Pick Your Own Bloomin’ March Tarotscopes

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Nearly all through March, Mercury shall be in retrograde motion, as it is three times each year. By now it is almost common knowledge that this is not the ideal time to sign new contracts, enter new deals, or rely on communications, diagnoses, promises, schedules, gadgetry, administrative plans, trades, purchases etc. to come through predictably — confusion in such areas abounds. This year, Mercury is retrograde in the sign of its debilitation, Pisces, where even in direct motion it tends to impede one’s ability to communicate and understand worldly matters. But hey! Lady Gaga has a retrograde Mercury in Pisces (which also happens to be her Ascendant ruler), which has assisted her, along with other chart factors, in employing her musical talents in a refreshingly unique way contrary to the strict religious code and ‘ladylike’ piano playing skills she was expected to adhere to.

Which is to say, this period of Mercury retrograde in Pisces will have its advantages if you prefer to deep dive into your imagination, dream space, or contemplate philosophical notions because this otherworldly placement will operate in your inner world, and through meditation and thought provide you perspectives that could well blow your mind, especially since Pisces’ ruling planet Jupiter, the  bringer of blessings, light and auguries, is in Sagittarius, the sign of innovation and expansion, and positionally in a potent angle to act as a catalyst that urges us to think beyond the boundaries of our imagination. Research and academic endeavours too could benefit from a second look at that which continues to confound. But in worldly matters, this time might be ripe for the false prophets, snake oil salespersons and even everyday signboards and signals to get the better of you. Do not buy into anything that seems too good to be true. This is especially important to remember since the New Moon in Pisces is conjunct Neptune, lord of water bodies, and horses, significator of distorted thinking and its agents, sublimated action, water problems, travel issues, and long exiles. Therefore, any new planets related to the house Pisces is in in your natal chart made at this time might be subject to either divine inspiration or delusion. The latter would be more likely given Mercury’s position. BUT, any internal shifts experienced at this time will be immensely rewarding and spiritually enriching — practice mindfulness this month to receive signs and signals from the universal consciousness that will inform changes in perspective and ultimately lead you to a more spiritually enriching path.

In order to promote the use of intuition so that you may channel Mercury retrograde to your advantage, this month instead of regular tarotscopes I have a pick-your-own reading format that allows you to tune into your ESP and what it is trying to tell you…


Concentrate on the image below, empty your mind of any chatter, hopes or expectations, choose the card that calls to you and then scroll down to select the link with the number associated with your card of choice.

This reading is published in March 2019, but it can serve as a timeless reference for whenever you feel stuck and need an answer.



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