Pick A Card: An Eclipse Oracle

If you’re confounded, lost, confused or simply curious about what’s going on in your life at this time, consider this Pick-a-Card oracle for answers. Clear your mind and look at the four tarot cards laid out face down in front of you. Pick the number, colour or whatever, that draws you in the most, then read what your choice reveals by scrolling down below!


In astrology, regardless of whether a Solar Eclipse is total or partial, it illustrates a significant time in our lives when our emotional and physical selves first obscure then illuminate a part of our soul’s desire that we might not have even known exists.  This process of self-discovery, be it through inner dialogue or external events, leads to powerful new beginnings that light up our path for the next many months (and sometimes even years) ahead, especially if the degree and sign in which the eclipse occurs tickles planets and points in our natal chart close to that degree, especially now since this Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is getting supported/challenged by Uranus in its last few degrees of Aries, eager to see you being more YOU!

Messages follow

If you picked card number 1

moonAll may not be as it seems. Amplified fears or hopes might be obscuring the truth. Listen to your inner voice. Meditate. Pay attention to what your mind says to you when it’s making detached observations and ideas. The inner chatter of disturbing thoughts is illusion. Something might be revealed to you, and as painful as it might be at first, it shall open a new path for you towards a more evolved, psychically attuned way of being.

If you picked card number 2

deathSooner or later, everything ends. The trick to inner peace is to truly internalise this fact of life and appreciate that when something leaves your life, something else comes to take its place. An ending long overdue might be playing out in your life right now. Simply, things that no longer serve your evolution are withering away.  Let them. It might seem unfair now, but wait till you see what a new day has in store for you. New misadventures at the very least!

If you picked card number 3

3 of cupsSometimes three is company. Sometimes three is a crowd. