Virgo in February 2019

A major life event with a strong karmic theme is coming up for you it seems. If you have been in a state of equilibrium (teetering on stagnation), or if you have been restricting your self-expression to mind your P’s and Q’s around others, then you might welcome a shake-up brought about by circumstances or by your own impulse to strike or just strike out on your own.  However, in most cases the Tower card symbolises an act of God sent to correct one’s course away from blind ambition or narrow-minded collectivism, towards broader horizons. Initially, this ‘course correction’ can indeed come as a destabilizing shock, a ‘dis-homing’ situation. But over time one comes to appreciate the new avenues, places and people it opened up for them.

With the Justice card showing up as the context around the Tower occurrence, it seems as if a legal pronouncement or a crucial official (or even social or interpersonal) decision could bring with it climactic outcomes for those in the ‘wrong’  — you or the other. Some of you could have to move on account of an unexpected eviction or damage to the house.  Some of you might experience a sudden fallout with your spouse or family member. Some of you could find yourself out of a job or losing a project due to some decision. The keywords here are ‘sudden’ and ‘displacement’ based on a ‘decision’, in whichever way it plays out for you. Remember this is an expansive influence…embrace it.

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Hope the changes are welcome ones! Until next month… 🙂

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