contract or a relationship.


Jumper Card


PISCES: A love affair or creative endeavour is getting off the ground and now you’re in that exciting transitional phase where you get to decide where to go next. Be adventurous, be ambitious! But please for heaven’s sake, aim to be consistent. While the world is indeed your oyster, please don’t lead others on with promises of finding El Dorado. Some of you will receive good news that clarifies the next steps you need to take. Perhaps someone pops the question! 😉 Some of you could be contemplating an artistic endeavour that aims to revive and modernise an ancient or lost practice — the cards say this idea has legs! All the best!


Until next time! 😀

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A Shower of April Tarotscopes (2017)



April, sweet April, bitter April. Thanks to retrograding personal planets and other cosmic dynamics, this is a month where most of us WANT to make that big change in our lives, yet, are confused which path to take! So everyone’s waiting for a sign or someone else to make the move. So no one’s making the move. In the meantime, the building restlessness is causing us to do other (perhaps stupid) things. But this is a great time to research our plans. Don’t over-think your dilemmas. Let the answers come to you as you expand your knowledge in the relevant area.

If your sun sign scope doesn’t resonate, read your rising and moon scopes too. In general readings like these, sometimes one scope fits, sometimes another, sometimes none! To find your rising and moon sign visit:

And if you wish to get a personal reading done for matters specific to you, mail me at 🙂

Aries: You’ve worked hard to get to where you are right now — a stable place. Your health and/or work and/or home look good, solid even. Now what? As the first sign of the zodiac, ruled by action oriented Mars, you’re restive in restfulness. It’s time for a new adventure to commence! And commence it will this month as you contemplate a new enterprise, journey or learning expedition. But there’s something that’s not letting you bound off without a care… The special message card suggests a calcification in your heart — did you get so lost in engineering stability that you’ve forgotten how to have fun? Are you too jaded to come up with daring ventures? Where has your passion gone? Are you purposefully closing your heart off to new prospects or passionate invitations? Why? Don’t be afraid to make your fantasies real. More importantly, don’t be afraid to dream! Some of you might receive a job offer that takes you into unexplored territory, some of you might receive an invitation (of love?) to travel, some of you might finally decide to take that BIG thrill on (a cliff? a bungee jump point? a wingsuit flight?)….All the best! You’re never too old for your passions.

PS: This is a month for planning adventures. Embark on them only after mid-May.

2 of Swords

Special Message (Jumper)


Taurus: Still waters grow muck. Your lesson this month is to accept the flow of life as it winds down pretty and not-so pretty shores. Some disappointment in the recent past has caused you to shut yourself to new opportunities. But if you feel this will protect you from getting hurt again, wait till you see how painful atrophy can get! Open your mind, eyes and heart to the future, where there might be new journeys for you to take. Something in your domestic life is about to change. Your current money or home situation might prove untenable. Alternatively, it could be you who is feeling the need to break free from a ‘secure’ but suffocating living or financial arrangement. The change, whether desired or thrust upon you, will have your mind in knots about which path to take. It looks like you’ll have two equally viable options to choose from. Meditate on what’s right for you. But before that, meditate to re-inspire yourself with optimism, THEN you’ll be in the right frame of mind to make a sound decision. This is a month to work on getting your joie de vivre back before anything else.

Gemini: Things may not be going swimmingly for you at this time, but are you so down in the dumps that you can’t see the (few) blessings around you? There could’ve been (or could be) a recent falling out between you and a group of friends — harsh words were (or will be) spoken, were they yours? — or a betrayal of some sort which has left you feeling out in the cold. But hey, you do have one or two trusty companions on your side, the ones you usually take for granted! So rather than rue the ones who left you, perhaps it’s time for you to appreciate the ones that have been around. It is also possible that you are making mountains out of molehills and feeling more slighted or ignored than you ought to! Do your mental peace a favour and make a list of the good stuff in your life. If it’s your health you are worried about, visit a doctor! Or take a second opinion. And if you’ve done both, then perhaps supplement your healing regime with some alternative cures as well. Most importantly though, recognise that the challenges you are facing right now are probably trying to turn your attention to the people and things you need to be grateful for. Recognise the places and people around you that give you sanctuary (even if it’s just a room that has kept you warm and comfy, thank it!), reach out to them and express your feelings. Above all, have faith.

