Sagittarius in 2017: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Dear Sagittarius,

This is your year to be inspired; to experience life with wonder again. This is the year when you might emerge with a message to share with the world, or release a product of your creativity or ahem…your procreativity! ๐Ÿ˜‰ At any point in 2017 if you feel stuck or unable to move, let your vision for a beautiful future guide you.

In the first quarter of the year you have a new job offer, project or investment to consider. Or perhaps you’ve got an idea for the home or business. However, it looks like you might just leave the idea where it is and keep going on with the same old. What are you afraid of? Failing? Or are you getting too comfortable to explore your own growth? The cards suggest you find a partner to collaborate — they may help to pull you out of the rut and get going! Also, perhaps you’re ignoring a suggestion that might actually be useful. For those of you who are either getting over a break-up or generally looking for a new relationship, the advice is to make the first move when you see potential! Don’t let past failures cause hesitation!

Between April and July it’s likely your focus will be on domestic issues — perhaps you’re considering moving? Perhaps you’re considering marriage? Perhaps you are faced with decisions regarding expansion of the family or family assets? Whatever be the case, act fast, and don’t procrastinate if an opportunity comes your way. Some of you might be thinking of asking out a person you’ve recently met who is grounded and earthy seeming. Again, the advice is to ‘just do it’! Money management is also a theme for some. But if it comes down to some kind of a choice between saving/’settling down’ or learning/exploring, choose the latter. (That’s what Sagittarius are wont to do anyway, except Saturn in your sign right now might be filling you with self-doubt)

At some point between July and October there is an ending you might have to deal with where placating others’ emotions might be involved. I hate to say this but for few of you this could involve an actual death in the family (usually the Death card doesn’t mean that necessarily, but here …I feel it is) and it will be upon you to take care of the financial aspect of the aftermath even as you try to be there for those who are hurting. On the bright side, this could very well mean the end of a single life and the start of a domestic phase! Again, smart financial management will be important.

In the last quarter of the year you are empowered by a contract, legal clearance, rights etc. to launch your own website, blog, communication business or even publish your own book! If there’s some legal process you’ve been involved with things will go in your favour. If you applied for higher education, you’ll get the admission. If you were learning a new language, you’ll get the certification. In general, you’re thinking more objectively at this time. If you’ve found yourself confused or perplexed in the recent past, you’ll now be clear-headed. The cards advise you to explore more. Consider travel, learning or an idea for enterprise as the next step. This will also be a good time to consider a new fitness plan.

2017 sees you entering with a ‘meh’ and exiting with a ‘yay!’.

Have a healing, absorbing, philosophical, peripatetic, yogic 2017!

What’s in the cards for Sagittarius in 2017


General theme: Enthusiasm

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Scorpio in 2017: Intentions

Dear Scorpio,

Welcome to a mind-bending year where all is not as it seems. Your main task is to learn to sense that which remains hidden from sight; to function from a place of complete mental objectivity for the cause of equanimity. It’s a slow sort of year for the most part but with a pleasant culmination.

You start the year with a conundrum regarding money, work or health. The ‘right’ thing to do might also seem like some sort of entrapment. For instance, you might be prescribed medication that you know you’ll get hooked on to in the long run. Or, a partner may ask you to combine finances but you know it will tie you down. Perhaps a conventional investment source everyone is recommending is not as good as it seems? Perhaps your future boss at a job you just interviewed for is not as nice? There many ways in which this conundrum could play out. But it seems like part of the confusion has to do with a pattern from the past repeating itself that is making you wary. The cards suggest sleeping over the issue. Take your time, there’s no rush! In fact, that ought to be your mantra for the entire year! PS: This could even be about a ‘reliable’ seeming suitor — but this prospect would be more about ‘physical comfort’ than passion or heart-melting love. In this case, wait for the second quarter of the year!

From April through June do I see a lover from the past return? Either that or this time you’re being wooed by a real charmer, a larger-than-life character who likes living it up. If this is not a romantic prospect then it’s a wheeler-dealer-seeming person who is soliciting your talents for a business idea of his. Again, I see you being a bit sceptical and asking a lot of questions of this person. Good! BUT, perhaps to balance your cynicism out, the cards advise you to trust a little, and see where this goes. Don’t shun the opportunity entirely. If you’re the one hoping to start your own enterprise during this time then perhaps you’ll have to deal with a difficult (but sharp) woman or someone who isn’t exactly showing any faith in you. Don’t worry! Keep at it!

