3 of swordsIt is time to let past hurts, disappointments, and betrayals ‘go to Spain’ so that the sun can shine again in the garden of your heart. There might have been a situation in which you invested optimism, love and goodwill, perhaps you worked hard to keep things going even if it meant denying yourself joy, in the hope that in the future, it would bear fruit for you too. But perhaps a tough decision had to be made recently, or it was made for you by the hurtful behaviour of another, and it might have left you with many doubts and tears. But the time now has come to emerge from this dark period, as circumstances and your own inner dynamics will support you to either find the silver lining in the cloud, or reconcile in a manner that is more advantageous to you than this situation you lost out on could ever have been. I see you working through the pain to get to the core of the issues so you never have to experience something similar ever again. And if someone comes to you just now with false promises and empty words, I see you able to walk away from the illusions they spin with wits as sharp as Hattori Hanzo’s blade.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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