5 of Pentacles

Cancer: After what must be feeling like a lifetime of drudgery and misery, things are starting to turn in your favour. And you’ll see mounting evidence of this as the year progresses but for April, it is a new job offer or a fresh breath of good health that will hold promise for you. You’re being offered SOMETHING all right — it could be money, a job or even a marriage proposal — anything that contributes to you feeling more secure and happy in the physical realm. Or may be it is you who is making some big changes to engineer this new era! But there is one word of caution from your Jumper card which is to run a fine tooth comb through every offer you receive and every idea you have. Anyway, it looks like you’re no longer the emotional fool you used to be and have become more capable of making objective decisions, so use that to your advantage this month. Don’t rush into anything. For some of you, this offer could translate into a promotion to a leadership position. People appreciate your different way of thinking!. For some of you, an Air sign woman could be instrumental in getting you that new start. Remember to thank her properly!

Leo:  This month, it’s back to work. You have been enjoying life at home a tad too much lately, and it must have skewed your work-life balance. A period of merrymaking with your homies will now have to make way for some office time. Although, it is also possible that this is a period where you are seeing through a creative endeavour. Now is the time to give it a reread, revision or revamp. For some the news (or hopes) of a pregnancy will be tempered by some medical advice or other circumstances. A few of you will be feeling like they need to dial back the loooove they hand out freely to their partner or family and start thinking about number one for a change. Is the balance of give and take equal in your relationships? There also could be a legal matter or related paperwork pertaining to your house or family that you will have to tend to. Perhaps a rental agreement is up for renewal? Wherever you are stuck in April, apply logic, weigh the pros and cons carefully and try to not get too caught up in wishful thinking or mawkish sentimentality. See things for how they really are.


Virgo: Take a break from your unending chores, work or social to-dos and take some time out for serious contemplation. Where have you come from? Where are you headed next? What is the purpose of your life? These are big philosophical questions indeed but important to be answered for you in April. You need to put some special emphasis on your domestic situation and see if everything is as you would like it to be. Are you earning enough to keep a comfy nest for yourself and others? Are you budgeting wisely? Is your home the haven where you can rejuvenate…or a big bang of chaos? You might also dwell on your health and see if you’re doing enough to stay youthful and glowing. For some of you this is a period when you might be thinking about (and stalking online?) an earthy woman or sensual man you knew. Are they the one that got away when you were too busy playing the field? A simple solution to any regrets or hopes you start obsessing over: Ask yourself if what you want will stand the test of time and be a joy that keeps on giving in the long term. Also, relax.

Queen of Pentacles is the Special Message (Jumper)

Libra: Choices and confusion to do with love and merging have been on your mind recently. Perhaps for the first time in their lives Libra aren’t jumping on the opportunity to be in a relationship and are first checking in with themselves if the person is good for their spiritual and mental evolution. But matters of where to cohabit could also be in the mix. The self-imposed delay on making final decisions about a union is, even though you may not realise, serving to help you become clear whether the purely physical goal of having someone in your life is all that it is cut out to be. Do yourself a favour and forget the bigger questions regarding a partnership and just take the time to be playful with each other. Talk! Joke! Suspend all worries about the future for April. See how you connect when the future (hopes and security concerns) is not in the mix. Do you still like the person you’re with? Or are they too flighty for you? Those of you waiting on another’s decision could very well receive a message of love! In some situations, a new introduction could add another person into the mix! Take an observer position and just enjoy the interactions. Those of you worried about any imbalances in their body could hear good news, or just generally feel good. Drink more water. Those of you who’ve been procrastinating over the start of a creative project, April brings you inspiration!


Scorpio: Feeling stuck? Going nowhere fast? There’s some kind of move you would like to make but you’re either feeling a lack of cooperation from another or at sea about just how to go about achieving what you wish to. In this period of planetary retrogrades there are perhaps many unknown factors that still need to come to light before anything can progress. So take comfort in the fact that if things are in a stalemate, it’s probably for the best right now. Also, this pause should give you time to contemplate one important question: Is the path you are currently on perfectly aligned to your vision? I feel the reason why you aren’t able to make any headway is perhaps because you are treading the present path out of habit, when your vision perhaps needs a new horizon to train on. Is there a slightly different kind of house or project you can take up to the one you’re set on? This matter could have to do with any sphere of life. In a nutshell, there are still new ideas you need to get or news to be received before something moves. Until then, you’re being guided to indulge yourself this month! Eat, drink, be merry and leave the plans for later. For some of you, good news is coming!