The ‘dual’ energy returns in the third quarter of the year where on the one hand you have a new idea or learning program you want to explore, and on the other, you have obstacles (and naysayers) or chores in your current situation you have to endlessly battle. How will you balance these conflicting trends? This might stress you out a bit. Also, it must be said, you’ll either feel like you’re battling alone or operating without all the information you need. At such a time you’re advised to seek the counsel of a ‘nurturer’ type of woman in your life who uses her intuition and operates from a place of understanding human emotions well. Also, this advice translates to turning your attention to home and family for comfort when work, studies and decisions get you down. For some of you the confusion at this time relates to the person you met in the previous quarter — you STILL don’t know whether to keep them at bay or take things further with them. Ask that ‘nurturer’ woman may be? Or consult a tarot reader?

Now we come to the final quarter of 2017 when it seems like the angels have got your back! You might not be very close to your dreams and goals in the real world, but trust that processes in the background are leading you to them. It’s possible that something or someone from a distance will beckon you. Or may be it is STILL about that person I mentioned earlier! But this time, you’re seriously considering the offer! In general, the decisions you face at this time might still be confusing but more pleasant of a brain tease. Any offers of work or romance received at this time will have you choose between your material and spiritual needs. This could also be about a decision regarding cosmetic surgery. Who are you doing it for? What truly makes you feel beautiful? What truly makes your heart sing? The cards at this time advise you to take action weighing in carefully the pros and cons, and keeping ‘well being’ as top priority. But don’t stall for time this time. Take charge, make a firm decision, and move ahead!

Have a humdinger of an adventurous, plucky, purposeful, yay-ful of a 2017!

What’s in the cards for Scorpio in 2017


General theme: Cognisance

PS: The Devil card was stuck behind The Hierophant, and 7 of Wands was stuck behind Page of Wands to highlight the theme of duality, but I couldn’t show those cards due to software restrictions)

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Libra in 2017: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Dear Libra,

This is going to be a good, good year if you don’t let your overthinking spoil it! This is a year where major decisions will be made to take you firmly away from the past and towards a different future. Everything happening this year is geared towards helping you clear your mental cobwebs.

Right off the bat, 2017 starts with a celebration or reunion of sorts. Some of you could be getting engaged in the first three months. Some of you could be sending off a loved one to a new phase in life. In general, you’ll be busy socially or in making preparations for whatever the highlight event of the first quarter is. The advice? Try not to get too bogged down by the chores associated with whatever is going on. You’ve perhaps been doing a lot for quite some time, trying to keep the ship steady by shouldering heavy burdens, but the end of toil is nigh. And life shall start to look up soon! Some of you could have been busy with preparations for a wedding in the family too and now comes the time for celebrations and an important life transition.

At some point from April through June, the focus is firmly on self-care and R&R, kind of like in the aftermath of a big party when all you want to do is stay in, rest your feet and pamper yourself. You’ll not be feeling very social and this will be a good time to turn inward. Silence the mind and plan your next big life adventure! For some of you, this is a time when you’re getting lots of attention — perhaps you’re the ‘new kid on the block’ at work or in a social circle so people or romantic prospects may be coming at you. Just that you don’t seem to be in a mood to entertain. Those of you who have been dealing with an ailment for a while will find their health returning now!

In the third quarter of the year money is the main talking point. Some of you might receive a lucrative job offer or assignment. Some of you might gain from investments. You will also want to start investing towards a more luxurious life at this time and the caution for you in this case is to not be too optimistically blind to the pitfalls of your decision. Some of you might enter a sensual love affair with an earthy, stable sort of person. Spoiler alert: You’ll enjoy every bit of it (as long as you enter with abandon and without any expectations of it going anywhere). ๐Ÿ˜‰

From October through December there is progress and movement in the air. Those of you who have been waiting on some legal or official decision will find things going their way. This will be especially true for those waiting on immigration-related paperwork. Custody battles for children will also go in your favour. If there is a contract waiting to be signed, don’t dither! Any opportunities you receive right now to move or take charge will demand swift action on your part. You might also have the support of an independent,energetic and wise woman who thinks and acts fast — she could be doing so on your behalf too!

2017 is an eventful year for the most part; one that will keep you on your toes so start warming up! At any crossroad you face this year, choose the path that takes you far, far away from any ghosts of the past that still haunt you.

