2019 for Libra

Hi Libra,

Happy New Year! For your 2019 tarotscope I pulled 13 cards, 12 that correspond to respective areas of human life represented as ‘houses’ in the typical astrological natal chart, and one that represents the overarching theme of 2019 for you. Given below is a diagram of a natal chart explaining the various houses so that you may have a better understanding of the cards I have pulled pertaining to each. Astrologers use this chart to divide the planets and constellations that appeared in the sky at the moment you were born in order to derive corresponding potentialities for your life in various areas. So, typically, this chart with the houses contains a map of the planets with their exact degrees as well as the zodiac constellations as they were placed starting from the one that was rising on the Eastern horizon. Please note that the house meanings given here are not an exhaustive list and therefore I may mention themes pertaining to houses that do not show up in this example graphic.  Given below the chart image is your reading for 2019! May it be a good one for you!

Your 2019 Tarotscope

7-of-cups.jpg1st house matters: This is going to be a tricky year for you with respect to the goals and dreams you choose to pursue. You could err on either side of the spectrum — believing you have to ‘make do’ with whatever you have due to a perceived paucity of options, or being unable to focus on any one goal because of the many temptations that might besiege you. In either case, it is the strength of your emotions that is being tested here, your loyalty to another, and even your moral compass. Seven in the tarot is meant to be the number of earthly perfection (in keeping with Kabbalist principles) which is attained through a delicate balance of materiality and spirituality. Chasing after relationships and desires to fulfil your ego-based needs won’t get you far. Focus on what might feed your soul, and your body will be looked after. If you find your vitality wanting at any time this year it might have to do with unprocessed psychological material — unacknowledged motivations or repressed desires. Perhaps it is time to go within rather than seek elusive happiness without? For some of you, the brain fog is lifting and you are beginning to see more clearly now the fool’s gold you might have been chasing after all along.

3 of swords2nd house matters: A difficult decision might need to be made regarding your financial stores, income, or even the values that fuel your earning activity. If you are lucky, you are in control of your situation and choosing to de-clutter your dwelling space (‘Marie Kondo-ing” it) albeit with a heavy heart. If you are not so fortunate, you might need to make some difficult decisions in cost-cutting due to a loss in earnings. Never fear! This is but a temporary situation (since the card belongs to Minor Arcana and therefore, short-term, mundane affairs), but one that could teach you an important lesson in taking decisive, timely action, and also, learning to say ‘no.’

3 of pentacles3rd house matters: When it comes to neighbourhood activity, local affairs, daily transits, sibling and friendly relationships, teams at work, commerce and trade, communications and contracts, administration, short courses or participation in seminars etc., you have a lovely card indicating progress, money, learning, earning, bonhomie, and even growing reputation. The benefits you receive in this area might well be a reflection of your own willingness to  cooperate with others and take a more learning-oriented approach to group work. People will be looking to you to help realise their ideas somehow, and you seem more than up to the job!

9 of cups

4th house matters: Whatever else may be happening in other areas of life, your private life, your emotional core, indeed, the place and people that you call ‘home’ are a source of happiness for you and you alone in 2019. Note: This is not so much about others but about you being able to enjoy your own company and feeling fulfilled. This might have something to do with a happy event in the family that rubs off on you. Perhaps for the first time in your life you are choosing to pamper yourself without requiring others to be part of your celebration of yourself. But given the card you got for your first house, you must also be cautioned that this card may well indicate a tendency towards overdoing intoxicants. Please don’t drink alone.

6 of pentacles

5th house matters: You have an interesting card depicting charity ironically appearing in the house of all activity that boosts your self-esteem and fills you with pride. You might find that being there for others, helping those in need with your donations or time, or sponsoring others dreams fills you with more joy that any other leisure pursuit. You might even earn some fame for your work. This card also signifies an acknowledgement of where you have come from, and gratitude for where you are at. There are always people out there better off than you, and people worse off too. How you view your situation, and whom you stack yourself against is often (albeit not always) a decisive factor in how lucky you feel and therefore become.

10-of-cups6th house matters: This is a beautiful card of emotional and creative fulfilment in your house of afflictions, debts, chores, imbalance, etc. In some mythological accounts it is said that in the Golden Age of Saturn’s rule, humans were blessed with the bounties of the virgin goddess Astraea (who later became the zodiac sign of Virgo) without having to labour over anything. But then human greed for ‘progress’, the desire to forge tools and weapons of iron so they may be used for war and expansion, caused her distress and she fled our world, leaving behind an empty space we now call the 6th house of all things horrible — which is essentially a world of chores, slavery, toil, disease, and pollution, where once happiness dwelt. This year, you my friend, judging from your 4th house matters, are perhaps happy where you are — in your home, country, or society — content in whatever you have, which bestows upon you the blessings of good health and freedom from care as long as you stay grounded, conservative, and humble in your ambitions.

