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The Guiding Star in the Key of Virgo

(If you’re looking for September’s advice please click here) I’ve been through a long passage filled with confusion and turmoil regarding some old patterns in my life and as Saturn stationed direct in Capricorn (on the 12th house side of … Continue reading

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Pick-A-Card Tarotscope

PICK A CARD Concentrate on the image below, empty your mind of any chatter, hopes or expectations, choose the card that calls to you and then scroll down to select the link labelled with the symbol associated with your card … Continue reading

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Aries, July 2018

There is nothing in this world you cannot do entirely on your own. In fact, it is generally more efficient to keep things that way, as far as you’re concerned. However, during this period of big heavenly BUTs for everyone, … Continue reading

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Taurus, July 2018

Peace-loving Taurus prefer to take a step back rather than rage on, all guns blazing, when situations start to hot up. From your cards it seems as if for a while now you have been in withdrawal mode, trying to … Continue reading

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Gemini, July 2018

Your reading from last month seems to flow into this one. A ground-breaking shift, most likely initiated by you, something that shakes the foundations of existent structures or builds new one in a place of destruction still  holds sway in … Continue reading

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Cancer, July 2018

Cancers are typically known for their intuitive intelligence but of late you might have found it difficult to access that part of divine inspiration that keeps you connected to magical possibilities. You might even be capable right now of going … Continue reading

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Leo, July 2018

Swift action and sharp words might have been involved in a campaign or endeavour involving facts or a battle of wills. Or perhaps you have simply felt a restless need to ‘strike while the iron is hot’ in some area … Continue reading

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Virgo, July 2018

Ruled by the planet Mercury, which holds an exalted position in your sign, Virgos are known for their logic, efficiency and cool objectivity in the service of all that is sensible and fruitful. Yet it seems like this month you … Continue reading

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Libra, July 2018

This is an inward looking month, but one that will set you up for far more satisfying experiences out there in the world. ‘Alone time’ might well be your kryptonite but you need it this July for some much-needed self-evaluation. … Continue reading

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Siriusly Serious July Tarotscopes 2018

Happy Birthday Cancer, I’m one of you, so to me too!!                       Tarotscopes for this Month Aries, July 2018            Taurus, July 2018             Gemini, July 2018 Cancer, July 2018               Leo, July … Continue reading

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