Have a high, airy, plush, posh, youthful 2017!

What’s in the cards for Libra in 2017


General theme: Rebirth

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)


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Virgo in 2017: The Silver Dream

Dear Virgo,

This will be a year of laying down a strong emotional and physical foundation for yourself. Marriage, relocation or renovation could play a part in this process. But as we begin 2017, it’s likely you’ll be rocked out of your comfort zone. You might have to move out of your house quite suddenly. Are you being evicted? Or told to leave by a partner? Or perhaps some kind of electrical or water problem makes conditions inhospitable? Whatever be the case, this will signal a fresh start and a clean break from a situation that was getting tiring anyway! So take it in your stride and look forward to the change as the world becomes your oyster.

The enforced change of the first quarter of 2017 propels you from April through June to travel, or go house hunting, and in general, explore new destinations for the future. A friend (or more) might play a part in helping you look ahead. It seems like you’re in high spirits and optimistic about future adventures but the cards advise that you be a little discriminating as well. You might also want to seek the counsel of a shrewd, smart woman in your life who is likely an expert of some sort and can give you much-needed perspective. If you find yourself being courted by a passionate, happy-go-lucky suitor or prospective collaborator, run a fine-toothed comb through their proposals because it is possible that at this time your usually keen mind might not pick up on lacunae.

Some time between July and October it looks like you’ll find the place to call your kingdom! If this is about a relocation then you’ll likely be busy hosting many friends and a grand house-warming party or two. Some of you could also start an enterprise — linked to travel, adventure, performance arts, PR or events —ย  and things will start to get stable. If you’ve been thinking about it, now is the time to start a family! At this time you’re advised to connect with your emotional side to complement the practicality-based decisions you’re making. For some of you the advice is to connect with an intuitive, emotionally sensitive woman you know — for the single men out there, perhaps it’s time to find yourself a wife? ๐Ÿ˜‰

After a better part of the year spent moving into, searching for and establishing a new order, the last quarter of the year is a quiet one. You’re in the mood to reflect and rejuvenate. Most of you will be settling back into a routine — the one thing your sign loves most! ๐Ÿ˜› Some of you might be preparing for the arrival of a child early in 2018, while others of you might be making future plans regarding a creative idea. This will be a good time to take a long holiday to some place relaxing. This is also a good time to consider a new experience or education program that might aid your plans or widen your horizons.

This looks to be an interesting year with a mix of everything in the right balance — practically perfect for the perfection-loving Virgos, even if it sometimes seems like things are not exactly going according to plan.

Have a hopping, aping, popping, pipping, yipping 2017!

What’s in the cards for Virgo in 2017

4 of wands

General theme: Homing

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Leo in 2017: Between the Acts

Dear Leo,

The year 2017 is a time for you to unplug from your usual distractions and take a long, hard look at the path you’re on, and if it will lead you to genuine, soul-enriching fulfilment. This year might see you making a new move or two, of career or home. Finances will play a big role in decisions you make — you are advised to be pragmatic.

From January through March it seems you’re making waves in communications. Perhaps you’ll decide to start your own website, or launch a media campaign of some sort? Or it’s just that you’re more expressive, vocal and witty than usual. You’ve got a new idea or insight that has the potential to become a full-scale project. Run with it! The advice in anything you do — from blogging to schmoozing — at this time is to stay consistent, focus on the benefit and learning opportunity offered by the activity, and perhaps even invest a little money if need be. Some of you might make a new, (younger) witty friend who could introduce you to a new circle of people.

Between April and July it looks like you’re moving! Are you looking for a better house? Or a new location that feels more like home? For some this could relate to wedding bells! For some this could also mean someone moving out (or in!) of your house! There seems to be a fiery/joyful individual (other than you that is!) involved in many of these cases. Otherwise, you’re advised to take a passionate approach to whatever is happening. For example, choose a new home based on YOUR desires and dreams. Go where you want to go. Some of you could be leaving home in order to pursue higher education as well!

Paperwork, formalities, rules and regulations, contracts etc., most likely to do with your aforementioned move, see you confused at some point between July and October. But keep at it advise the cards! Also, if there is a pause in your plans, don’t take it to mean a complete end…things will pick up pace soon enough. You might have two difficult options to choose from but don’t feel stuck, go with your gut! Take the time to listen to your inner voice, take your in time in general, and don’t get too bogged down by what others are saying.