Sagittarius: April is a month for introspection, and a time to shine the light on those dark corners of your emotional world where you have kept a tight lid on from fear of unleashing a storm of feelings. You have been avoiding thinking about something. This month though, as those suppressed emotions crystallise, you are able to take a closer look and sort them out once and for all. This has something to do with your domestic life or emotional ‘home’. You would like an idyllic place to come back to from your adventures, but what’s lacking now — Is your physical house a place of joy? Are the people in it sources of comfort? Do you share your space with someone who also shares your values? Do you really vibe with the culture of the land you reside in? Should you add to your family? Would that addition be a plant, pet or baby? These are all questions that you may not be actively asking, but they need answering in order for you to build a life of your liking. And all these questions will get magically answered once you open that tightly held down box of emotions. This month, you’re ready to air your feelings…at least to yourself. Whatever resolutions you make, keep the next thirty years in mind. Your future demands big picture thinking. A few of you might be thinking of a person in your life who is grounded, earthy, and generous towards you. They might be far away right now or perhaps there was a break in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve avoided thinking about them till now. But this month, sort your heart and head space so you can move into the future footloose and fancyfree.

Capricorn: You’re reaching the end of a phase in your life where all you were doing was toiling, on your own! This month your load gets lighter as you usher in a time of communicating, talking, chatter, witty repartee et al. An Air sign type (like a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) might enter the scene to encourage you to drop your burdens and lighten up a little! You might also receive some surprising information or messages. Some of you could be launching their own website or social media account. Some of you might get busy networking in order to showcase creative work. If you have completed a course in something, April will see you employing your education. There’s a flurry of phonecalls, emails and meetings. If you’ve been suffering from back or joint pain, expect it to get better now. Your special message cards come with a caution though: A travel invitation might not be as innocent as it seems.  A person asking you to join them somewhere might be motivated by selfish, lusty reasons. Also, be careful of a new romantic association you make as it won’t be a spiritually satisfying union. And if an ex comes back, shun them like the devil they are!

Aquarius: There’s no sugar-coating this downer of a month. But then as a sign so well connected to the flow of the cosmos, you understand that after the rain comes sun, ever brighter. Something is giving you sleepless nights — could be money woes, health or emotional issues. You’re feeling left out in the cold. Usually, this indicates karma of being so self-absorbed that you end up alienating the people around you. Were you being tight-fisted with love or money? Be brutally honest with yourself. Were you there when others needed you? Some of you could face a job termination or someone else gets the promotion you had sights on. Did you let your team down at some point? Were you too stubborn? If the mental unrest gets too much please seek an expert this month. Get out of the funk before it starts manifesting into physical ailments. This would be a good time to get a health check up. Your Jumper card is interesting, it fell out like a ‘crossing card’ (from a typical Celtic cross spread), so it seems like all may not be as bleak as it seems. In April, you might get invited to a professional conference, workplace party or meet up of old colleagues –perhaps someone wants you to join in their victory celebrations — and while you may not feel up to going, by all means, do! If there’s a travel group going, join them! This gathering could open the door to a job that offers more intellectual satisfaction than the purely security-oriented position you were holding down till now. Few of you could have someone in their romance radar — Is it love or the promise of ‘rescue’ you that has attracted you? In April, reconsider the groups you associate with professionally or socially, and perhaps expand your circle to a tribe that is better aligned to you philosophically.

Pisces: Come out, come out wherever you are! Don’t stay holed up in your sanctum! Looks like you’ve been out of circulation, self absorbed? Perhaps working on a creative project solo, or a procreative project with another…ahem? You might have been having an awesome time just indulging yourself, but the people in your life are seeing this as mean behaviour! Don’t be inaccessible! Some of you are being miserly with your money too.  What the hey!? If you’ve been working on a project by yourself, then this is the month when it will finally be born in its full form, ready to take on the world. Don’t guard your work too jealously, be open to review and opinion. Health-wise, matters look stable and in fact better than you expect. This is also a good time to organise a big party. Get out of your castle, and get into the limelight. Some of you will discover they’re pregnant. That is to say, creativity blossoms and you get attention various different ways now if you only give other people the time of day and get generous with your resources too! If there’s a house or location move on the horizon, don’t choose to stay in your comfort zone for any reason. There are brighter, prettier places out there just waiting to welcome you.

