Scorpio in 2018

Tarotscope for 2018

Mental: Thoughts become things. You’re about to realise the truth in that statement. A change or a complete paradigm shift may well be something you sense coming your way but the reason why the breath of fresh air seems to be running into some kind of a stonewall is because that stonewall is perhaps all your mental blocks. Something needs to give to make relating to others more worth your while but for that you need to give up some tightly held views too. A propensity to keep things just so with others, staying safe in the old grind of conversations and interactions might keep unpleasantness at bay, but it also repels any refreshingly disruptive ideas or people from blowing your mind. If the mental stimulation is a little wanting these days, consider how you might be responsible for encouraging the same old same old to persist.

Emotional: Should you stay, should you go? You’re leaving an important decision for the fates to sort for you but there’s some dirty work that you simply can’t pass on to anyone else. There’s past hurts to contend with before you can move forward as a team with someone who is letting you know they’re there for you. When the ego bruises aren’t throbbing, your mind starts setting the arena for new ones with a long list of expectations. But this year, more than at any other time, you learn that it’s OK for loyalties to change midstream, for hearts to switch desires, because at the end of it all, all that we do on this planet is a trial-and-error process of self-realisation. A yearning for learning is what truly keeps us going, no matter what you may think your priorities are. And sometimes losing people, or learning to love the one you’re with, is part of that education. There’s lots to be learnt at the hands of other people, but for that, you’ll first have to open your mind to someone else’s plans.

Material: You’re about to fall deeply in love…with life. With all the senses you’ve been given. A door is opening for you to a place where you no longer carry grave, adult cares; to a place where you can be a child again. It’s time for you to reconnect with your most cherished wishes, and even your most whimsical fancies. It’s time to look upon the world with wonder and ask yourself  but one question: What am I going to treat myself to today? I’m not saying you’re about to win the lottery, but I am saying your feeling of joy won’t be depending on something like that.

Physical: You are stronger than you know it. And if the way your body has been feeling belies that statement, it’s only because you’re so strong, you go about expending all your strength to others, giving them your energy and time. This is a year to strengthen the foundations of your physical being by giving as much time to your own health goals as you do to your obligations. Listen to your body, it is guiding you to a happier place.

Special Message: Your intuition is a fine thing when it isn’t interfered with by the deep-seated hopes and fears that even you may not be aware of possessing. How do you know to listen to the right voice? Objectivity is the key to the truth. Passion can make you see the world through coloured glasses. How do you know you don’t already a pair on? The trick to making the right decisions, getting the right perspective  this year requires you to humbly accept that you may know not what you know not.


High Priestess

Special Message (Jumper Card)



From left to right, columns represent: Mental, Emotional, Material, Physical planes
Top row: What?
Middle row: Context
Bottom row: Advice

Check your Moon sign and Ascendant/Rising sign (find them here: for more clarity or if this reading does not apply (general readings don’t always apply).


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