Aries, June 2018

You are usually the first out the gate, and that is the very soul of who you are. Caution is advised at this time though as an idea to take off into the wild blue yonder might be misinformed. Your usual Aries instinct to act might be a little out of whack from the foreshadowing effects of your ruling planet Mars’ upcoming retrograde motion commencing 26th June in Aquarius and ending 27th August in Capricorn.   Fantasies or whimsy might seem legitimate in beckoning you to break the mould at this time, but might it be wiser to first properly, neatly, finish off the business and entanglements you are already in the middle of?


Your cards this month

From left to right: Foundational issue, advice.

Since general readings don’t apply to everyone in the exact same way, please take what meaning you can from the general theme implied by these readings, in whichever area of life it plays out for you. Sometimes, your Rising sign or Moon sign reading might apply to you better (Get your Rising sign here:, and scroll down the page for the Moon sign calculator as well). And if you’d like something more specific, please feel free to email me at

…Until next month! 😀

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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