This Is No Ordinary Love Tarot Reading of February 2019

Eligiusz Niewiadomski, Angel of Love. Public Domain

In terms of planetary transits, Venus is in for quite a ride this February as she marches through controlling Capricorn currently home to saturnine, plutocratic energies preparing to meet with the shadowy force of Ketu (or South Node), who brings knowledge and spiritual ascension through losses that highlight one’s shadow side. In this tense terrain Venus will step in not only to be dampened first by Saturn, and then driven to jealousy or slavery by Pluto but then to receive the light through Ketu so that by the time she is exiting Capricorn with one last showdown, through a square with wilful Uranus, she will be ready to take charge and cut some cords rather decisively…or may be change up the rules a bit. This is also love — self-love that allows us to bow out of or amend situations that are not healthy for us, and love for others to be protected from experiencing pain at our hands. Dissolution of contracts and relationships should come easy at this time with Mercury in Pisces forming a collaborative Sextile aspect with Venus — with Mercury not in its best position to communicate solid facts, conversations could serve to put the last nail in the coffin. There might be philosophical or ideological differences that just cannot be bridged. Yet the element of Pisces’ ‘Universal love’ might just mean that while connections formally break in the material world, they persist on a psychic level, percolating into your unconscious mind wisdom that might make itself known later down the line. Something is not quite over. This is a useful aspect however to channel your hurt into creative expression such as poetry or writing.

As always it matters which houses in your chart are occupied by Capricorn, Cancer (the sign opposite) as well as Aries, as this will determine which areas of your life are affected by this difficult trek Venus is making. Also those born (roughly) between May 1944-Dec. 1945, Jan. 1963-Aug. 1964, Sep. 1981-Mar.1983 and Apr. 2000-Oct. 2001, who are experiencing their Nodal return this year (when transiting North Node or Rahu returns to one’s natal position), might feel this transit more significantly than most — an eighteen year old cycle might be coming around a full circle now. But everyone should expect accord and interpersonal dynamics to be affected to some degree. There might a strong undercurrent of a power struggle, jealousy, and desire here.

Note: This post has been amended on 15/02/19 to remove information about Venus’s aspect to Chiron in Pisces due to a miscalculation on my part regarding the aspects.  

Interestingly, the tarot readings I have done for this month so far do all seem to be reflecting a Venus-through-Capricorn theme, where small-seeming interpersonal, financial or pleasure (all Venus themes) related occurrences are leading to big breakthroughs in our lives. I hope you enjoy the joyride!

Tarotscopes by Sun/Moon/Rising Sign*

Aries in February 2019

Taurus in February 2019

Gemini in February 2019

Cancer in February 2019

Leo in February 2019

Virgo in February 2019

Libra in February 2019

Scorpio in February 2019

Sagittarius in February 2019

Capricorn in February 2019

Aquarius in February 2019

Pisces in February 2019

*If you know your birth time and place as well as birth date, find your Rising sign (Ascendant) and Moon sign here for free Some months, the tarotscopes for these signs will be more helpful for you than the one for your Sun sign, some months, all three combined will give you the messages you need.


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