Until next time! 😀

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March Cancelled!

Hello people of all signs,


…Beecause I’m not feelin’ it!

Sorry! But I won’t be posting the tarotscopes this month. First they got delayed on account of a really bad tummy bug I caught, and now I have chores piling up. Plus, the cards I pulled for each sign weren’t really talking to me.

I put it on the general antsy energy of this period that has been brought on by a recent conjunction of Mars and Uranus opposite a retrograde Jupiter. Plus we had that doozy of a Solar eclipse very close to brain-fogging Neptune. And now Venus is retrograde.

I’m not blaming the planets, but I’m not the only one heard complaining of unexplained bouts of tetchy/restless/anxious behaviour coming on. Hopefully things will calm down a bit after the upcoming Full Moon on 12th. But only just. The events in our lives right now are leading up to a ‘reveal’ of a new order in love, money or self-worth on April 15th, when Venus will turn direct to conjunct Chiron and square Saturn; and Mars will be conjoining the Sun; Mercury will have turned retrograde .An explosive day (+/- 5 days).

The idea is to learn to put ourselves first, without stepping on anyone else’s toes. This is about amicable breakups and awful first encounters that turn into happily ever after. This is about recovering a dusty jewel from the past, or relegating an embellishment in your current life to history. This is about inspired action that seeks to heal you and the other, even if it means giving up on one’s long-held goals….and finding new ones! This is about critically assessing our dreams and refining them to become more expansive.

In whichever sense of the word that this applies to you, this period is about breaking free from every insidious physical, psychological, emotional or material shackle that cuts into your bigger vision bit by bit, on a daily basis, till you reach a point where your ideas have eroded into dust, and you’re left seething, dusting rag in hand, cleaning the living room in a mundane life you never imagined you could have.

If you find yourself picking more fights than usual right now, know that this is indicative of a deeper unfulfilled desire — a repressed need.

Are you feeling any of this energy? Let me know!

But PLEASE, no big moves till mid-May. With Venus and then Mercury in retrograde motion, this is a time for critically assessing the people and situations around you, and getting in touch with what YOU really want in life without or with them. Actual new beginnings are best left for after the planets turn direct — This is especially true for big-ticket purchases and relationships.

I’ll return with tarotscopes in April, I promise. Until then, I’ll try and master the self-control of not letting these planets brain fog me out of action the next time!

Until next month! 🙂

PS: Forgot to mention, another reason for my brain fog would be Mercury in Pisces slowly building a square with mood-dampening Saturn in Sagittarius. So from about 8 – 16 March, if you’re feeling a bit all over the place, or like the wind has been sucked out of your sails, you’re probably tuning into this planetary mental block too! Ride it out! Sleep it off, if you like! Or channel the angst into writing or some other artistic mode of self-expression!


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Feb-don’t-rue-ary February 2017 Tarotscopes are here!



February is here.

Hopefully we’ll all have something to cheer.
May you be surrounded by those you hold dear.
May your troubles melt away along with your fears.

If your sun sign’s tarotscope is not clear,
look to your rising sign, which you can determine here:

These are general readings so they won’t always be exact my dear.
But if you like I could do one just for you, and it’ll hit bull’s eye like a spear.


loversLove brings difficult choices. Love also brings some soul searching. As a sign that is more inclined than most to take a devil-may-care attitude, this month you’re being urged to think of the impact of your actions on your near and dear ones. The result? A fresh start, perhaps in just a change of attitude, that makes you feel lighter and more motivated about everything in general. For some, this marks a time of reckoning, especially in romantic relationships — should you say ‘I do’ or go? Follow your higher needs and not just physical/material concerns. For some, this is also a time of exploration or education and again, you are confronted with the challenge to establish a working harmony between reality and fantasy. Enjoy the mental exercise!


