P.A.C. August: 5

5 of wands.jpgIf you picked this card you might be surrounded right now by differences of opinions, clashes of perspectives, or competition at work or within the family. Creation and change usually result from a healthy tension between opposing forces, the yin and the yang, so this might be an ideal setting for you to test the validity of your views and ideas against counter arguments. A healthy debate, a challenge to one’s outlook, is an important exercise to build one’s mental muscle.  You will be wise to not label people who disagree with you as ‘haters’ right now, and instead, use this clash as an interaction that might lead to an assimilation, amalgamation and synthesis of different schools of thought. Keep an open mind please.

As right as you might be, the other parties think they are just as right too. And when it comes to human society — big or small — what the majority wants usually becomes the norm. For the minority view to affect a paradigmatic shift, it must smoothly flow into the cracks of existing structures and get absorbed into the architecture from there. Kind of like how moisture spreads in the walls! 😛 Only I hope what you are aiming to spread to is for everyone’s happiness and welfare. There is need for you to reassess your position at this point.

In some cases though, the reason for discord around you is a miscommunication, erroneous fact or someone’s wilful manipulation. You might want to get to the bottom of that while others are busy battling amongst themselves.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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