foolA plan to break free or an enticing opportunity to start something completely new seems to be taking its time coming around despite the rush at the beginning. Or perhaps it is you who has lost the momentum to go ahead with a life-changing idea despite a wave of enthusiasm recently. This might be a good thing. It will give you time to check in with yourself and do the necessary research to make sure the risk is worth taking. You might even find that this slowdown saved you from a major pitfall you were not aware of till now.

Sometimes the urge to leave it all behind when the going gets a bit challenging can be quite overpowering, and sometimes it can bring you the liberation you need as well. But right now is not the time to quit. Sticking through the boring, sweat-breaking, horrible bits of a journey demonstrates a commitment to your goals that not only gives the Divine Will (if you believe in one) something to reward you for, it also inculcates in us the discipline that ultimately is the key to achieving anything worthwhile and long lasting.  You can be Insta-famous for a year or someone who goes down in history as a pioneer, which would you rather be? This choice between the ephemerally exciting and lasting luxury stands for relationship issues as well.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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