Aries in December and 2018


king of wandsSomething is achieved. An honour is received. You infect others with your glass half-full view of the world. ‘It’s all good’ you inspire people to think. It’s time to take charge, of a grand enterprise or a grand year-end party. You are the king (or queen) of good times after all. Spread the jollity, even if you have to fake it for the sake of others. That impossible combination of bloodymindedness and compassion is what makes you the toast of the town. Get some new threads to impress!



Mental: A move to calmer mental waters is prompted by the ability to see the other side of things. You are able to appreciate rather than bemoan that which once irritated, exasperated or tired you. This change in perspective pertains to a failed project, relationship or living arrangement. Something you needed to get away from emotionally is now facilitated by detachment which does not come from a bitter, cynical place. Rather, it comes from a more accommodating view of the world and everyone in it. Shit happens, we learn and move on.

Emotional: Love knows no conventions, love abides no boundaries. You learn to love — or be loved by someone tender and intuitive — and forget the wound the past gave you. In a departure from all social and self-styled conventions, you learn to ‘sleep with the enemy’. It is no longer about what is right, who is right and how you were wronged. It is about characteristically doing your own thing in the face of anything or anyone that goes against you, but this time, in a way that does not leave others broken. Will there be a reunion that is completely unexpected and unorthodox?

Material: Your sleepless nights might have to do with an excessive attachment to comfort. Money might not be as much as an issue as your self-indulgent lifestyle. Also, notice how emotional fluctuations influence how you feel about your material state of affairs. A big change that involves some sort of ending might have to be delayed. Your obligations might not let you quit that job, go back to school or end a marriage just yet. All in good time. It might look like it is about money but really, it is a lesson in letting your feels play out till your heebie-jeebies about them go away.

Physical: Getting away might not come easy but your body still needs its downtime. Practice the art of replicating the stillness of the wildernesses you enjoy, within. Your worldly duties and responsibilities might not let you make that escape but nothing stops you from sitting in the midst of it all with your eyes closed to let your mind go where your body can’t. This might be a good time for a complete medical check-up. Rest and meditation will do you good in general.

Special Message: Replace passion with discretion. Favour method over madness. See with your mind not your heart. Upgrade or acquire an expertise or skill; get appropriate certifications or professional association memberships wherever applicable. Get professional advice wherever necessary.


king of swords

Special Message (Jumper card)


From left to right, columns represent: Mental, Emotional, Material, Physical planes
Top row: What?
Middle row: Context
Bottom row: Advice

Check your Moon sign and Ascendant/Rising sign (find them here: for more clarity or if this reading does not apply (general readings don’t always apply).

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