P.A.C. August: IVC

4 of cupsIf you picked this card you are being called to look up from your mobile phone or outside your usual circle of companions and social media cliques for a fresh emotional or creative experience. You may not realise or feel it yet, but your social-emotional world is beginning to show signs of stagnation that can eventually manifest as ennui and restiveness. It is time for you to expand your horizons, take up a new hobby, enrol for a new class, most importantly do not ignore the seemingly random ideas and notions you might get out of nowhere.

Someone usually not your ‘type’ might reach out to you, or you might get an invitation that might seem unexciting to begin with, but the cards recommend you give whomever or whatever beckons you out of your comfort zone a chance.

If you recently changed locations or got married in the hope of a better life that seems to be still elusive, consider that it might be down to how you view things for them to be more inspiring than they are.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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