Poetry in Planetary Motion: The Aries New Moon on April 5

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In the past few posts I have been writing about the various aspects of the cosmic drama currently playing out in the skies — and it’s a story of hope, liberation and rebirth, but also of profound systemic changes that are long overdue in the personal and well as political sphere.

An event occurring in the middle of a sign is as such a bridge from the youth of a situation to its maturity and completion. The New Moon on April 5th at 15 degrees Aries is a peak point — for some a climactic moment in the Final Act — of what is going on. Let’s look at the cast and plot:

  • The New Moon in Aries will occur with the Sun exalted in Aries, in full strength to transmit higher-purpose creative, inventive and even death-defying urges to the seeds that are sown at this time.
  • The New Moon is occurring on the fixed star Alpheratz aka The Head of the Princess, said to bestow honor, riches, intellect and freedom when charged positively, and death by decapitation when negative. Fixed stars have a special place in traditional astrology and are certifiably potent in  the manifestations of their significations when activated in a birth or event chart.
  • While the New Moon is a great time to set intentions, the ideal time to initiate a new cycle of actions is 2-3 days after the New Moon (or after 45 degrees of the Moon moving away). for this New Moon, these initiation days will occur with the Moon in Taurus her sign of exaltation, which is great for realising material goals. Also, action taken with the Moon in the early degrees of Taurus will mean your mission or goal get the cooperation of all the big bosses in Capricorn through an easy Trine down the line.
  • Taurus is ruled by Venus, who at this time will be exalted in Pisces, informing our desires with higher-minded goals, creativity, imagination, otherworldly beauty. She will be also be conjunct Neptune-conjunct-Mercury creating a powerful channel to amplify messages coming in from higher realms or from deep within your unconscious mind. This mana of spiritual nourishment is feeding the New Moon through 1) the 12th house with divine guidance, signs, ideas, passing thoughts, and 2) a sextile aspect to the growing Moon which makes it easier for our inspirations to be noticed and then communicated into actions by us.
  • All this fantastical goodness oozing into our New Moon from Pisces is in turn informed by Jupiter in his own house in Sagittarius from where he is able to support our dreams and inspirations with a spirit of change for everyone’s greatest good, plus he adds an extra dash of good luck and a soul-enriching philosophical tone to proceedings. He is making a fortunate Trine aspect to the New Moon indicating the presence of divine intelligence in the proceedings.
  • Still, this New Moon is not without its tensions, but in a very very good way, which are coming from the ‘big daddy’ power complex of Pluto conjunct South Node conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Whatever inspiration or new beginning comes to the fore now will signal a resolution and/or severance from karmic power dynamics and psychological struggles about which I have written in detail here.  Saturn in his own sign is a good guy and positioned to facilitate the establishment of new structures in your life that could well tide you through the next thirty years if you invest the hard work and discipline that this may require.
  • This is going to be the new beginning of a lifetime for many, especially those with personal planets and points in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.
  • Mercury in Pisces is in their weakest position, their debility, yet for this New Moon this is a good thing because it allows for us to suspend our rationality and logical thought which occurs within the bounds of our perception and instead, tap into the no-holds-barred ideas and revelations that are coming through from the different planes activated by Neptune, Pluto, Sun and Venus.
  • Mars will be in Gemini’s first decanate (i.e. first ten degrees) which is ruled by Jupiter, therefore where he is usually quite competitive, skilled, athletic, and forceful in communication, Mars will be concerned just now with invention, good sportspersonship, although he might not find the will necessarily to compete given Mercury the controller of Gemini’s affairs is busy getting high in Pisces.
  • Mars is also sextile Chiron in Aries so the spirit of healthy competition and mindful action is further enriched.
  • Although combined with all other planets and aspects above, Mars will contribute his bit to also charging this time with the kind of sexual energy and indeed, the kind of sex that feels like a neutron star collision, or like a headlong plunge into energising waters. This is a great time to overcome inhibitions pertaining to sex through actions and conversations.

As you may see this is a long, long list of truly great stuff. The gods are giving us a break!

Therefore, starting today, in a run up to the New Moon is a good time to sit with yourself for a bit and explore the areas of life where you feel held back, or where you might have scope to alter your mindset or worldview in a way that energises you to achieve what you wish to. Sometimes we create our own fatigue and anxieties with the way we look at situations and extrapolate upon them. But this time now is the perfect time to stand with yourself, stand in the moment, and just take in everything around you as it is objectively without the tint or taint of your coloured outlook.

Identify your worries and concerns and fears and blocks and past traumas and insidious mental chatters now and then surrender them. Write them down maybe and then strike them off. Symbolic acts can make a powerful imprint on our minds.

Do this now so to make the space in your mind for the clarity and divine inspiration that are set to come your way this New Moon.

The stages of the New Moon to help you along your schedule:

Stage one: From now to New Moon time, reflect, identify patterns, explore them in depth. Analyse areas where you feel you need closure but cannot achieve it — think of ways you can engineer your own closure. Empty your mind. Listen to your own thoughts

Stage two: (April 5-6, but check your local timezone for New Moon dates) The trine of Aries and Sagittarius. What would you like to do about all the above? What is something you have always wanted to do or create but never haven’t had the courage to? Identify that one thing that will evolve your current life.

Stage three (April 7): The sextile of Pisces and Taurus. Take action! Take the first step, no matter how small, start something, do it now!

And if you wish to know more about the heavenly movements of now, this is one great video about it from one of my favourite astrologers:





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