Libra in December and 2018


5 of SwordsIt’s time now to get over that battle you lost…you know which one. It’s time now to forgive and forget those who took you for easy game. It IS time though to reflect on any tendency you have to passive-aggressively broker consensuses that suppress others to the point where they are motivated to get their own back by ‘any means necessary’.   Entertain the possibility that you’re not really the pushover you think you are, but an inadvertent adversary of others’ agenda. Your sharp ability to view things from the other side is as much a blessing as it is a bane when you’re functioning from a place of self-deluding insecurity. Don’t end up saying things you’ll regret. Take others’ offensive statements as a tool for self-reflection.



Mental: Sharp as a blade your mind will be and it will serve you best in all endeavours that require you to create and nurture something into existence. When you combine your innate ability to always see the other side of the coin with a benevolent attitude and blue-sky thinking, your mind becomes an eagle that soars above the petty entanglements of mundane existence and acquires the ability to see the big picture. Clarity may not have come easy. Indeed, it might have taken you a few years of processing (perhaps due to loss) all your worldly attachments. But you’re here now, more than you were ever able, to look life in the eye and ask what you want of it, knowing fully well you have what it takes to get it.

Emotional: More than any other sign, Libras understand the importance of delicate balances and middle paths. But sometimes this understanding comes after a learning process of experiencing one extreme, and then the other. If you’re at a place right now where you believe keeping a check on your wild desires is the only way you’ll spare yourself the pain, something is about to gust in and ruffle all your feathers, or rather, tousle all your hair, all over again…The more you resist, the more they persist, and at a pace where you can’t think straight. Stay too stuck in your ways and you’ll snap like a dry twig against the wind, stay open to going with the flow and you might just end up with the longer end of the stick. Sorry for the mixed metaphors! 😛

Material: Money may not buy the best things in life but it sure affords us the accoutrements needed to facilitate their continued existence. But sometimes even those so-called ‘priceless’ things like love and sleep and peace can enslave us to constructs that ironically, take the very charm of those things away. For instance, how satisfying can love  be when it requires you to give up all your other dreams for the sake of someone else’s? Something inside of you is stirring, urging you to consider a magical state of existence where all your needs — material or emotional or physical or mental — melt away; where desire means nothing. I know it’s somewhat contradictory — but you’re good with contradictions — to tell you in the previous section to open up to your desires and then speak of what must sound like asceticism. But it’s all part of a process of cultivating sublime detachment that allows you to at once feed your senses AND rise above them. True wealth is what sets you free. Be open to dropping your closest held plans and goals for something that truly brings you

Physical: Once again a message against excessive self-control. You understand now our incredible mind and body construct where one affects the other’s well being. The trick to healing one is to fortify the other. Bring all your mastery of mixology to the game because now is when you’ll have the chance to materialise the vision you have for your health. If you need some helpful tips, don’t just listen to any body, listen to your own.

Special Message: Why do we love whom we love? Why do we care for those that we care for? Do we love and nurture selflessly, or is there always, ultimately, something in it for us? Like, a sense of purpose may be? When is love a beautiful gift you give to others, when is it a detention mechanism because you can’t stand to be alone? When is it all right to look out for your loved ones, when does it end up boarding  up their window to the world? Is your concern a safe meadow where your family can run wild and free, or is it the dank castle of Rapunzel? Neither a smotherer nor a smothered person be.

Queen of Cups.jpg

Special Message (Jumper card)

From left to right, columns represent: Mental, Emotional, Material, Physical planes
Top row: What?
Middle row: Context
Bottom row: Advice

Check your Moon sign and Ascendant/Rising sign (find them here: for more clarity or if this reading does not apply (general readings don’t always apply).

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4 Responses to Libra in December and 2018

  1. Lo says:

    Are you still doing the remaining horoscopes for Dec and 2018? I hope so because I always like your posts!


    • Ma Megha says:

      Yes, yes I will be posting soon. So sorry about the delay but things have been a bit crazy for me! Thanks for making me feel wanted though! 🙂 Your comment has given me more reason to post soon!


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