23 February: To live is to change

Plants in pots can appear to be alive for years
before you realise they are dead.
I thought I had successfully transplanted a jade plant stem,
a vain experiment,
(I noted it hadn’t sprung new leaves,
nor had its existent leaves grown in size
for two years now)
in vain.
It just stayed there in stasis,
the living dead.

Things and people all around us
that seem alive,
how can we be sure that they are?
I guess, to live is to grow,
or change, or grow and change,
or change and grow.

What else is there in my life
that is not changing or growing?;
that remains a part of my world
by becoming part of the landscape?



About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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1 Response to 23 February: To live is to change

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