P.A.C. August: 14-5

StarIf you picked this card there is a strong indication that you might be having difficulty connecting with the inner compass (or spirit guides if you believe in them) that guides you towards your destiny. Your restlessness to move on to a more socially or materially rewarding phase in life might be preventing you from reaping the benefits of a lull phase which is highly recommended for rejuvenation, learning, connecting with your spirituality, acquiring the necessary inner resources to help you attain the very thing that you are over-eager to get.

At the opposite end of the spectrum it is also possible that you are seeing signs perhaps more than you should and letting them cloud your judgement. Your objective judgement actually is your intuition (or voice of divine), your sixth sense that knows you and how to nurture and protect you. By externalising the judgement-making process to physical signs in the outside world you might end up erroneously relying on associative systems that can tend to be biased (“I’ve seen the number 18 four times now! Four is my lucky number too”). You might see what you want to see. But if you rely on the pure heart-sensation of how a decision, action or goal feels, you might stay closer to the truth…at least at this time.

Consider too that a dream is threatening to remain unfulfilled perhaps because you want it for the wrong reasons. What would help you grow and mature as a loving, wise human, that should be your end goal.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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