April’s Full Monthly Tarot Readings


Venus Urania by Christian Griepenkerl, 1878. Wikimedia Commons

April may not be the cruelest month this year, in fact, emerging from the fog of that doozy of a retrograde Mercury transit in Pisces last month, this month’s exalted Venus in Pisces will be welcome relief, even if it is happening against the backdrop of other powerful changes. Indeed, her transit now may be just the anaesthetic needed for what is going on in the big picture. In ancient Greek philosophy, including the works of Plato and Xenophon, Venus or Aphrodite has two forms: Aphrodite Pandemos of earthly lusts, desires, and even the social institution of marriage; and Aphrodite Urania, daughter of Uranus, in her most holy form the patron of the arts, and universal, transcendental  love. In the origin myths of the zodiac sign of Pisces, the two fish contained in the symbol represent Aphrodite who yoked herself to her son Eros (Cupid) and transformed him and herself into fish in order to hide from the monster Typhon who was coming to get them. Venus in Pisces therefore is the protective love of the mother at a universal scale which we experience in meditation or in moments of pure bliss as oceanic feelings of oneness with the world akin to how babies feel in the womb — one with the mother, with no concept of self apart from her.

Aphrodite Urania will help us channel our collective angst into something beautiful like art, poetry, and music. Venus in her exaltation traveling with Mercury in their* debilitation position may not be the best for logical thought, but this transit is great for creativity and spiritual practice. Remember however, Uranus has re-entered Taurus** and already he is showing us glimpses of the revolutions he has in mind in the area of environment, ecology and finance. In a shock to the world, Johnny Depp filed for HEFTY damages in a defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard just as Uranus re-entered Taurus at zero degrees, making contact with sensitive points in his chart. So far he had maintained a dignified silence surrounding her (now apparently false) accusations of domestic abuse, but when he found his earning prospects getting affected by her continued negative publicity of their marriage, he took action. It is about money. Not dignity. On a global scale too, this is going to be the concern. Already you can see in the spreading ‘Yellow Vest’ movements of Europe, and in the agenda of new politicians like USA’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a coalescing unrest — regardless of which side’s ‘wing’ they are — regarding the concentration of wealth (Taurus) in the hands of the few who represent power (Capricorn).  When it comes to the planet too, it can no longer be about pride or ego, it is about very practical, Taurus concerns, which includes changing standards of beauty, consumption, and productivity to make our habits more earth-friendly. We are in trouble, and we can either embrace the necessary changes or the changes will come to us anyhow (Uranus doesn’t care). What started with Greta Thurnberg in Sweden is now a worldwide movement of children organising weekly strikes to urge the adults and the extant systems to change their polluting ways. May their future be as bright as they are.

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* I use a gender-neutral pronoun for Mercury in observance of the fluidity of gender and form that the planet represents in astrology.

**Uranus first entered Taurus briefly in May 2018, before it retrograded back into Aries from November 2018 to March 2019 to take one last look and clear up any unfinished business there — which has interestingly coincided with the official declaration of ISIS’ defeat and the end of a movement (hopefully) that came to typify the problematic expression of Uranus in Aries. Hopefully their valourisation of lone-wolf violence that has become a problem all over the world won’t survive them either. Uranus transits bring shocking events that can turn lives and countries around, but the precipitating events themselves don’t quite stick and are generally temporary in nature, like earthquakes.

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