P.A.C. August: 222

High Priestess

If you picked this card you could currently be in some sort of ‘twilight zone’, stuck at the cusp of change between an ending and a beginning for longer than you would have liked, perhaps on account of lack of conviction regarding what to do because you might feel you don’t quite know the full story. Something internal or external is preventing you from getting a clear picture and advisably there might be nothing for you to do right now except for waiting it out to let clarity emerge.

At the other end of the spectrum it is also possible that despite the requisite information you are hesitant to take definite action towards a fresh slate which will mean leaving someone or something behind for good. Even for you the advice is to wait it out till you feel ready, but whether you like it or not, this change will have to come, and it will be better if it comes from you rather than some outside agent of change.

There is definitely an air of obfuscation about, and it might be that you cannot fully rely on the counsel or information of a particular source especially if it is someone female. It might also be that you don’t detect the insidious influence of a woman or that this individual is perhaps spying on you in some way. Or is this you going overboard with checking on someone or consulting horoscopes and tarot readings much more than you should? If you are, then you are preventing yourself from the very clarity you are desperately seeking. Sometimes in stillness lies all the information. Do nothing, let events unfold as they might, and you shall have all the knowledge you need. At the same time, you will be wise to discriminate between information you need and that which you seek purely to satisfy your ego.

If you have been seeing a therapist, you might want to critically assess their merits or do some more background research on them.

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