2 of pentacles7th house matters: This is a hilarious card for your sign to receive in the house that is generally considered to be Libra’s natural place. You were born to forge relationships, be among people, have ‘others’ play an important role in your life, mediate, broker peace, and even chase after the ever elusive perfect partnership. Being ruled by pleasure-loving Venus, and by the element of Air, your sign is notoriously non-committal when it comes to settling on one person (unless other factors in your chart indicate stability) because you are constantly comparing, and looking for the next awesome thing. This year, quite stereotypically it seems you are juggling two options! Be it for companionship or business, you seem to be spreading yourself thin. If you enjoy the thrill, great! But if it gets exhausting, make a choice already? (Although this card seems to suggest it might be better to not make a decision this year). In situations where ‘monogamy’ is not a requirement, this juggling might actually be profitable for you and even lead to collaborative opportunities in 3rd house matters!

wheel of fortune8th house matters:  I cannot sugar-coat this but there is a downturn coming your way in matters related to taxes, joint investments, and the secrets and activities that you keep ‘underground’. It might also have to do with the ‘soil’ or ground that forms the basis of your ‘cash crop’ or material security, or perhaps some seeds you sowed and investments you made yield losses. I wish I had something joyful to say to you regarding this but according to esoterica, this tarot card indicates the requirement of humans to understand, accept and anticipate the cyclical nature of life. And that if ever we feel blind-sided by misfortune, it has more to do with our naive assumption that the good times will last forever and our lack of preparedness for the inevitable lows. Were you guilty of over-optimism? Were you mis-sold PPI?

8-of-swords9th house matters: If you are acquiring higher education this year, or working through relocation abroad, you might be feeling out of your comfort zone.  If you are working on an invention, or dealing with institutions or ‘temples’ of expert information in some way. you might be feeling so trapped you feel unable to move. It certainly seems that way when one looks at the card you got, but take a closer look and you realise this woman has come far from her high tower, she is in alien terrain, true, but it seems like an opportunity to hone her intuition as she feels her through the wild unknown. Eights in the tarot represent unearthly (divine) perfection and in this card, the number stands for perfecting one’s perception and mental abilities through challenging circumstances. Something is occurring this year to help sharpen your instincts, welcome the opportunity.

9 of swords10th house matters: The card you received here is a natural progression from the card you got in the 9th house indicating that if you take a grim view of the challenges you face in the matters of the previous house then it might well translate into anxiety and sleepless nights regarding your career, life direction, and prospects of success. But this is an entirely preventable situation. Number nines indicate personal situations that don’t have anything to do with others, these are inward looking circumstances that make up the penultimate step before materialisation. In the rather unpleasant seeming suit of Swords in the tarot, 9 of Swords indicates mental anguishes suffered privately (and perhaps needlessly) that ultimately translate one’s fears into self-fulfilling prophecies. Don’t let your negative thoughts torment you. Talk it out with someone, or ask for help.

ace-of-pentacles11th house matters: This is a poetic card to receive in your house of networks, markets, friends, profits, inventions, awards, and wishes. The Ace of Pentacle here represents an opportunity that flows perfectly into the auspicious Trine (a link that connects all three signs of the same element in a chart into a working connection that flows smoothly) it forms with your 7th and 3rd house. And if you see, you have sequentially the Ace, two and three of pentacles! Any new markets, inventions, or income sources you plug into this year which connect with your 7th house matters and 3rd house matters will bring progress and prosperity for you. It will be a better idea to build on an idea with others rather than leave an existing work group for the sake of an idea.

The World12th house matters: This is the house of all things psychologically repressed or unacknowledged, the demons that plague you, the losses you incur from the negative expression of an energy, matters hidden from human perception but beneficial on a spiritual level. Here you have a card of major new beginnings by way of coming of age. It seems as if you have been through a psychological roller-coaster, or a long karmic journey of losses and lessons. You are now much wiser to the subtle energies that guide us, that most humans fail to recognise. A new beginning is gestating in the womb of this mystical house for you — its time may come next year. For now you are tasked with learning to discern beneficial life directions from those that lead to defeat. Each choice you make in every moment you live carries with it consequences. Mindfulness is the key to fulfilment.

6 cupsOverall theme: Feeling at home is an important aspect of your year as also is a return to innocence. This is an interesting year where only a few areas of your life have major developments slated (and not many of them discernible in the material realm), and for the most part the emphasis is on healing, learning, challenging yourself, and gaining mastery over smart decision-making. This is also a year when giving to others (of yourself, not necessarily money) will be important to your happiness. Also, contentment from a sense of belonging, or figuring out where you belong, will be prominent themes.

Have a happy 2019 and see you next month with the regular monthly tarotscopes! 🙂


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