April for Taurus

Take some time to sit with yourself, silence those survival-based fears and those feelings of powerlessness that have been plaguing you of late, et voila! that path to material security and comfort shall appear to you in a flash of clarity. This month you are being handed the ‘Magician’s Sword’ that can fell any foe in your way, and your biggest enemy right now is your dependence on circumstances outside of yourself to wave a magic wand and give you everything you need. You are one of the more hardworking signs in the zodiac, and it is understandable that you feel entitled to maybe sometimes kick your heels up and just let fortune take care of you. But as enticing as that prospect may seem to you in your imagination you perhaps underestimate the costs to self-esteem and self-confidence that are incurred by those who know no other way to survive than to rely on the generosity of unseen forces. Unlike those who need the proverbial protein drink to muscle up, you were born with the inner strength to nonchalantly plod your way to your place of physical, financial and professional power. Your sign is ruled by fun and beauty loving Venus, so your surest path to success always will be to work on creating and growing the beauty you wish to see in the world, at a pace most comfortable to you, without worrying about whether the route you have chosen is the quickest or surest. You never need to ask, “But will this make me money?”, your magic question, the answer to which is your destiny is “Will it produce something beautiful or delightful?” And mighty Aphrodite will be there…helping you mint the green stuff too!


Left to right: Foundational issue, April’s message

Generalised tarot readings such as this, written for everyone under one Sun sign,  present archetypal energies that may or may not play out for you, depending on your personal context. Therefore, if this message does not apply to you, I recommend checking out one’s Moon sign and Ascendant sign tarotscope as well (because the message you need just might be there or emerge as a combination instead).

To find out your Moon and Ascendant sign (the constellation that appeared on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born), you can visit https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/free-astro-portrait-horoscope-by-date-of-birth


About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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