P.A.C. August: 6

6 of pentacles

Karma works (or does it?) in mysterious ways sometimes.If you picked this card it is time for you to examine the role you play in ‘keeping the peace’ (or not) in the world. In demanding justice, equal rights or freedom of expression for yourself, do you unwittingly deprive others of the same? On whom do your actions ultimately make an impact? (It’s like venting your anger out on the waiter when the restaurant chain is at fault) This card urges you to reckon your shortages against the comforts available to you. It asks you to take a brief pause from pursuing your needs and desires to enable others to attain theirs.

But also, there could be good news coming in the form of an unexpected visitation, gift, offer, legal/institutional decision, or windfall that mystically balances the books somehow against an injustice done unto you. Don’t let your pride stop you from accepting what is coming your way.


About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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