Leo in December and 2018


Ace of CupsEver the sunbeam exuding cheer, bringing the party to others, what do you do when the occasional cloud comes around to cast a shadow of self-doubt? You smile it away. But gloom is an essential part of the human emotional complex, it serves to strengthen our will to be even happier, do even better. It also serves to turn our attention to aspects of ourselves that aren’t expressing themselves in the most positive way. Turn your dejection or any rejection into a course correction this month. There is a different way of looking at that which might cause you sadness, there is a magically wonderful explanation for it that may not have considered. Let your imagination tell you what that might be.


Mental: As a sign that naturally rules self-expression you don’t typically stay inside your head for too long. But might you have left this inner kingdom untended for so long, it has become a playground for ghouls and ghosts? Not dwelling on hurts and emotional setbacks is healthy, but only after we’ve visited them for long enough to exhaust any conversation we might need to have with them. Unvisited pains tend to get louder and bigger till you pay them attention. Anything that sucks the joy out of you now is not as big as it seems. It can be easily diminished but you’ll need to put in the work of resolving it once and for all. Time spent with yourself is just as precious this year, even more, than time spent among others. There is a newly developing part of your identity that is trying to take birth and it requires you to play host to it, which might require some time off from fraternising with those who would rather you stay the same.

Emotional: The sign of Libra, natural ruler of partnerships, is depicted as the balance scales. It signifies the necessity of relinquishing a part of your will and agenda in order to create balance in partnerships. Successful unions require small sacrifices on both sides. But when the union becomes larger than the people in it, the sacrifice has to be of one’s entire purpose and Leos, who are sent to Earth specifically to be their grand selves, can’t be having with that. If the changes you wish to see in your life are stalling on account of your loyalties, allegiances or alliances, it’s time to choose change. Because if things stay in the same stalemate you’ll lose the very part of you that makes you important to others. Working to another’s (person or organisation) pace or agenda will only suffocate you to the point where all you can seem to do is scream at everyone. Take charge!

Material: After a long logjam things begin to flow, and swiftly too you must take action to make the most of a  delightful opportunity. Your nimbleness is about to take everyone by surprise but who could blame you for jumping to act after such a tedious wait. A competitive situation is yours to win and milk for whatever it’s worth. And it’s not just the money or glory but the emotional and intellectual satisfaction of it that makes the victory so much more meaningful. The way you deal with any long-standing situation of scarcity is down to how good you feel about owning the process rather than outcome.

Physical: It’s a game of choice and consequence, pay close attention because up for grabs is a whole new order of looking and feeling gorgeous. No one’s getting any younger, but you have the opportunity to turn that into an advantage for yourself. It’s time to review what you expend your energy on, on a daily basis, and at the cost of what. Your body is your castle, your home is your kingdom. Every thing and every activity in these domains contributes to your bearing.

Special Message: When meeting contention in others it helps to ask yourself how you’re contributing to the situation. When does self-confidence become arrogance? When does initiative become aggression? When does munificence become emasculating? There is never any real need to control a situation, just to flow from one action to another with purpose and self-awareness. The obstructing elements along the way are merely props helping you train your strength. A difficult Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) in your life will serve this purpose now.

(Please note: The ‘jumper card’ caption for Ace of Cups and Lovers is not applicable to this reading. Those cards did not jump out, it’s just WordPress’ funny system where a caption applied to a photo in one post shows up everywhere! Sorry!)

king of wands

Special Message (Jumper card)


From left to right, columns represent: Mental, Emotional, Material, Physical planes
Top row: What?
Middle row: Context
Bottom row: Advice

Check your Moon sign and Ascendant/Rising sign (find them here: http://www.astrology.com.tr/birth-chart.asp) for more clarity or if this reading does not apply (general readings don’t always apply).


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