Prosper You MAY: Astrology Update

May the upcoming month of May be an exciting month for one and all. While the usual personal planet movements might or might not be that interesting to follow (depending on your specific interests in astrology and/or life), April to May is a period I’ve been looking forward to with much anticipation for the big energetic shifts that certainly herald ‘exciting’ times in the eight years ahead for fertility, wealth and anything we assign value to. As Uranus ingresses Taurus, our values and the things we value, are about to change. We already see glimpses of what lies ahead in the birth of cryptocurrencies on the one hand, and a turn to ‘local’ sourcing and produce, upcycling, kitchen gardens, on the other.

The wind

Félix Vallotton, The Wind. Credit: Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon

Something’s Changing — About Uranus

I find mythology to be the best source for truly internalising the meaning of a planet or sign. Uranus, according to myth, is the primal sexual urge that seeks to satisfy itself regardless of consequences, which in the case of the deified Uranus were a stream of children he either ignored or buried alive. So too has Uranus come to be associated in the natal chart with an urge to express oneself unbound by emotions, social mores, rules etc. Uranus the god of the skies, is unpredictable too, given as he is to his impulses, thus lending his domain changeability. He signifies the shocking, including, quite literally, electricity. Astronomically speaking, Uranus has an odd axis with a 98-degree tilt that essentially means it spins on its sides, its rings spinning around it but vertically, quite unlike any other planet, which further reinforces its rulership over everything eccentric. For the past eight years, this crazy, self-willed, lusty character has been in Aries, giving birth in equal parts to the rising phenomenon of lone-wolf attacks (booooo!!!) and women refusing to take any shit from anyone any more (yaaaaaaayy!!!). The atmosphere has been especially charged since Uranus’ tense aspect with the lord of Plutocracy, death and buried wealth, Pluto, currently busy destroying and reconstructing the political and organisational structures. That is to say, the individual’s assertion of self-will has been both agitated and inspired by overdue change in power systems and equations.

So what happens now, when Uranus enters Taurus? It dons the character of the mythical Bull now, thinks, feels and does things, the Bull would. The good news, or perhaps the bad news (?), is that Uranus now will be in a harmonious aspect to Pluto (there’s also Saturn in the mix but for relatively shorter time, so I won’t go there) signifying either positive changes in what we value, wealth distribution, etc, or easy times for the power hungry to redefine wealth to suit them better i.e. devaluing currencies, demonetisation etc.

As always, things in astrology, and in life, can go either way, depending on how you’re playing your cards, i.e. on free will, and attitude. Unfortunately, when it comes to slow moving planets, it’s down to the collective will to turn the tides one way or another, so we better hope everyone’s on the same side, fighting the good fight.

Venus removing a thorn from her foot

Master of the Die, Venus removing a thorn from her foot. Credit: The Elisha Whittelsey Collection, The Elisha Whittelsey Fund.

Something’s Changing — About Taurus

There is no singular origin myth about Taurus being incorporated into the zodiac, but the one that I turn to for understanding the Bull better, is the one about the once wild and untamed Cerus who went about trampling gardens and causing general mayhem among people until Persephone taught him patience and wise use of his strength and since then he brings the goddess on his back, back to earth in time for spring each year, to make the flowers bloom. The other useful origin myth has to do with the ancient people’s association of the bull with prosperity in terms of its use in agriculture and as a food source. Being associated with things earthy, fertile and life-sustaining, Taurus is a sensual sign in every sense of the word.

Imagine now the lusty soul of Uranus come to possess Taurus for the next eight years! Sex drives may go crazy — people might start doing it outdoors more!

But in terms of money, possessions, physical comforts, expect the unexpected. All that gold you’ve got stowed away for a rainy day might not be worth a dime any more, on the other hand, your collection of 1950s crockery might fetch you a great price. Agriculture will be affected. Economy will be affected. Earth will be affected. Nutrition might be affected. Eating habits might change. Notions of beauty might change.

Hopefully, with Pluto in a Trine house, this will be to everyone’s benefit.

Importantly though, Taurus is the earth in bloom, it has a strong association with the verdant bounties of this planet, a planet that is just now trying to cry for help with a voice muffled by all that plastic and other suffocating junk and fumes we are producing. Most people sense an imminent crisis in the life of Mother Nature or Pachamama as she is called by the good folk in Ecuador who have granted her constitutional rights.

Poetic it is therefore that Uranus, the god whose unbridled lust gave Earth its rivers and ponds and other life-sustaining water bodies, should now enter Taurus, the sign that signifies the Earth itself. Hopefully, this will signal the dawn of a happier, cleaner planet for the plants and trees, birds and beasts.

