2019 for Capricorn

Hi Capricorn,

Happy New Year! For your 2019 tarotscope I pulled 13 cards, 12 that correspond to respective areas of human life represented as ‘houses’ in the typical astrological natal chart, and one that represents the overarching theme of 2019 for you. Given below is a diagram of a natal chart explaining the various houses so that you may have a better understanding of the cards I have pulled pertaining to each. Astrologers use this chart to divide the planets and constellations that appeared in the sky at the moment you were born in order to derive corresponding potentialities for your life in various areas. So, typically, this chart with the houses contains a map of the planets with their exact degrees as well as the zodiac constellations as they were placed starting from the one that was rising on the Eastern horizon. Please note that the house meanings given here are not an exhaustive list and therefore I may mention themes pertaining to houses that do not show up in this example graphic.  Given below the chart image is your reading for 2019! May it be a good one for you!


Your 2019 Tarotscope

6 cups1st house matters: With eclipse season here in your sign for 2019, and with karmic change agents Pluto and Saturn already transiting through, it’s little wonder that this year seems to be when you start to feel stifled or held back by long-held loyalties, ambitions, and even health practices (if you haven’t already). In 2019 you may face a minor struggle with balancing the new order that is emerging for with what you have felt safe and comfortable with for so long. Don’t let nostalgia or associations that no longer help you evolve keep you from trying radical makeovers, chasing new dreams and finding new places for yourself.

2 of Wands2nd house matters: There is a whole world out there full of opportunities just waiting for you. Capricorn is most known for finding contentment in the existing order but 2019 challenges you to open your mind to more modern (and international) avenues of making money, or finding material security. Travel, or meeting people from different parts of the world, may be an important source, not just of pleasure, but also of creative inspiration and ideas that will help you grow your wealth too! For the entrepreneurs among you, it is time to expand!

queen of swords3rd house matters: Admit it, sometimes, in ever so subtle a way, you can be a little manipulative or purposefully contentious in your exchanges with people. If you are guilty of speaking half truths, or saying things aimed to hit their sore spots, then this year may find you losing credibility among your audience. Your shadow side could also show itself through a person who displays the above qualities. Also, you might have a hard time trusting communication from people if you continue to bend facts as you would be more susceptible to projecting this behaviour onto others. Be wary too of needless acrimony in your messaging when communicating with those who made you feel scorned or abandoned at some point. And always, always double-check the facts you put forth in the world.

king of wands4th house matters: There is a wanton, difficult person in your midst whose bullheaded, self-serving ways don’t let you find peace or feel at home, at home or within your community. But again, could it be that this person shows up as being such a menace as a reflection of what you can sometimes be too? Live and let live is the mantra you need to adopt this year, if you wish to remain in a frame of mind that keeps you productive. You know more than any other sign that life is an obstacle course and really, the only thing to do in order to keep flowing smoothly is to learn to glide elegantly around, over, underneath, or even through (!) whatever blocks your path. If any of your enterprises feel thwarted by lack of participation from others, refer to the 2nd house matters section for the solution (hint: it’s about updating your ideas).

9 of swords5th house matters: For Saturn-ruled Capricorn, fear is often a useful ally that propels you towards change and growth. But this year, being too much in your head could lead you to sustain ego wounds from phantom causes. Be it about embarking on a new venture, assuming a new leadership role, presenting your creative work to the public, or even getting pregnant, confidence will win half the battles. For many of you, trends in this house bring doubts about your attractiveness — perhaps you worry you are past your prime? But guess what? a) Capricorn famously age better than anyone else, b) it really doesn’t matter, and c) you’ll realise that true beauty shows up in the absolute raw, natural state of things! Look at nature! Plants and animals don’t care how they look yet they all somehow look all right (barring some terrible skin infection or some such).

wheel-of-fortune6th house matters: An important completion occurs this year for you in an area that has thus far required mental labour, discipline, learning and some toil. But when one task completes, the wheel of life brings you another. For now however, enjoy the achievement, and the new chapter of work and service it brings. Some of you may suddenly be handed some duties or obligations in 2019, but with the Wheel of Fortune upright, it looks like it will be a pleasant enterprise and ultimately beneficial for you. In matters of health, diet, exercise and routine, you are advised to observe a strict schedule that allows you to make the most of each new day.

