July Tarotscope for Capricorn

All work and no play makes Capricorn a tetchy drama queen! Your sign is (in)famous for their ambition, goal orientation, and the seriousness that comes with it. Yet it is important to note that the sea-goat creature that represents your sign has half its body in water signifying that part of you that is creative, imaginative and emotional. Ignoring this aspect of yours for worldly concerns can cause you to feel incomplete. If you find yourself reacting badly to people, or unable to act decisively, consider this a sign that you need a break! If you are OK and just doing your thing, then there might be a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) or a fiery individual who might pose difficulties for you. If you are at a certain place in your journey (on a project etc.), where you are taking stock of progress and wondering whether to keep at it or change direction, then try to stay in the company of those who inspire you. You do not need critics at this time. And perhaps see if there is any merit in stubbornly sticking with a plan any longer even though you know it has reached its saturation point and all that is keeping you stuck to it is the time and effort you have already invested in it.

Your Cards

Left to right: Context, message

Generalised tarot readings such as this, written for everyone under one Sun sign,  present archetypal energies that may or may not play out for you, depending on your personal context. Therefore, if this message does not apply to you, I recommend checking out one’s Moon sign and Ascendant sign tarotscope as well (because the message you need just might be there or emerge as a combination instead).

To find out your Moon and Ascendant sign (the constellation that appeared on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born), you can visit https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/free-astro-portrait-horoscope-by-date-of-birth


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