Aries in February 2019

You seem to be stuck in liminal space, on the threshold of a major life transition. This could be related to a change in marital status, a major relocation, a career transition or graduation, or even a transformational surgery. Perhaps until now you just haven’t been able to muster enough courage, conviction or energy to go through with whatever needs doing in order to crossover for good. In February you are called to look at your idea or plan of action with fresh eyes. Or take a younger person’s (could be your child) perspective on the matter.  This is also a good month for reconnaissance and research. Some of you will be helped by information that comes your way — it could be about a place, or a method. Also, adopting a beginner’s mindset  might help you along the way.

Added on 2 February 2019:

The spirit in the staircase told me to add that your cards this month could also have to do with a life-changing shift that was imposed on you, which you may not have wanted or been ready for, but the advice to you is to look at this as a new adventure, and focus on what new skills and knowledge you can acquire at this time. You might receive an invitation or proposal for a project or travel or something that is new to you, consider taking it on for the sake of expanding your mental horizons. A new exercise plan might also help.

Your cards

From left to right: Context, advice.




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