October 2017 Tarot Reading for Gemini

Painful separations, arguments, bitter words or betrayal make way for emotional healing in family and partnership dynamics bringing you hope that the ‘happily ever after’ you have been after is in sight. If there was a financial element to any of the hurtful scenarios mentioned above, this message applies more so. If you underwent a heart surgery recently, you will start to feel much better this month. In general, pains or aches that have been troubling you will vamoose. Gradual as the process may be of healing your connection to others or your own body, the destination is a pleasant one.

Of course, if you are still nursing grudges towards loved ones or broken agreements, the cards advise you to retain the happy memories and either use them to foster a reconnection or to let go with peace and blessings for those who wronged you. Also, don’t let betrayals or failures of the past make you feel doomed to the same outcomes in the future as well.

October is a month when you will ease into sublime feelings if you open your heart. Oh, please do!

Your Cards for October


(From left to right, cards represent: Foundational issue, October’s theme)

If this reading doesn’t apply to you, check out the reading for your Ascendant and/or Moon sign (to find both signs out for yourself visit this link:http://www.elbertwade.com/atlas.html. Ascendant sign is ‘AS in’).

General readings don’t always apply to every individual’s unique situation or if they do, they do in a broader sense of the word.

Of course, when you get a personalised reading from me, there’s none of that ambiguity and just direct, clear messages for your specific situation. So if you feel like  getting one, mail me at yinyouryang@gmail.com. I take PayPal payments on a pay-as-you-like basis.

Until next month! 🙂


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