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17 July: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

A frail, old man walking down the street, hunched over, overloaded with bags in his hands four times his weight, he’s making a delivery, because he still needs to make a living, you’ll rush to help him without a single … Continue reading

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1 April: I’m in love with a tree

The main benefit of mindfulness, Of being in the moment absolutely, letting all context fall away, means you can really see through the window, that old tree for the first time, with fresh eyes, and realise that it is possible … Continue reading

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6 March: Background static

Our brains have a life of their own, oursĀ is the life they own. How much of what I think is my own? How much of it is just chemicals moving along paths they have become used to, like addicts? Suddenly … Continue reading

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23 February: To live is to change

Plants in pots can appear to be alive for years before you realise they are dead. I thought I had successfully transplanted a jade plant stem, a vain experiment, (I noted it hadn’t sprung new leaves, nor had its existent … Continue reading

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18 February 2019: Virgo Consciousness

A muscular maiden (hair knotted up in a messy bun, long-seeming, streamlined legs support confident glutesĀ  holding up just-so fitting runner’s shorts) goes about business like wiping off the hob, the ‘hearth’ all you see is the back of her … Continue reading


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13 February 2019: The Void, This Life

Before any beginning the void then the rainbow-striped snake slithered across filling it with things, colours, illusions ‘reality’ could just be Dhumavati’s Kundalini uncoiling Dhum Dhum Dhum Dhumavati Svaha  

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