Maybees Won’t Fly in These June Tarotscopes

The slow-moving outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are viewed in astrology as generation defining forces, which to me underscores their potency when it comes to the impact they can have on individual lives, especially when they make contact with a natal planet or point. For me, the most important event of June is the retrograde motion of Neptune in Pisces. With a natal Neptune in retrograde in my own chart I am all too familiar with the subtle yet insidious ways in which it can distort your thinking to show you demons in angels, angels in demons, diamonds in lumps of pure coal. This retrograde starts on 18 June and ends on 24 November, and it won’t necessarily affect you directly, but it might influence someone close to you and have an indirect impact through their changed behaviour towards you, good or bad. This is all the more relevant in June when, with Jupiter still in retrograde motion in Scorpio, Pisces’ fellow water sign, we might already be exhausted from trying to keep alive a transformational process that showed promise to begin with, but now seems to have slowed down to a near halt. We become all the more susceptible to unfair blame-assignation and delusional thinking in such a dismayed state of mind.

In a nutshell, don’t kid yourself! And remember, it’s Gemini season and perfect time to learn a new skill, make friends, keep an ear out for useful information and generally, keep an open mind to the existence of duality in various measures in everything and everyone.


André Derain, Arlequin et Pierrot. Public Domain,

Pick Your Sign, Read Your ‘Scope

Aries, June 2018

Taurus, June 2018

Gemini, June 2018

Cancer, June 2018

Leo, June 2018

Virgo, June 2018

Libra, June 2018

Scorpio, June 2018

Sagittarius, June 2018

Capricorn, June 2018

Aquarius, June 2018

Pisces, June 2018

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