5 of SwordsNo matter how hard you try to get along with others and just do a good job at the end of the day, it’s never enough is it? This month could see you feeling cheated like this or in some other way. Or you might decide to speak up for some reason and that could result in a battle that will see no winners. Some of you could find you’ve been overlooked for praise or a promotion despite having done your fair share at work.Those of you getting their houses renovated may get the bad end of the bargain from renovators…steel yourself, keep a sharp eye out. In better news, if you’re competing against others for work or elsewhere this could be your moment to slay ’em. General advice for the month? Pick your battles as well as your words wisely.


loversWhere do you go from here? It’s possible you moved into a new place recently, or got newly married, or perhaps left home for new shores. And now come the difficult decisions. Perhaps you’re having second thoughts or buyer’s remorse about where you are now? A lot of you though should be enjoying peace and stability. Some of you will be enjoying a free run of choices in your new setting — each one better than the other. For some of you a passionate encounter leads to moral conundrums over short-term gains versus long-term goals. This is definitely a ‘charged’ time, but it’s also a period where you can pave the path to inner peace should you follow a higher calling.


HeirophantSigning on dotted lines could be a big part of your month. As could be the formalisation of a relationship. If you’re caught between choices then the conventional option might be the better bet. Some of you will attract a partner who is a leader of an organisation or social group. For some of you, the advice is that if romance comes calling it will be a good idea to maintain a slightly reserved stance and not rush in as fools are wont to do. Following the form of formal courtship will help you maintain enough objectivity and distance to make the right moves. If you’re looking for a partner then joining a meet-up or website could help. If you feel like your health has seen better days, then now is the time to seek professional help from doctors/dieticians/holistic healers who will help you with fixing on a regimen. If you’re confused about a partner and it’s still early days, ask to meet their friends or family.


7-of-pentaclesYou’ve made a move, now you await the results. Did you recently make some bold decisions or life shifts that are failing to bear the kind of fruit you hoped they would? Don’t worry, be patient. New developments are gestating yet so you can’t exactly see them. For some of you it may seem like you’ve been making far too many compromises of late and that somewhere in the midst you’ve lost a grip on your own hopes and dreams. If there is some kind of ennui sinking in, plan a mini adventure just for yourself! For some of you, this ennui could do with a relationship you’ve been trying to put a happy face on. Again, take some time out for yourself. Are you thinking of a career change or financial growth? Think bold but don’t go betting on horses!


ace-of-swordsThis month you have the clarity of thought and consequently, the energy to dispel your fantastic notions to replace them with healthier dreams. Some new facts or someone’s true colours coming to light could help you see things clearer. It may not feel great but you’ll be happy for at least being able to work with the truth rather than misleading assumptions. For some of you this is a time to leave a drug or alcohol problem behind. There is a positive shift in perception many of you will experience. A special word of advice for you though, is to ride out the lows with patience and hope. Indeed, there will be moments when you’ll feel like detoxing is not really worth it, or that perhaps you should return to that unhealthy (co-dependent?) relationship after all….but stay strong. This month marks the lull before good things start flowing your way!


Jumper card with a special message


StarA long-distance relationship is on your mind! This relationship involves one person who is more concerned about the penny-and-pound realities of life and another who is more idealistic or romantic. Both parties are aware of this mismatch at one level and feel like it won’t work out, yet, both are thinking of each other as one goes about their daily business and the other waits for a phone call! Will the twain meet? The Star says that there is a bit of divine guidance navigating this situation. You never know! For those to whom this relationship situation does not apply, this month is a time to take a break from your worldly concerns and tune into your inner yearnings. What do you REALLY want from life? Surely not the same old grind! Perhaps a relaxing retreat will help you come up with some answers!


4-of-pentaclesMoney or health concerns are on your mind! Something a boss or doctor said to you has you slightly worried that you might lose your hold on a stable situation. (Feels more like a money problem FYI). Perhaps you’re trying to still hold onto a job that has you feeling short-changed in some way. Is there a new organisational diktat that has you worried? The question is, should you stay or should you go? The answer: Choose the path of least stagnation! For some of you it’s possible that as a part of extended family, friends’ group or community you’re being asked to shell out some money and you’re not feeling too happy about that! How much do you stand to lose? How much love and respect do you stand to gain in its stead?