New horizons await you in the last three months of 2017. A fresh start is on the cards! This does definitely seem linked to the move mentioned in the entire reading but also, it could have to do with a fresh partnership opportunity for some! The partnership, be it business or romance, will be perfectly matched to you. But do make sure you’re doing your bit to create a win-win situation. Also, be patient with the other. Some of you might get an exciting job offer and just in case you don’t feel up to it the cards tell you, think with a clear head and you’ll realise that your past experience has equipped you indeed, to take on this thrilling challenge!

This year, your mind and heart work in perfect tandem — when one is in doubt, the other will do the work. There will be phases when you will be working more with logic and there will be times when you will let emotions rule. Remember to tap into your philosophical outlook too though. And take frequent time-outs to be with yourself and get to know yourself better.

Have a homely, astute, perky, poignant, yahoo 2017!

What’s in the cards for Leo in 2017


General theme: Philosophising

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Cancer in 2017: Good Omens

Dear Cancer,

The year 2017 is going to be hard work, but not without inspiration. You get rocket-fuelled in the first few months with some exciting developments that will require you to commit to getting it right. The overarching theme for you is forging win-win situations with others and for your own work-life harmony.

In the first quarter there is an exciting development, a new introduction that could change your life. Depending on what you’ve been wishing for, this could be a professional or romantic connection — or perhaps one leading to the other! Even if you are generally wary of new people, you are being guided by the stars — assess this person from an objective place and not your fears and you might find something fruitful blossoming.

From April through June, you are focusing on organising the financial or domestic aspects of your life. Perhaps you are collaborating with this person you met earlier on a professional project? Perhaps you’re renovating the home? Perhaps planning to move in with another? Perhaps you’re planning smarter financial investments? There does some to be a strong link to this quarter’s theme with the aforementioned introduction…

While the first half of the year seems action-oriented and full of new developments, July onwards beings a phase of realising potentials, which for you involves managing difficult people and your own demons as well! Rest assured that any obstacles coming your way are meant to help you achieve emotional and mental equanimity. When your family life or work is stalled by opposing opinions, you’ll learn to not get so hung up on being right and achieve consensus instead. Taming your temper or impatience might also be a theme. On another note, Between July and October, wherever there are discussions or relationships involved, try to get things down in written commitments or contracts.

It is possible the hiccups you face in the second half of the year send you back to a place of despair where “nothing good ever happens”. It’s all in your mind! Things are progressing indeed! Just that when other people are involved it is rarely a smooth ride! The end of 2017 sees you worn out, but with hope on the horizon! You have weathered some rough times demanding integrity and unconditional giving, but you have done your time. Work through your fears and disappointments even as the people that matter let you know how much your work has been (silently) appreciated.

PS: If this entire year is prominently about one theme alone (as so many Crabs are wont to be single-minded!), then it’s about a professional or personal relationship going from the high of meeting and building something together to the (expected) low of dealing with certain incompatibilities. If that is the case, know this, the end of the year sees a monumental decision being taken about this relationship — and most likely it’s a happy one! It’s like the entire life-cycle of a relationship compressed into one year! Guau!

2017 is neatly divided into an uplifting and demanding half, but in its entirety it is a year where externally and internally, a new, authentic you emerges!

Wish you a heart-warming, amiable, peppy, pragmatic, you-nique 2017!

What’s in the cards for Cancer in 2017


General theme: Harmonising

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Gemini in 2017: Brave New World

Dear Gemini,

The year 2017 is your march towards success, as long as you keep your team-mates on your side and an open mind about identifying and eliminating your own shortcomings. There will be times when you’ll feel alone (in a crowd) — these are disguised blessings of much-needed pause in chatter to enable contemplation. Developing mental fortitude in the truest sense is an important theme this year. In the first quarter of 2017, it looks like you are moving location and/or generally moving into a new phase in life. This move, be it literal or thematic, will have something to do with you finding a secure base for your physical or financial well-being. Money is definitely on the mind. And security issues too, for some. You are advised to look beyond the physical or material aspect of your concerns and make choices based on higher principles. Ask yourself: Will this action/money/job/move/decision give me real, long-term spiritual satisfaction? Is this a short-term distraction from my responsibility to build lasting support structures for myself? True harmony feels more satisfying than plain material comfort. You’ll perhaps be faced with choices in this period that will test your understanding of this difference.

