Scorpio in February 2019

You have one of the easier readings this month. While everyone else might have to struggle with changing whole life patterns, you have a theme not entirely alien to you. It is something you might be aware of, and in fact, at this time, you might even find it almost natural to make the changes that you have perhaps always known you need to make but never quite could.  Your zodiac sign of the scorpion tends to aptly represent an innate ‘survival’ orientation common to most individuals of your sign. In nature, the scorpion will eat its own offspring, and even sacrifice its most important defence, its tail, in order to escape its predator even if it means ultimately dying from the inability to egest. Scorpios have earned a bit of a reputation for being bite-yer-head-off defensive, or secretive, around people for this very reason. But in February you are being called to let loose a little.

You might have recently learnt (or may be about to learn) of the talent or power you possess to achieve success and overcome obstacles. You might be feeling a wave of that sort of energy — it is sharp, brilliant, clear, and silent, like the Sword of Nuada himself. With such power in your possession, do you really need to hang on to your pennies? This month you might realise you can afford to stop guarding jealously your material belongings, that you don’t have to be doing your accounts all the time, that perhaps focusing too much on your fears surrounding material adequacy is preventing you from doing the great and glorious things you can do with your time.

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Until next month! 🙂

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