February 2018 for Taurus

As you turn your back on a period of confusion, sadness or isolation you see an endless horizon stretch out in front of you. Chalk whatever or whomever has left your life down to important life lessons and consider instead a future of endless possibilities. Already you might have an idea or two of where you’d like to venture, already there might be an opportunity for you that promises excitement and discovery. As you stare ahead into infinity, contemplating your next move, you see a distant figure approaching. This could be a knight in shining armour who inspires that final surge of motivation that will propel you out of the known into the unknown. Or it could be a siren in disguise first luring you out, then raining on your parade. Test whatever goals you set your eyes on for their evolutionary value and tangibility by making sure they bring passion rather than compromise in your life.


Since general readings don’t apply to everyone in the exact same way, please take what meaning you can from the general theme implied by these readings, in whichever area of life it plays out for you. Sometimes, your Rising sign or Moon sign reading might apply to you better (Get your Rising sign here: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-ascendant-sign.html, and scroll below for the Moon sign calculator as well). And if you’d like something more specific, please feel free to email me at yinyouryang@gmail.com

…Until next month! 😀

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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