From April through June, don’t fall into the trap of indulging in any kind of excess (sex, drugs, rock and roll, even food or sleep!) just because you’re on your own or there is some enforced solitude of some sort. Some of you will use this ‘alone’ time, however it comes about for you, to take a long and hard look at your life, the people and things that keep you chained in some way, preventing you to come into your own. The cards advice you to embrace and even initiate endings based on your insights. This is truly a great time to shed bad habits or associations and cultivate healthy practices. Those of you feeling nostalgic about a past relationship should realise that that ending was the beginning of your blossoming.

In the third quarter you’re probably dealing with legal work, papers, contracts and such like. If you are, then it’s likely you’re feeling confused too! The cards advice you to seek the counsel of a wiser person — an authority figure you can look up to. If you gave up some addiction or relationship in the previous quarter then it’s possible that this period is marked by a need to regain emotional or physical balance. Once again, seek help! Also, strength training exercises could benefit you.

The last three months see you on top of everything in your life and in a position to initiate new beginnings in earnest (if the start of the year saw a relocation-based beginning, then this will be things truly getting into gear). It’s possible you undertake a trip that sparks a creative idea. It will be a good idea to explore travel or social groups to find a fresh source of inspiration. Whatever you do, do it for passion, and find a bunch of comrades to amplify your energy!

2017 has success written all over it, but it comes on the heels of some inner work. Gemini are always great at communication — now how about using that talent to connect with yourself?

Have an honest-to-goodness, awesome, priceless, poignant, yippee 2017!

What’s in the cards for Gemini in 2017

6 of wands

General theme: Victory

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Taurus in 2017: The Doors of Perception

Dear Taurus,

After a time of restraint, you shall be breaking on through to the other side in 2017 to find yourself in a new landscape where you’re in control, creatively fulfilled, and ready to shine. True, there are still mental chimeras to deal with, and rumblings in the subconscious that wish to keep you in your place, but this year you’ll use your famous stubbornness and tenacity for the good cause of self-realisation. At the start of the year you’ve got work on your mind! And it’s most likely got some link to a physical or professional self-improvement plan. The theme for this period is moderation — don’t neglect your domestic life or family no matter how consumed you are. If it’s finances that you’re trying to improve, consider stable vehicles to invest in.

From April to June, the tide starts turning in your favour, the results of your hard work begin to show but your mind is not at ease. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by your tasks, or beset by adversaries. This is a trial that will see you develop some muscle and emerge as a strong, independent-minded person (more than before!). This is your perseverance being put to the test; and your courage evolving. You could have to deal with many unknown factors as you realise your project. The advice is to take things as they come, don’t plan too far ahead. For some of you, the test will be one of deciding where to take your life next and dealing with naysayers in the process.

From a fear of unknowns to walking through the woods blindfolded, the transition to the third quarter is really interesting indeed. Because you’re more than adept at navigating whatever new landscape you find yourself in (a new romance? a new friends circle? a new enterprise?). Indeed, you’re bold at this time and all about action (even of the bedroom kind!). The advice? Tune into your imagination, keep the child within alive! If you’re dealing with a new set of people remember to put forth your joyful side and don’t let your agenda or concerns come in the way of truly connecting. Don’t know what they’re thinking? Don’t care! Also, this could be a good time to connect with children.

The last quarter is where we see a major shake-up in your life (most likely in the area that you’ve been neglecting the most or that has been neglecting you the most). Sadly for some, this could well mean hearing a bitter truth from your partner as they decide to walk out on you. But it rather feels like it is YOU who is introducing a drastic change in your life, home or partnership based on your new-found independence and courage. Whatever side of the chaos you’re on, keep your eye on the financial aspect of it. Don’t let emotions sidetrack you (they don’t often do! :P) into getting a bad bargain. For some of you this could mean leaving employment to pursue independent work which will be connected to whatever creative pursuit has stood out as a theme for you in the cards for this year. In this case too, make sure your employers don’t gyp you as you leave. And, make that exit only when you’ve got your ducks of bucks in a neat row.

In 2017 you’re invited to shed your hardened exterior/interior and bask in the glory of your talents and hard work. Fun is important. Never forget that. It’s important for your health and to sustain you as you strive for success. Indulge yourself!

Have a hippie,amorous, peaceful, prosperous, yummy 2017!

