Sagittarius in February 2019

For the sign that personifies movement and progress, the theme of emotional stagnation coming up this month is ironic. Sagittarius are mostly jovial spirits who like to hold on to their childlike wonder. But as you grow up and experience more of the world’s pleasures, a return to innocence will inevitably go through the path of emotional maturity and refinement that is able to distinguish cherubic joy from juvenility — this is the fundamental message the cards for this month have for you. Humans are the only species on this planet whose offspring spend so much time dependent on their parents. Since we spend a considerable time of our early lives being cared for by others, even after we grow up the child inside us remains, requiring affection and validation as essential nourishment for our psychological well-being, which is where our adult relationships come into play. A sense of ‘home’ is just as important for the wanderlust-ridden Sagittarius as it is for any other sign.

This month, you might find yourself experiencing fear, anxiety, sadness, or plain confusion surrounding bonds that nurture you, or that ought to make you feel nurtured. Childhood friends, siblings, romantic partners, indeed anyone with whom giving and receiving affection should be a source of comfort might be a source of discomfort through some information that comes to light or simply through troubled dynamics. Perhaps all this while things were all innocent fun and games with another, but then you learn of disturbing undercurrents.  The appearance of the Moon card in your reading  — which represents reality as a reflection of our state of mind — suggests that whatever sh*t goes down with another for you is mirroring who you are, unpleasant as the reflection may seem. Relationships are indeed dances where one person’s moves influence the moves of  the other, so when we see something that we do not like in the people we are dealing with, it is often telling of something about our conduct too.

The Moon card upright is usually an unwelcome omen but I always read it as a card  of necessary gestation, preparation and evolution, the dark birth passage that one must take to reach a new place of material achievement. If you look at this card closely it shows a pathway, poorly lit as it might be, that portrays the evolution of life from its first emergence from water, to the stage of human civilization represented by the brick-and-mortar towers. This card also signifies unconscious and subconscious activity that manifests in reality. In its reverse position this card indicates a lack of movement — staying stuck in the uncomfortable comfort zone of one’s fears and trepidations rather than choosing to walk that difficult path of self-work that could lead to emotional healing. In your arrangement it is also talking about staying stuck in outdated patterns of relating, obsolete values, or nostalgia.

Troubled dynamics in your world now point to work you, and you alone, need to do in order to become a source of emotional sustenance for others so they may be able to reciprocate in kind. That cliché about relationships being like sharks that need to constantly move in order to survive also holds true here. Relationships that you may have been happy with staying the way they are now demand evolution of some sort and for that to come about you will need to evolve first in how you define conviviality.

This month, commit to leaving your (dis) comfort zone and find your way home.

The lyrics of this song from Enya, Anywhere Is, might help.

(P.S. If there are any Star Wars fans reading, I couldn’t help but notice how this card combination also reads like Anikin Skywalker’s fears regarding the safety of his loved ones (mum and wife) that ultimately takes him to the dark side….)

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

God spede… 🙂

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