2019 for Aries

Hi Aries,

Happy New Year! For your 2019 tarotscope I pulled 13 cards, 12 that correspond to respective areas of human life represented as ‘houses’ in the typical astrological natal chart, and one that represents the overarching theme of 2019 for you. Given below is a diagram of a natal chart explaining the various houses so that you may have a better understanding of the cards I have pulled pertaining to each. Astrologers use this chart to divide the planets and constellations that appeared in the sky at the moment you were born in order to derive corresponding potentialities for your life in various areas. So, typically, this chart with the houses contains a map of the planets with their exact degrees as well as the zodiac constellations as they were placed starting from the one that was rising on the Eastern horizon. Please note that the house meanings given here are not an exhaustive list and therefore I may mention themes pertaining to houses that do not show up in this example graphic.  Given below the chart image is your reading for 2019! May it be a good one for you!

Your 2019 Tarotscope


1st house matters: You received the perfect card in the most important position. The Queen of Wands represents the feminine qualities of your element of Fire. You burn bright this year in all your endeavours and even find the support of others who are attracted to your warmth and optimism. You are looking good, your health looks good too. With such great energy that you are embodying there is little you could not achieve, and precious few obstacles you could not overcome in 2019.


wheel of fortune2nd house matters: As positive and determined as you are in general, it looks like money matters could be a source of concern for you. Either you could lose money through (unpaid) taxes, unexpected bills or an investment gone wrong, or you might be feeling in a funk about things not moving the way you wish them to. You are also being warned against tempting fate and making a daring gamble that could backfire. There is a cycle here that is not turning as it should, or random events occur against you. Indeed, your entire chart shows some concern with finances this year. Could it be that the ambitions of a partner require expenses that affect you? When such obstacles arise, as they do, devil-may-care Aries are better equipped than most to flip a bird at them and keep moving forward regardless! Your sheer will to take control will turn the wheel of fortune in your favour, stay the course.

Knight of Pentacles3rd house matters: The gadgets you use to communicate might give you trouble — this could lead to some unwelcome expenses. Issues concerning transit too could arise. You might find that deliveries related to online shopping give you something to cuss about. For some of you, a younger sibling who identifies as male could be the source of expenses or hiccups in what you wish to go ahead with. All of this is a signal for you take things slow with others, people with whom you collaborate are not always on the same clock or time-line as you. You might also need some alone time, or a digital detox in order to think better. Also, it might be a good idea to declutter your space, and consider taking short trips out of town to spaces that are wide, open and free.

9 of pentacles.jpg4th house matters: Something about the place you call home might make you feel less than secure and comfortable. This again has to do with finances and material things. Carrying over from the preceding section I will say put a halt on accumulating things for a while and perhaps try minimalism. Retail therapy and consumerism as a pleasure activity are not your friends this year. House renovations may make a dent to your bank account but they are needed to make you feel good again. a few of you could be needing to live singly (from something that occurred last year….) and that could be a source of frustration. It might also be important for you to spend some alone time, away from the people you share your space with, routinely, in order to feel whole again in some way — even if you think you don’t need it, you do.

sun5th house matters: Creative and procreative expression might be difficult to achieve in 2019. Work that you to release to the public, or a child you wish to see in the world could pose challenges. It might be that your reasons for wanting either are not coming from the right place. Whatever it is that you are working on needs more time, patience, and perhaps, humility on your part to take guidance from others. If you hold a position of authority in some way make sure you are not ‘over-parenting’ others and in the process denying them their full expression and freedom.

king of wands6th house matters: In matters pertaining to your health, debts, employees, services, enemies, pets, and daily chores, you are the boss! As King of Wands you are in your element and in charge. If your profession pertains to any of the aforementioned areas then you could receive a promotion in 2019 or even think of starting a related enterprise. Some of you could find your perfect match to collaborate with in order to deal with any of the topics mentioned at the start.


Ace of Pentacles7th house matters: A new, lasting, solid-seeming partnership could be in the works. Some of you are getting to know the person or the business. Others of you are getting ready to propose. Your significant other could be thinking of doing something new, either professionally, or with their money or where they live etc. Positively, this could inspire you as well and get you excited about what lies ahead; it could also add to your expenses somehow. Remember, money is a prevailing theme this year, whatever you choose to feel and do, bear this in mind.

4 of swords8th house matters: Aries ain’t scared of nothing and no one. That is why the forces that can undo you are the ones that you fail to see. This is most true of  the demons that lurk in your subconscious. Freud believed nothing in our lives occurred of chance; that even the little slips of tongue or clumsy behaviour we display has a connection to something going on in our minds that we aren’t fully cognisant of. If you have been through some trauma or hurtful event in the past year, it might be good idea to consult a therapist, especially if it has to do with themes of betrayal or abandonment. You might find a gift of extra physical vitality by the end of it.

Knight of Cups9th house matters: When Jupiter transits a sector of our chart, we tend to experience a positive shift related to the theme of expansion in some way, pertaining to that area of our life. But sometimes, the expansion can be excessive and even to our detriment. As the god of the skies, Jupiter can bring us weather that is just right or completely wrong (not often, but it can happen) for the crop we wish to grow. What usually works is that we listen to Jupiter’s hints (through intuition, dreams or other auguries) on what crop to grow. And this is the advice tarot has for you too. You might be bent upon a creative idea, written work, or innovation that you wish to release in the world, but perhaps the world is in need of something else just now. Let Jupiter, or your mentors, through which he works,  guide you to what is right to do creatively and even in matters of faith.

King of Cups10th house matters: An individual in a position of authority or with a fatherly or nurturing countenance, most likely someone who identifies as male and perhaps belongs to the Water element (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), could play an important role in your career. Or perhaps this is you, coming into your own at the workplace or in your community, emerging as an individual people trust and feel comforted by.  Good on you!



6 of swords11th house matters: Despite Taurus having the reputation for it, your stubbornness can also win a championship or two. And with it in 2019 you could choose to  stay stuck on a dream, goal, or concept that has no yielded any victories so far, and does not look like it ever might. This could do with something that pertains to a source of revenue for you. You could be refusing to see how something just. won’t. work. And it could affect your finances as well as peace of mind. You could also be stubborn in trying to make a network or group of people remain together even though it is clear no one likes no one. There is only one thing to say for this: Move on, please. Also, if people who work under your leadership want to move on, don’t keep them. Same applies to kids, if you have any, who want to strike out and do their own thing.

death12th house matters: A karmic cycle is coming to a close this year, and with it go all the losses you may have faced so far. This period now will be followed by one of new life, vitality and growth. Whatever leaves your life at this time, let it. For a few of you this could be death anxiety causing disturbing dreams or a troubled mind — but the Death card in tarot represents more the clearing of space for new things to come, rather than the going away of something. So it is important that you embrace that idea too.


page-of-wandsOverall theme: Adopting a beginner’s mindset will produce great results for you in 2019. Focus more on what you can learn, and how you can expand your horizons, rather than proving your expertise or authority over domains you currently exist in. With many leadership cards in your reading, you will receive the credit you deserve without having to push for it. Therefore, you would rather spend your time exploring new ventures, ideas and areas of growth.



Have a happy 2019 and see you next month with the regular monthly tarotscopes! 🙂


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