What’s in store for Taurus in 2017


General theme:Emergence

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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Aries in 2017: A Fine Balance

Dear Aries,

2017 is going to be about a little bit of this, a little bit of that. A little bit of pull, a little bit of push. A little bit of generosity, a little bit of cynicism. It starts with a period when you’re probably exercising self-restraint due to concerns over finances or health. But the cards suggest you can afford to let loose a little — explore ways to have fun within the limitations of a tight budget or healthy habits! Can’t afford to treat your boo to an expensive meal? Instead of proposing to go Dutch, how about making a fancy meal at home?! If you find yourself being emotionally miserly, lighten up a little!

April onwards you’ll be happier with yourself. Between April and June, you could receive a job offer or a suggestion from your partner to get more serious. In either situation, while it’s a happy one, you might feel out of your depth. The solution? Firstly, work with the mind not the heart. Secondly, seek advice from an expert (in the case of a job contract or legal paperwork) or someone who’ll give it to you straight.

In the period of July to September your measured approach and a little help from divine sources leads to the beginning of a creative project or a fresh phase in your emotional life. If this is about a new relationship, be aware that it will be slow progressing and shall take some concerted work from you. For many of you, this time will be one of refining skills and creative expression. Some of you could also be welcoming a baby into your life so naturally, the hard work on the cards is about learning to tend to the tiny tot!

In the last quarter of 2017 life really begins to look up! A long-held dream might be well within your reach. Or in general you’ll feel like you’re on the right track because, you might not know this, but the Universe is gently guiding you to a happier place. What you need to do now is wield your creativity and knowledge without hesitation. Make good of the slightest opportunity that knocks at your door! For some of you, travel to places you’ve been dreaming of features in the mix.

Be compassionate yet discerning in 2017. Love everyone but trust a select few; welcome everyone with trust, love a select few. ๐Ÿ˜› Learn to ask for another’s perspective. Having fun inside the box is the key to happiness for you this year.

Have a healthy,adventurous, peaceful, prosperous, yummy 2017!

What’s on the cards for Aries in 2017


General theme: Discernment

(Note: Each column represents one quarter of the year.
Top row: Theme of the quarter
Middle row: Why?
Bottom row: Advice)

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A Wintermas of December 2016 Tarotscopes!


Bye, bye 2016!

Quick scopes for all sun signs and rising signs for the month of December 2016. (To see your rising sun aka Ascendant sign for free, find out here:

Read for both, your sun and rising sign because some months one resonates more than the other. Sometimes a combination of both provides better guidance for your outer and inner life.

(Please keep checking back through this month as I will be posting detailed tarotscopes for 2017 for each sign individually — I’ll also link them here)

Aries: After a period of rest & recuperation, or perhaps some quiet contemplation over past setbacks, you’re back in the saddle with a new job offer, a new investment or perhaps renewed health. Whatever you begin this month, or plan to, make sure it has lasting potential. In matters where you can, seek the guidance of an expert or ‘veteran’. This advice applies even if you are planning to pop the question to someone! If you’re going on a shopping spree or spending money on something, take a conservative approach. Some of you are entering a brighter but at the same time more spiritual phase .Walks alone or with just your pets will be rejuvenating in December.

Get your full 2017 tarotscope here: Aries in 2017: A Fine Balance


Taurus: This is going to be a more light-hearted period for you when creative inspiration abounds. You’re clearer-headed at this time, your perceptive abilities are sharp and untainted by emotions, which makes for the perfect environment for you to receive divine inspiration. If you’ve been more cynical than usual lately, then it’s time to open up to joyfulness. Perhaps catch a play or a comedy night? Or indulge in a childhood interest like making your own tree decorations? Some of you might make a fun new friend. Some of you might receive the romantic attentions of a sharp-minded suitor. For some of you a child might be important this month! Bottom-line: Go forth and play! With kids or with the ‘babies’ of your creative activities…

Get your full 2017 tarotscope here: Taurus in 2017: The Doors of Perception


Gemini: A wish fulfilled sees you travelling or partying this month. In general this is a happy month. You’re feeling good about something (perhaps a new passion, adventure or romance?), which energises you to do more and get out and about more! Life starts to flow with the momentum of your general ebullience. A fiery, adventurous character might enter your life. Some of you might pick up a sport or workout this month to deal with the ‘signs of indulgence’ that have begun to show…ahem!

