The Guiding Star in the Key of Virgo


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I’ve been through a long passage filled with confusion and turmoil regarding some old patterns in my life and as Saturn stationed direct in Capricorn (on the 12th house side of my rising sign), I had a WTF! moment (the Tower card) when I realised that I had built something up to be more special than it was. A lot of pieces fell into place to give me a more realistic picture of what was really going on, and it looked nothing like the cloud cuckoo land I’ve been in (with natal Neptune retrograde in my 12th house opposing natal Venus in the 6th, this happens to me a lot, but strictly in matters where emotions are involved because hey! my natal Moon’s conjunct illusion-making North Node too!). But fairly soon after, a switch just flipped in my mind (right when the transit Moon moved from Gemini to Cancer) and my perspective shifted towards hope.

I have always given the side-eye to all that woo-woo talk about ‘manifestation’ and ‘law of attraction’ but suddenly the idea made sense. Because I’d been so focused on things that are long dead, I was also giving life to associated heavy emotions which was having a knock-on effect on my daily life, slowing down my progress in endeavours that will eventually lead me to my ideal life. But in a trice I switched my view finder to a more inspiring vision of the future with the thought that If I could spend all that time mulling over history which is no longer tangible, I could easily spend time looking to an equally intangible future instead!

Conjuring a desirable scenario in the head released a wave of positive emotion which in turn energised me to dust myself off and get back to my piling chores with a better tempo — a spring in my step.

I realised that’s what the Star card is in the original Rider-Waite tarot deck. I’ve always read that card as many things, including signs to look out for, that are mostly external to the individual. But for the first time I saw the Star to be a distant glorious goal that is alive and bright at the back of the girl’s mind even as she focuses on nourishing her landscape in the here and now.

Keep your eye on the prize to get the inspiration to stay in and tend to your present. Be mindful of how every action and thought of yours in the here and now is either a step to or away from that cherished goal. This attention to detail for the sake of building something beautiful is essentially the Virgo archetype. I would associate the Star card with Virgo. The guiding ‘Star’ would be the inspiration Pisces brings to her from the opposite end of the axis, and from the depths of human consciousness which knows fewer limits to possibilities than our cognition.

In psychological terms too, I suppose there is merit to visualisation. When we dwell on the past we are simply following force of habit, taking the easy way out to go over mental constructs that already exist, firing affective chemicals that we get used (addicted?) to over time. Essentially, that’s our brain’s cognitive bias for functional fixedness, which ultimately leads to concrete thinking. Keeping our brain supple, young and protected from cognitive decline requires some mental gymnastics and divergent thinking — using imagination to create and hold in place a vision of future destinations would encourage greater mental activity in the production of new constructs, and therefore, the use of new neural connections and the triggering of different affect (with the assumption that one is moving from a less happy to a more happy visual to spend one’s thoughts on).

I suppose this boils down to that old cliché: Follow your dreams.

If you find thoughts of the past or undesirable situations rearing up in your head at any time while you go about your business consciously redirect your thoughts towards that beautiful vision of your future, and ask yourself, what can I do right this minute to get a step closer to that goal. The answer will be: Drop this ugly thought for starters, duh!

Now, if this isn’t an appropriate post for the upcoming New Moon (a time to start a new cycle) in Virgo, I don’t know what is!


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I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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