Boo! Octobrrrrrrrr Tarotscopes!

IMG_20170211_143619Shiver me timbers, it’s the eventide of seasons and a transition to darker, colder times here in the Northern Hemisphere. This year, the bearer of opportunity, truth, expansion (and even unhealthy excess or overbearing pedantism sometimes), Jupiter moves into the dark realm of Scorpio on October 10. For the next year, Jupiter will enjoy living on the edge, exploring the depths of human consciousness and the shadow side of the material world alike. Jupiter in Scorpio is going to be like taking a ‘Haunted Mansion’ ride for a bunch of laughs when you’re old enough to appreciate the gimmicks. Jupiter the explorer, preacher of truth, can show you how most things that scare you are just a play of your own shadows!

Me, I eagerly await the weather and the planetary plumb! What about you?

The house where Scorpio sits in your chart will benefit from at least one new development which will hold you in good stead when (and if) the rug is pulled from under you in the area of your chart ruled by Taurus (the sign opposite to Scorpio), where Uranus will move in with a revolution for an eight-year span. On a worldwide scale I am hopeful that sometime in the next one year there will be the surprising discovery of a new resource or a new source of resource that will revolutionise the commodities or money market. Perhaps we will discover a new element or fuel source or precious metal that will not only render existing resources pointless, it will also help in redistributing power among the poor people and countries, as well as the marginalised. There could also be an expansion in the insurance markets that leads to another financial meltdown (or tides things over) come mid 2018. If the Uranus in Aries era was about ‘more power to the individual’ standing up to corrupt systems (Pluto in Capricorn till 2024), Uranus in Taurus could well herald a time of ‘more financial power to the people’ supported by a fast-dying-needing-to-be-transformed trend for plutocracy. And the start of that revolution might just begin with something Jupiter discovers or uncovers. Things from underground are coming up to uproot the old and bloom something anew.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the house where things go to die in one form and be reincarnated in another. Indeed, we are already becoming more aware of the financial and ecological importance of recycling and upcycling but when more and more people join this movement it could well put consumerism out of kilter and support the formation of new economies and governments that are more sustainable and healthier for the planet.

In general, now is a good time to start being a bit more resource conscious and conservative in spending. Why not start this practice by spending your precious time on reading the monthly tarotscopes I have so lovingly written for you? 😉

Pick Your Sign, Read Your ‘Scope!














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