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Cancer: Victory! This month a professional project culminates into rewards. Perhaps a raise or an offer for a new assignment is in the offing. If you are involved in team sports, you might win a medal. Some of you could even get a business or marriage proposal from a suitor out to woo you. Something (financially) promising begins. Just remember to have faith, and perhaps share with the needy some of your privileges. Some of you might suffer from minor ailments and need to work towards improving your health. If you need capital for an enterprise, do consider taking a loan or tapping into your network. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help from contacts and relevant organisations.

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King of PentaclesLeo: The festive spirit is in full swing but this month, in a departure from your usual, you’re also keeping an eye on your budget! Good! Play the warm host to everyone but this time, let the wine flow a little less? At least one of you who reads this will consider making party planning or something related your business enterprise. All in all, finances are looking stable, home is looking good, and you’re ready to make merry (as usual!). Watch those calories though!

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Virgo: Are you going through some kind of withdrawal from your addiction to a bad habit or person? Or is it that an addiction/obsession is taking you down a dark path obscured by brain fog?ย Your cards show a classic combination for what they call ‘dark night of the soul’. This period might seem difficult but in the end it’s about evolving something base into something sublime. It’s a time to become mentally stronger and smarter. Choose to leave behind whatever or whoever is not healthy for your spirit. Choose to face your demons. Your dreams might trouble you at this time. Stay steadfast. And work towards getting healthier habits just in time for the new year!

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Libra: Hard to believe, but this month the shopaholic Libra might be in a less materialistic, more spiritual mood. You might go in for the simpler pleasures when it comes to celebrating the year’s end. Some of you could consider trading in expensive gifting for charity or community service. Those of you who feel their financial stability is under attack for some reason are advised to take charge and get hands on with the situation. Some of you might be besieged by romantic interest or social invitations this month — Don’t worry! You can handle the heat, like a boss! Any unexpected or undesirable expenditures incurred at this time are meant to evolve your perspective so don’t sweat the petty stuff.

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Scorpio: Time to do lay down a concrete foundation after a period of ‘shopping around’ for options to manage your money. Key words are conservatism and long-term stability. You’ll be working with a firmer mindset now after (perhaps) a period of spending money. Those who play in speculation are advised to invest in some ‘safe’ financial vehicles. A senior figure can guide you about money management. You may also need to manage your time better for a stable work and personal life.

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Sagittarius: This month you enjoy a fresh outlook and balanced perspective on every aspect of your life. No matter what has happened, ‘it’s all good’ is what you’ll be feeling. You may not realise it, but events in your life are gently guiding you towards a place of equanimity (no matter how un-gentle the process may seem!). Some of you are returning from a retreat with a firm decision made. Some of you might be dealing with paperwork regarding relocation or a creative venture. If you’ve been looking after your health, you’ll be rewarded with inner harmony. Some of you might formalise a long-distance relationship. Should you choose to go on a vision quest, you’ll be rewarded with others’ respect.

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Capricorn: This month sees many of you ditch your rigid routines or moral codes for a little bit of freewheeling. Some of you could be making travel plans..or you could just wing it! (Or you might get a work assignment abroad) Others will be feeling energised to take action on paperwork and official matters. Those of you in positions of authority may also launch a new business strategy (your competitors won’t know what hit them!). While you’re directing others’ actions, there’s positive energy around your decisions. And a lot of you are in a more exploratory mood than usual!

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towerAquarius: Clarity comes to you, but not quite in a sugar-coated pill. A truth revealed might be bitter but would you rather live a lie? The cards show you getting disillusioned about something you were emotionally invested in. Or may be someone reveals their true colours and it’s a shocking revelation for you. May be you were blissfully dreaming of some positive development that does not materialise and instead, the opposite happens. Come what may, it’ll be for the best in the end, you’ll see! For some of you this could also mean the end of an addiction to a mind-altering substance due to some kind of a sudden event. None of it sounds pretty, but I believe it’s a well-timed clearance of the bad stuff to make way for a better, more fulfilling 2017!

PS: Some of you could also lose your data from your Cloud storage — be careful!

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10 of Swords

Pisces: A foolishly optimistic course of action has betrayed your hopes from it. Did you mistakenly put your faith in a person or scheme that hasn’t brought you much comfort? Or is it that this venture is sapping you so of your life forces that the benefits pale in comparison? Well it’s coming to an end anyway! Whatever has turned out to be a dud, is now dead beyond belief (or it’s just that there’s no way you can carry on with it any more!). For many of you this month is warning you against partying to the point of exhaustion. Be more disciplined or it might take a toll on your health and/or finances. Resolve to not overindulge in any person, activity or venture.

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