5 of SwordsA new love comes in, prompting you to break things off with your current partner — be gentle. A new love enters your life and turns out to have been a Judas of some sort — be brave. An announcement of a pregnancy or marriage starts to cause squabbles between a happy couple. These are some of the scenarios that could play out in your life. But hey! Being inherently learning oriented you know loss teaches far more than it takes! So don’t dwell on the unpleasant exchanges (regardless of if you initiated them or received them), take away fresh insight from them. Watch your words this month and make it your mission to learn the art of fighting gracefully so no one gets permanently hurt. Whatever fight you lose this month, however you are disarmed, will ultimately lead to a new way of thinking and communicating for you. Some of you may also find some solace in a new no-strings-attached breezy affair.


7-of-wands-2It’s a mixed kind of month for you — bittersweet in its offerings. On the one hand it’s a highly social time, it may also bring a happy reunion or a string of parties but at the same time this will cause you to struggle with keeping up with chores and perhaps, even add to your already long list! If you’re in the midst of planning a big social event (a wedding?) then you’ll feel beset by endless obstacles and the cards want you to remain strong! Some of you might also find yourself needing to fend off many admirers when you make your public appearances….ooooh! In general, this is a month where you’ll be pressed to think creatively and in fact even be inspired to! Enjoy!


Knight of CupsYou’ve been toiling away or studying hard behind the scenes and now it’s time to show the world what you’ve got! Many of you might be getting ready for an exhibition or presentation of personal work at this time. And you’ll be feeling quite good about it all! For some of you this month signals the need to take a break from work and make the time for some romance….FYI, a suitor could come calling! 😉 Those of you who’ve been working on their bodies, this month you’ll feel ready to flaunt what you’ve got! Woo hoo! All in all, it’s a pleasant, inspiring and a tad dreamy month. Your work will be appreciated…and so will you!


This month an authority or father figure, someone who has passed on, or a senior mentor of yours plays an important role. With regard to this person, where you were once feeling at a loss, you’re now becoming more comfortable. Those who’ve been grieving the passing away of such a figure will now start to feel OK again. Some of you are at a stage in life where you are taking big, concrete steps to build a better life — this month your efforts will start to bear fruit as losses start turning into wins. Health-wise, you still might suffer minor symptoms but largely you’ll find your condition steadily improving. For some of you, there is a transition from working to early retirement! For some of you this is a month where you leave ‘the hard life’ or a ‘killer instinct’ behind to adopt a more genteel and gentle approach. I almost feel as if there are some of you who are leaving some kind of a criminal career behind and choosing to go clean! Peace!

Until next month! 🙂

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Happy 2017 Tarotscopes for All!

img_20161219_140432Here they are, your tarotscopes for the entire year. Hope 2017 is happy, healthy, peaceful, joyful and wonderful for us all!

Since these are general readings for all signs they won’t apply entirely or literally to everyone, so I recommend getting a general sense of the trend of the period. If you want something specific to you, you can always have me do a reading for you! Ping me here: Contact me

I’ll resume the monthly tarotscopes February onwards. See you then! 😀

Aries: Aries in 2017: A Fine Balance

Taurus: Taurus in 2017: The Doors of Perception

Gemini:Gemini in 2017: Brave New World

Cancer: Cancer in 2017: Good Omens

Leo: Leo in 2017: Between the Acts

Virgo: Virgo in 2017: The Silver Dream

Libra: Libra in 2017: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Scorpio: Scorpio in 2017: Intentions

Sagittarius: Sagittarius in 2017: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Capricorn: Capricorn in 2017: The Master and Margarita

Aquarius: Aquarius in 2017: Papillon

Pisces: Pisces in 2017: Investigations of a Dog

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Pisces in 2017: The Adventures of Sinbad

Dear Pisces,

Your sign, while considered Mutable in astrology and therefore changeable/flexible, can also be prone to extremes in that you can lose yourself in a pursuit and reach levels akin to addiction, becoming blind to everything else in a self-destructive way. This year you’re being asked to snap out of it! Whatever ‘it’ is for you — a particular mood, pursuit, hobby, relationship, job, location etc.You’re being asked to expand your world in some way.

The first quarter of 2017 sees you lost in your head. Either you’re suffering from brain fog or you’re drinking or drugging yourself to oblivion. This likely has to do with some kind of loss (of a relationship? a near one?) that you suffered in the recent past. You might be experiencing something akin to the dark night of the soul but we know that that always ends with the dawn of a new beginning and the rise of a higher consciousness. Whatever ails your mind and heart, trust that it is leading you to a new you!

