Dancing in September Tarot Update


Max Ernst, Une Semaine de Bonté. By Source, Fair use, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4958007

I am writing this post mostly out of a sense of commitment to regularity and information dispensation but a race against a deadline for paper submissions related to course work is keeping me from trotting out any sign-specific tarotscopes this month. I promise the monthly tarotscopes shall return per usual in October.


‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word, love dares you to care for the people on the edge of the night, and love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves. This is our last dance. This is ourselves under pressure’Queen & Bowie

Here’s the most important message for September: Venus this month leaves her own sign of Libra and ingresses Scorpio, where she seductively crawls to about 10 degrees till 5th October after which she retrogrades, retracing her way back into Libra’s 25th degree till November 14. Venus’ reverse motion is always a time of reckoning for matters related to money, relationships, giving, receiving, peace, women in your life, nurturing etc. But this year, a revisit of her own sign right before some other major shifts in November makes this period all the more potent. Broadly speaking, it’s going to be lessons in whom or what we choose to invest in or passionately protect (even if it is our own interests) vis-a-vis a paradigmatic shift in our understanding of what we ought to pursue.

September is the sort of month where everything on the surface is seemingly neat, in true Virgo spirit, but there is an undertow of psychological material we would be ill-advised to neglect. In the early degrees of Scorpio, Venus will (not once but three times!) provide opportunity or assistance to a newly-direct Saturn in Capricorn who is on his own agenda to build  new (self-serving?) support structures (where in your life are you doing that? Pursuing long-term goals that require some sweat and tears?); and she will square off against the Lunar South Node (Ketu) in Aquarius and North Node (Rahu) in Leo — the axis along which our compulsions and impulses have alternately kept us tethered to ‘what’s good for everyone’ and pushed us towards ‘what’s good for my self’ for the past year (and perhaps even expressed themselves as ego-validating humanitarianism).  Venus is not in her true element here, so it is possible her dark side comes out in the form of manipulative behaviour we justify to ourselves in order to achieve our vainglorious desires (that might even disguise themselves as altruistic or ‘sensible’ goals). Not to mention, Venus opposes a retrograde Uranus in Taurus too where she might tempt us to channel our repressed ‘potency’ into something shady (related to money, sex, sensuality of any sort). I paint a sordid picture, I know. But the whole point of metaphysical pursuits such as astrology and tarot is to forewarn in order to forearm — this too is an expression of Venus in Scorpio, the lady who will take no prisoners! If all goes well, I expect something of  (happy) consequence to occur in favour of women’s rights (from now through November, as Jupiter finishes his journey through Scorpio as well)

All of the above might play out, or not, at different octaves for you depending on how and whether these planets trigger your natal chart placements. Also, as always, self awareness, willingness to honestly accept our mistakes, and commitment to acknowledge and heal our shadow will keep us protected from any planetary configuration. Still, you might be affected indirectly by the consequences of changes in  your environment. We are all inextricably connected and as one after all.

When Venus turns retrograde, especially back into her own domain of Libra, you might have to revisit the terms of agreement and cooperation you forged earlier: from the distant past or more likely from this period of September. Therefore, as a preventive measure I pulled out a tarot card as the general advice for us all to live by during this period. Bear this message in mind at all times during September when working with your desires and others in your world.

And oh! On a positive note, this is an excellent period for you to delve into esoteric matters, do background research on plans pertaining future financial (or any other) goals, or even sign up for counselling or therapy.

Tarot Advice for September

Temperance RW

How aptly the Temperance card has shown up for the season of Virgo, a time of measured, precise action. But more importantly, in light of the intense Venusian themes mentioned above, this month this card highlights to me, more than ever, the need to surrender to ‘divine’ will a.k.a. the natural flow of things. In September, it might be a better idea for all of us to let events play out through us rather than by our own agency. Meditation, or simply reining in our reactivity, might help us to listen to the whispers of our higher calling that will in turn guide our actions along the right path. I always see this card also as ‘fated’ meetings of the blessed sort. In relationship matters, contrary to what movies, books and songs tell us, your soulmate might be the one who mellows you out rather than the one who stirs up your passions. This is also a great time for a detox or a new self-care regimen.


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