P.A.C August: 7

ChariotStop right where you are! Or are you already spinning your wheels but going nowhere fast? This card is a big neon sign questioning the spiritual merit of what you have been aiming to attain but have been unable to so far. If you feel strong resistance from Lady Luck, Universe, God, external circumstances, or whatever outside influence you believe in in assisting your endeavours, it is for a good reason my friend. When The Chariot card — a strong spiritual message — appears in reverse in a reading, it usually indicates a soul erring on the side of material lust to the extent that they neglect their spiritual drive — a position from which base action rather than high-minded philosophy emanates.

You might have to loose your grip on a wish, goal or desire that is not quite as ‘destined’ for you as you might think. Take a step back from what you have been pursuing or trying to get off the ground for a bit — in that void of action awaits fresh inspiration, and a better direction.

Take some time everyday to focus on your breath.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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