8 of swords RWIf you are feeling stuck, trapped or anxious, it might be due to a controlling individual who is playing their cards close to their chest, keeping you in the dark about whether you can rely on them — for money, resources, a job, commitment — or not. They might behave in this manner on account of their insecurities, but it does not bode well for what you might get yourself into should you get involved any further with such a manipulative individual. If it is you who is floundering in a foreign terrain, feeling like you are shooting in the dark with regard to securing a career, job, or financial safety for yourself, or if you are owed money someone is not coughing up, the advice is to keep chipping away at it. Things will proceed slowly, but move along they will.  This situation you are in is fertile ground for developing the kind of mental acuity that guides progress even in ambiguity.

About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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