P.A.C. 11.1!

page-of-cupsYour headlining message at this time is to add a dash of whimsy and fun to whatever you are doing, no matter how serious. Childlike wonder will be the charge your work needs in order to proceed and grow into the shape you want it to.

There is a touch of magic in the air, your imagination may be awakening you to creative new possibilities that might add an exciting new dimension to your ongoing work or endeavours, or it might give birth to an entirely new idea for materialising your financial, professional, or material goals. A younger collaborator at work could bring in a breath of fresh air; might even spark flirtation between the two of you.

This card is often associated with the initial banter phase of a blossoming romantic connection where playfulness in communication bears undertones of desire. Ooooooh!

In general this is a time to expect the unexpected — in a good way! — and keep an open mind to different options and perspectives, no matter how unrealistic they seem, even when they come from the machinations of your own mind!

You may also hear from an amusing friend, most likely a colleague from the past.

If you are getting your house renovated or built, consider installing a water feature.

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