knight-of-pentaclesThis is about money, career, or health (especially bones, teeth and skin). You have been working on yourself it seems, refining your skills, spending hours locked away in your workshop, or tending to your body, and now you are ready to move forward. You could get a job soon, one that will last and make you feel stable. You could also be stepping out on your own, looking for clients or buyers for what you have to offer. Either way this is a good card to receive. Things will work out, although they may not move as fast as you would like. But usually, with this card, it is the slow-moving projects, prospects and even partners that bring with them something lasting. You are also advised to keep an eye on the money regardless of what adventures you go on next.

It is also possible that someone might be coming towards you soon with an offer of a romantic partnership. This person may not stir your passions immediately, or spark off any chemistry, but they will be reliable, loyal, sensual and financially sound.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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