How Things Change – About Planetary Interactions

The one thing I have noticed with the slower moving planets is that they seem to have three phases as they transit a sign (may be the fast moving planets have those same phases too, except they happen so fast you don’t notice):

First, you experience the planetary energy as an external agent of change. Something ‘bad’ happens (mostly. slow moving planets are a bit…strict teacher like), or at the very least something happens to ruffle your feathers or entirely undo you.

Then, once you’ve regained your bearing a little from the initial ‘WTF’ moment, you start to negotiate that energy or you attempt to negotiate with it — It’s either “OK, if this mud is now my life, I better get some Welllies” or “OK, if I do this, will you not do what you’re doing in return?

Third, at the moment when you surrender to the will of whatever seems to be controlling things for you, there comes the stage of becoming the planet. It becomes a part of you in some way, that very essence of your ‘teacher’ is now your way of doing things too.

These phases tend to correspond with the transit of the planet through the three decanates (or 10 degree divisions) of the 30 degrees of a sign. They are also greatly determined by the pace at which you naturally tend to adapt to things. But also, for some, who unfortunately get consumed by the darkness of the first phase, things remain stuck there, and they continue to experience the energy as an external force. It’s a bit like if you don’t join ’em, you keep getting beaten. Not to say that this necessarily means we have to ‘join ’em’, it has to be a choice that is made from the very core of your being, from a place of true understanding of what it is that you were meant to learn from it all.

Uranus in Taurus then, might shake the markets, economies, the earth, its produce in the first phase, then we’ll start to take stock and make amends and then, we might end up assimilating some hitherto “eccentric” way of doing wealth…like returning to a barter system may be? Or something completely new. Or may be it will be something quite unexpectedly mundane?

We need to talk about Chiron!

On April 17, Chiron enters Aries and begins its nine-year-long trudge through the sign that personifies the will, the instinct to win, the drive to conquer, hot-blooded youth, bloodymindedness…

Like Uranus, Chiron is eccentric too. In mythology, Chiron was the one genteel Centaur in a population of lusty boors. In astronomy, 2060 Chiron, the minor planet (there’s nothing ‘minor’ about it in astrology, if you ask me!) located between Saturn and Uranus, has a wonky orbit around the Sun whose perihelion is closer than Saturn ever gets, and whose apehelion almost touches Uranus’ orbit. Thus, Chiron appears to ‘pendulate’ between Saturn and Uranus.

Now THAT’s a whole load of classic Chironic symbolism right there! Chiron in our charts is where we experience that one (or repeated) ego-wound we never quite forget, usually through some kind of or sense of rejection or alienation. The ego (Sun) burns. But then, when we ‘admit defeat’ or ‘give up on’ that which continues to elude us — a goal, a desire, a sense of self gained from the validation of others — something magical happens: we liberate ourselves from the rules and structures (of society, relationships etc i.e. Saturn) of the interactions that were necessary to for us to gain and keep gaining acceptance. When we no longer need others to notice us, or cater to us, to make us feel valued, expression turns to self-expression, of the unbound kind (we get closer to the Uranus way).

If you’ve seen the stage musical Wicked, (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVEN’T YOU MIGHT WANT TO SKIP THE NEXT PARAGRAPH) the Chiron experience is akin to the part where Elpheba, having worked hard through the ridicule of peers, and pressures of study, finally gets to meet and perhaps work with her hero, the great Wizard of Oz. But then, as her admiration turns to disgust at the discovery that he performs cruel experiments on animals, she seeks to expose him to the kingdom, a decision that turns the entire Oz administration against her. She is publicly vilified as a “wicked witch” and being hunted by bloodthirsty crowds when she realises she no longer can ever dream of working with the Wizard; but aha! that as the outcast she no longer need follow the rules that forbid the use of magic for flying. At that moment when her lifelong dream comes crashing down, she gains the freedom to “defy gravity”.

Contrary to what our consumeristic, production-oriented, productivity-focused, Earth-hollowing culture will have you believe, it’s OK to be a ‘loser’. In fact, it’s bloody fantastic! From loss comes a new kind of gain. Something more creative, different and of a higher order than what it was before. It’s the kind of experience that makes blissed-out fakirs of former accountants; free lovers of puritans; iconic artists of former rejects; content humans of racing rats.

In Aries, a more will-driven sign than most, that initial wound or loss can feel more acute — the more attached you are, the harder it is to let go. And with Uranus about to change the rules for everything Taurus, you’ll do well to identify less with your “possessions”, be they objects, people, animals, lands, or even concepts. Because whatever you secretly call “My precioussssess” like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, might just be wrenched away from you in the next few years. I recommend a visit to the The Minimalists for an elegant view of a life with ‘nothing much’ in it.

This is not a doomsday warning, it’s actually glad tidings! 🙂

Have a good one! 😀

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