How To Yin Your Yang

Hi! I’m Ma Megha

I study astrology and tarot for solutions to changing those habits, ideas and responses that prevent us from living joyfully.

When we shed our conditioning and become the most authentic version of ourselves, we  align ourselves to the flow of the Universe, which makes it easier for us to reach the shores we long for.

We all have the free will to change the course of our destiny, don’t believe what fatalists tell you. With enlightened responses you can tame even the worst storm of a ‘bad’ natal chart to an occasional annoying spray from the neighbour’s lawn sprinkler! I make this claim based on experiences with mellowing my own highly dang-ed  planetary configuration. In fact, all my advice is first crash-tested on myself, so I’ll never give you pointless homilies. Neither do I believe in ‘manifesting’ wishes or any other ritual-based magic-wand solution that distracts you from your personal development.


Image courtesy: Tawkenom, Deviant Art

I’d like to help you (and myself!) break unhealthy life patterns and open up to an unseen-but-felt dimension of magic that can deliver tangible happiness, prosperity, contentment, love and health in this earthly realm.

If you’d like a private tarot/astrology reading, email me at I currently have a pay-as-you-wish payment system on PayPal. Make use of it before I change my mind! 😛


2 Responses to How To Yin Your Yang

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