3 of swords7th house matters: Hurts, betrayals, setbacks or annulments that you might have experienced at the hands of partners or pertaining to legal matters will pain you no more…unless you hang on to the ego bruise. Some of you may even experience some reversals, an ex may return, an agreement may be reinstated. This is your time to integrate what you learnt from your failures into a better plan for future involvements. With new prospects for partnership, go slow, and talk things out till enough information has been received before making any important decisions. Some of you may take a major step to leave someone behind. Be gentle.

8 wands rx RW8th house matters: Exhaustion or muscular weakness could come in the way of your ambitions this year. The preventive measure for this is to engage in strength building exercises (but talk to your medical expert first). Also understand that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, even if it comes back around long after you have forgotten your deeds. Quite karmically therefore, this year you might find your past deeds, good and bad, being reciprocated. Perhaps someone you had given up on will surprise you with a pleasant initiative. Also, exercise caution when ascending stairs, or hills etc., and beware of driving too slow in tunnels, underground passageways and dark areas.

5 of Pentacles9th house matters: Do the religious somehow have it better than those who remain godless? Could the stinking rich get to that level of wealth without stench-raising activities? This year you may ponder questions along these lines as you contemplate how to improve your lot in some way (most likely financial; it could even be something as simple as desiring a better house), and perhaps you may rue not being part of those elite and exclusive networks (the Oxbridge sort and such) that afford their members easier passages through life. On the other hand, those of you who are indeed part of such networks or belief systems might feel somewhat alienated. Either way, you have to ask yourself how satisfying your achievements would be had you the favours of others to owe them to. Braving the elements and doing it your way is infinitely tougher, yet much more invigorating. This might also be a time for you to understand the place of money in human society as representative of energy exchange, how it is best harnessed through honest means, and how perhaps it is not a five-letter foul word. At the same time, this may be a period when you come to appreciate charity as a virtue, and the whole “Do unto others…” business.

10 of wands10th house matters: Don’t give up! I know it might have got really tough now that you are on the last leg of an endeavour, project or enterprise that will bring desirable changes in your career and place in the world but you’re really close to the finish line. Soon a new era will commence. Keep at it soldier, abandon your ambitions, but may be take a look at how you could organise and prioritise your tasks to make it easier on your time and effort.



fool11th house matters: Sure you may long for a breath of fresh air and new adventures when it comes to whom you associate with or call your ‘circle’. Perhaps you want to leave everything you know behind and head out on open roads to find new companions. Perhaps you have an amazing new concept you want to introduce the world to. But your card warns against being too imprudent and idealistic with your ventures. Some old friends might still have a very important role to play in your life, such as warning you against risky endeavours, and some old ideas might still have their place in the world, which is why you might need to test the waters before you launch a new idea. Also, be careful what you wish for. And if an offer or invitation seems exciting and too good to be true, it might warrant some due diligence. At the same time though, keep the faith in humanity and that good things are coming your way.

7 of cups12th house matters: As Jupiter transits your 12th house this year, he has important guidance and messages for you which will be delivered through dreams, symbols and fleeting thoughts. Pay close attention to your inner voice, what is it trying to tell you? Try automatic writing (Google it) for the first time in your life may be. Also, what has so far been shrouded by confusion, truths that have eluded you so far, could be delivered to you through unexpected means, when you least expect them. Beware though of indulging excessively in mind-altering substances that might show you meaning in mere shadow play. And if you’re confused about which path to take, wait for an epiphany. For some of you, a secret admirer might make themselves known now.

8 of CupsOverall theme: Make perfection a journey, not the destination and you will find more happiness and satisfaction along the way. You may be chomping at the bit just now to leave a mediocre situation behind in search of greater happiness in some area of your life, but the reason why that big breakthrough is still a way away is because you must learn first to love, perfect and appreciate all that you do have. At the same time, don’t make compromises for the sake of comfort, and absolutely refuse to settle for anything less than the completely soul-stirring.


Have a happy 2019 and see you next month with the regular monthly tarotscopes! 🙂


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