17 July: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

A frail, old man walking down the street, hunched over,
overloaded with bags in his hands four times his weight,
he’s making a delivery, because he still needs to make a living,
you’ll rush to help him without a single thought, surely,
but what if you found out he was a former Nazi who escaped conviction
and has been molesting his grandchildren?

A Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto in Capricorn tonight, a time ripe for all sorts of creepy crawly thoughts and ideas to come forth from the midden heap of the collective psyche where they usually live, repressed.

This lunar eclipse in Capricorn is taking place right on top of Pluto (and significantly close to Saturn and South Node aka Ketu to boot), indicating, more than most eclipses, a stirring of secrets, psychological material, and generally all the muck we refuse to deal with. Full Moons generally indicate a time of bloom or coming forth. But what comes forth during an eclipsed Moon? Something unpleasant or at least completely unexpected for sure, especially with the Lord of the Underworld involved. It’s a great time though for a deep cleanse of one’s psyche. Since this eclipse takes place in my first house, I’ve been having the strangest sort of Freudian dreams, and they are pointing to the changes I need to make in the way I experience myself with respect to my place in relationships (Sun and North Node aka Rahu are in Cancer, my 7th house).

The 17 July Lunar Eclipse has all the ingredients (involvement of Cancer-Capricorn, Pluto, Saturn, Ketu) to bring the past back in some way. It also indicates big secrets being hidden — but since Pluto is retrograde — in plain sight; or something you are unable to see right under your nose. A parental-seeming figure who seems to care for you might only be emotionally manipulative.

On a positive note, that which was thought lost can be found. In every sense. Is there something you are searching for?




About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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