 The cards in the second quarter indeed herald new beginnings as after a rather inward-looking or reclusive period, you seem to be entering a new phase of life. This could also be tied to a graduation, wedding or some other kind of ‘life’ milestone — it looks more like marriage or domestic relocation actually. Health-wise too you’ll be feeling brighter and taking charge of how you feel. The advice this quarter, whether you’re moving in with a partner or initiating healthy habits, is to take baby steps. Getting to know someone when you start sharing a house with them is a whole new adventure. In everything, take a learning-oriented approach. If this is about changing houses or jobs or even entering a new phase in education, keep your financial risk low — don’t spend more than you have or take credit (in the case of new job a small raise is all right — the job might have better potential in the long-term). ALSO, very importantly, pay attention to the details — the Devil could be in them! BTW, whatever this ‘move’ is about, it sure seems like it’s not entirely on your terms, you will need to take into account clauses, needs, requirements, rules that aren’t entirely to your liking but hey! the friction will be a learning experience!

From July through September life looks action packed for you. You’re probably meeting a lot of friends, there’s a lot of chatter around you, and it has something to do with a big celebration or event (it possibly has to do with the ‘transition’ mentioned in the previous quarter). The only advice for you at this happy time is to make sure you get enough downtime and good sleep.

What have I got myself into? I hear you say. From October to the end of the year is what looks like the ‘hangover’ phase from the last quarter. You probably schmoozed so much that all you want to do now is veg out! There is a small word of caution: For those of you newly-wed or in a new job etc. (refer to the transition of the second quarter), it is possible that you’re having ‘buyer’s remorse’ during this period. You could feel like you’ve put yourself in a situation that is now beginning to feel more like a trap! Also, it IS possible for some of you to discover a clause in your job/house contract (or something about your spouse) that does indeed bind you to something you didn’t know you were agreeing to! (the detail Devil of the second quarter?) The cards advise you to take things in your stride, remain emotionally calm and deal with the problem with a light touch. Don’t fly off the handle at a nasty discovery or become mean-spirited because you’re feeling hemmed in. Treat this is as an opportunity to challenge your ability to be Zen! If you are able to remain level-headed you’ll discover a hidden blessing or a loophole! It’s there! Don’t not see it just because you’re blind with rage or despair!!!

2017 will be a year when many dilemmas confront you as you’re challenged to step outside your comfort zone and discover a whole new world! Enjoy the ride!

Have a hot, alternative, pretty party-tastic, yin-yang of a 2017!

What’s in the cards for Pisces in 2017

2 of Wands

General theme: Adventure

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Aquarius in 2017: Papillon

Dear Aquarius,

Chaos leads to new beginnings — you should know!, being the architect of many an upset yourself! 😛 This year, if you find yourself losing your mind over fears or unfulfilled hopes tell yourself a new beginning is right around the corner, because it is!

Weirdly enough, your year starts similar to your neighbour Capricorn, with a legacy or financial windfall. It’s possible that issues of division might arise and it might see you seeking an ombudsman or professional counsel. This could also pertain to the sale of a house. Whatever be the case, the cards advise you to play fair and divide the assets equally with others. The other advice that is coming through is to engage in some community work or charity — you’ll find it to be surprisingly beneficial for your own emotional and mental health as well!

The period between April and July is ALL loved up!!!! There’s an ‘I love you’ coming your way and a romantic affair follows. Some of you will be getting marriage proposals as well. Family, weddings, romantic dates — that’s where it is at at this time. Some of you might unwittingly lure in an admirer at a wedding or related event. For some of you the good news is about what the stork is bringing! Hello mum/dad-to-be! In general this is going to be a happy time for you.

From July through October the happier times of the previous months now make way some hard work and hard thinking. You are faced with some tough decisions mostly likely to do with your work, studies or livelihood. You’ve been working hard at something — perhaps a self-owned business? Perhaps some skill enhancement? Perhaps just plain ‘ol nose to the grindstone? You might have to choose between an option that promises you wealth and comfort versus one that calls to your spirit and independence. Funnily enough, the cards suggest you go for material well-being. Some of you might choose to work from home at this time (perhaps because there’s a little on their way?). If you receive a job offer at this time, take the one that offers more money. For singles, this is especially about choosing a bigger pay cheque versus something that, let’s say, allows you to spend more time with your romantic interest.

