Expect the Unexpected, Taurus

There is something you have been working towards slowly perhaps, but surely. A sure, considered approach is in fact one of your biggest strengths. But all sense of equanimity goes flying about like clumsily tossed salad if you’re confronted with any change in plan, non? Well may be I’m generalising a bit too much, but still. Well, the thing is, you’re making great progress, it’s true. And in fact I think more and more you might be feeling freer to move forward. Yet I see you arriving at a point, or being made to pause, by divine intervention that might have you reconsidering that which you have in pursuit of. On balance, is it really all that wonderful to attain? How your body feels when you work on what you want might be an indicator too. In any case, there is a pause, and then a break in action to reconsider. Let me tell you, there is also something brewing in background that you can’t see yet that might shed a new light on things. But here’s for the kicker: An excitedly jumping Star card told me, that in place of what you want right now, something new is coming in — something writ large in the stars. You’ll know it’s right because it will feel so right!

P.S. Due to time constraints I may not be able to post pictures of your card readings anytime soon. Please bear with.

Also, generalised tarot readings such as this, written for everyone under one Sun sign,  present archetypal energies that may or may not play out for you, depending on your personal context. Therefore, if this message does not apply to you, I recommend checking out one’s Moon sign and Ascendant sign tarotscope as well (because the message you need just might be there or emerge as a combination instead).

To find out your Moon and Ascendant sign (the constellation that appeared on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born), you can visit https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/free-astro-portrait-horoscope-by-date-of-birth



About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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