February 2018 for Virgo

You can never be too sure or too secure, can you? Keep your money locked behind a safe inside a safe inside a safe. Triple check every food or drug you consume. Question everything and more importantly, everyone. Especially those who seem to harbour good intentions towards you — they’re the most suspicious! Stay indoors. Keep to yourself.

Unlock that hardened part of you that interpreted an abandonment or separation from a movement, group, collective, institution, club or relationship as a call to the wild, with you the lone wolf looking out only for number one. Time to release your choke hold on your resources and feelings, so they may flow and take you in their wake to a place where you truly belong — with people, in places, doing things that resonate so much more with your spirit than anything else before. Give those you left behind another chance too. Let your guard down just a tad and let some fresh air in.

Since general readings don’t apply to everyone in the exact same way, please take what meaning you can from the general theme implied by these readings, in whichever area of life it plays out for you. Sometimes, your Rising sign or Moon sign reading might apply to you better (Get your Rising sign here: https://cafeastrology.com/whats-my-ascendant-sign.html, and scroll below for the Moon sign calculator as well). And if you’d like something more specific, please feel free to email me at yinyouryang@gmail.com

…Until next month! 😀

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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