How To Yin Your Yang

Why are we here? What is it all about? What is this urge of nature that keeps us on the treadmill of life, survival, reproduction and death? There is no real proof on either side of the argument of whether this Universe is an act of ‘God’ or pure coincidence.

But if you are reading this, you were born. On this planet.* With a specific set of genes, in a specific set of circumstances that will, to an extent, decide your future course. And over millions of years of evolution you developed an instinct, a survivor’s instinct, that alerts you to dangers and opportunities, if you’re listening.

Over several thousand years, there were those who noticed and recorded patterns between planets in the sky and events here on Earth. Thanks to all that data and trend analysis, astrologers can see your genetic and situational potential reflected in your natal chart, which is nothing but a map of the sky at the moment you were born. The planets don’t have effects on us, they just reflect what’s going on with us.

Hi! I’m Ma Megha,

I am a student of astrology, tarot, and psychology, here to help you and myself tune into our nature-given instinct better; to listen to that guiding voice that can sometimes rescue us from the darndest circumstances. Sometimes it can be that flash of brilliance that we’ll either listen to and achieve something spectacular or we’ll ignore and never find out what bounties lay down that path.

From what I’ve learnt till now, the cliché is true: That which we resist, persists. From studying charts and helping people, I have realised that indeed, sometimes it’s what we believe is our toughest habit to break, or an intrinsic part of us, that needs to be shed in order to break unhealthy patterns and let goodness flow into our lives.  Sometimes though, like bad breath, we don’t notice what’s wrong with us till certain situations in our life make us realise. Sometimes we fail to make the connection even then.  Astrology can help you take remedial action, recommend a proverbial mouthwash, before things get really nasty. Or at the very least, it can help you cope better. This applies to untapped talents too — astrology can aid your self-actualisation before you reach an existential crisis.

We all have the free will to change the course of our destiny, don’t believe what fatalists tell you. With enlightened responses you can tame even the worst storm of a ‘bad’ natal chart to an occasional annoying spray from the neighbour’s lawn sprinkler! I make this claim based on experiences with mellowing my own highly dang-ed  planetary configuration. In fact, all my advice is first crash-tested on myself, so I’ll never give you pointless homilies. Neither do I believe in ‘manifesting’ wishes or any other ritual-based magic-wand solution that distracts you from your personal development.


Image courtesy: Tawkenom, Deviant Art

I’d like to help you (and myself!) tune into our instinct and make the most of our time here on Earth. No trend in your life is built to last, if it’s persisting, it’s because perhaps you’re resisting. Allow me to help you go identify what you need to flow with instead, so you may reach the shores you long for.

*(And if you’re an alien or something else, Hello! Welcome!)

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