And so we come to the final quarter of 2017. For the expectant parents, it looks like you’ll have to go for a C-section — the baby may not want to come into this troubled world! (Of course, since this is a general reading, this is not going to be applicable to all). Still, the news will be good! For others, it’s possible that the decision to go after your own material well-being in the previous quarter causes a temporary break-up with the partner. Worry not! Stay happy…it’s most likely temporary! However, there are some of you who, for the first time, will prioritise their own need for comfort and security over their partner’s whims and choose to go their own way. If that be the case, awesome! Trust that better things are on their way! The other trend that could play out is that you either feel betrayed by your SO in some way or become a bit too perfection-oriented at this time and therefore become a little less loving. If you’ve been slighted or wronged, give them a chance. You never know! This crisis could lead to a deepening of the relationship! For those of you who might have to go through a surgery at this time, the news is good! You’re healthy, safe and sound!

In 2017, there will definitely be a point where you leave your fears and dark thoughts (You know? The ones you never tell anyone about?) behind and feel renewed hope for some reason.

Have a hearty, airy, pleasure-packed, pert, yackity 2017!

What’s in the card for Aquarius in 2017


General theme: Sensuality

(Special note: Due to software restrictions I could not show that the general theme card Ace of Pentacles came stuck with the Moon card; the 8 of Pentacles came out stuck with the Magician card)

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Capricorn in 2017: The Master and Margarita

Dear Capricorn,

Suits the stereotype associated with you — this year you take no prisoners, entertain no excuses but perhaps err on the side of being too cynical? 2017 builds up slowly, so even if you think nothing much is moving, things are!

At the start of the year it seems like you’re in deep thought or suspended animation, ruminating over the recent past. Some of you could be dealing with legacies received. Some of you could receive a windfall of some kind, or a rich return on investment. For some of you, matters pertaining to domestic security or family well-being have reached a (satisfactory) conclusion. What next? The cards tell you not to confuse calm for stagnation. Soon a new chapter shall begin. If you’ve got aforementioned legacy/windfall-related matters to manage, you are advised to be practical yet optimistic. Also, if you know a fiery, happy-go-lucky yet successful entrepreneur-type, take their opinion. For some of you this person is an admirer taken in by you….and may be they are seeing you as ‘sensible marriage material’! BTW, some of you could also be thinking of renovating the home (or is there a question whether to sell it or keep it?). If you do, do it with a spirit of fun not just pure functionality!

Some time between April and July things start moving. Either this is the time you’re physically receiving the legacy/windfall shown in the first quarter or perhaps you’re receiving a new job offer. Either way, it looks like you have some extra money to spare. Should you choose to invest, seek the vehicles or advice of a big company that has been around. Avoid experimenting with offbeat investments, especially those that may not be ‘morally’ right in some way. Think long-term stability.

While the first half of the year sees you dealing with material matters it is interesting to see that the latter half is more emotionally charged. Between July and October some of you might encounter a promising romantic prospect but it seems like they might ‘evaporate’ or there may be a break not much after a bond is forged. Don’t despair though. The cards suggest they’ll be back! For those of you STILL nursing wounds from a past relationship or dealing with loss, this encounter with someone new will bring hope back into your life! Turn around, bright eyes! This time your heart won’t be eclipsed! Health-wise, if you’ve been suffering (and the physical problem is likely linked to the mental), you’ll enjoy restored balance now.

The last quarter of the year sees you setting off towards new horizons! A physical move or a plunge into deeper emotional waters is in store for you. Some of you might decide to finally pursue that big dream of yours. And the cards say: Fortune favours the brave! Go forth and find that big love; that one thing that will make your soul come alive. For some of you this will mean things get more serious with that person you met in the previous quarter — perhaps they’ll ask you to move in with them? Perhaps you’ll decide to travel around the world with them?! On a slightly less exciting note, perhaps this person you met left you with a thirst for more from your life and that is a good thing!

In 2017, shrewd thinking will serve you well in the first half where the nuts and bolts of the daily grind are concerned. But in the second half, try to soften your glare a little and open up to fun….

Have a happy-go-lucky, awesome, prosperous, party-filled, yodel of a 2017!

What’s in the cards for Capricorn in 2017


General theme: Benevolent Dictatorship 😛

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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