Capricorn in February 2019

This month is about the haves and have-nots, and the imbalance between them. Even though it is a Minor Arcana card from the Tarot indicating a mundane situation, it may represent a big theme for you (as it is already in the world) in February. Either the money that you thought you had coming to you, or the money that you owe to society (as taxes, charity, sponsorship, patronage etc.) is not moving as it must. Underlying this situation is a deeper disharmony that has something to do with misinformation, or even disinformation. It seems as if someone’s mischief, or even a simple oversight, has led to misunderstandings that might be blocking a transaction of money or support. There is also an important warning for you here to beware of obtaining wrong information, skipping the fine print, or assuming you know all you need to know as this may impact your money situation somehow. If you are in a leadership position in an organisation or enterprise then this card also cautions you against someone leaking sensitive data pertaining to your finances, the salaries you give out etc. Be careful too with your banking information, credit card use, and financial transactions, as you might be susceptible to fraud that most likely presents itself in the guise of someone’s need (but not necessarily that only).

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.

Until next month… 🙂

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