Sagittarius in 2018

Tarotscope for 2018

Mental: As Saturn’s heavy hand lifts from your sign, it leaves you with an important lesson in thinking things through. Where once you were quick to act on impulse, you might now, at least for a while, choose the slow and steady path. The leap into the unknown you would have once made without a pause is now waiting on you to buy your parachute, get your medical checks sorted, and other logistical stuff like that. For a change the cards are having to tell the Archer to stop worrying and just take a chance! Whatever you feel you need to work through in your head before you make any moves or decisions can also be sorted on the fly. Don’t lose out on opportunities coming your way on account of inadequate resources. Fly!

Emotional: Something long over still has its hold on you. Someone long gone keeps you chained to their memories or to them in some kind of psychosexual hold. If you think the constancy of a dead association is more comforting than nothing, you’re keeping yourself in a place that you sense is suffocating, but you’re too much in denial to leave. You were built for open roads and open hearts. You were built to flow wherever your heart goes. Don’t let conditioned fears keep you wedded to socially-constructed soul-killing situations.

Material: When nothing seems to go the way you want it to, and your escape plans from an outdated way of life seem thwarted, consider turning the situational stalemate into a financial advantage. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Rather than visiting Rome on short breaks, consider saving up enough to move there permanently, metaphorically speaking. Impulse purchases could bring you the short-term happiness you need to distract yourself from your unfulfilled release, but consider grinning and bearing the grind of the same old, same old, just a while longer. The way out might just be paved by the pearls of wisdom your beads of sweat, blood and tears become.

Physical: With Saturn’s exit from Sagittarius comes a spring in your step and an energy to conquer, in place of a faint undertow of lethargy you might have felt the past couple of years. Excited as you are to take your new-found verve out for a spin, consider subscribing to a methodology or ideology that insures you against the kind of health setbacks you might have experienced in the past few years. You are what you consume. Your restlessness could be your spirit of adventure welling up, or it could be your body asking you to balance its humours out.

Special Message: Open your heart to feeling like you’ve never before. Your sign is typically associated with restlessness, exploration and adventure. But consider that perhaps, the greatest adventure is not one that requires movement, but one that deeply moves you. When you feel the tiniest wave of positive emotion flow over you, choose to get swept away farther than you do, your original plans be damned!


Ace of Cups

Special Message (Jumper Card)

From left to right, columns represent: Mental, Emotional, Material, Physical planes
Top row: What?
Middle row: Context
Bottom row: Advice

Check your Moon sign and Ascendant/Rising sign (find them here: for more clarity or if this reading does not apply (general readings don’t always apply).

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