August-September Reading for Pisces

Two fish tethered to each other yet facing opposite directions symbolise the sign of Pisces. There is a story of ultimate motherly love encoded in this symbol in which one fish is Aphrodite (Venus) and the other, attached to her inextricably, is her son Eros (Cupid). Try as he might, Eros cannot swim too far away from his Mother, just as we cannot, try as we might, defy the physical limitations of this Universe we are in no matter how much we wax on about Free Will. Pisces tend to have to deal with this dilemma in their lives of feeling helplessly tied to someone(s) or something(s) — there is tendency to gravitate towards codependent relationships or addictions included in this as well — but at the same time needing to feel connected and nurtured. The Piscean need to explore limitlessness and run free must contend with some biological, physical, psychological limitations we just cannot break down.

A most curious, yet most typical, theme of dichotomies is showing up for you at this time.  It is a ‘wherever you go, there you are’ theme best explained by actor David Mitchell’s famous quote: Travel far enough you meet yourself. While on the one hand your passions and creative urges just will not allow you to stay wedded to worldly commitments, sensibilities and associations, on the other, attempts to break away from what keeps you (unhealthily) coddled only brings you back to a crossroads where you don’t like to be, wondering whether to stay or go. When you let your heart speak, perhaps you wish to rush back to someone or some place you feel was your destiny, but then your worldly sense awakens and chimes in asking you whether it is worth it to risk giving up a comfortable (if a bit deadening) place or relationship you already have in the bag. The reason why Pisces have earned a reputation for being a bit flaky is precisely because they wish to, but cannot, be everywhere at once having their cake and eating it too. However this confusion shows up for you, in whichever area of your life, the message that remains common to all circumstances is: It’s your choice. Be whatever you want to be. Everything is something to teach us.

Your Cards

Your reading was so poetic I just had to take a special picture of what it looked like. Sorry for the poor photography though.


Left side (top to bottom): 1) Message for August, 2) Base of the matter, 3) Base of the base of the matter
Right side (top to bottom): 1) Message for September, 2) Base of the matter, 3) Base of the base of the matter


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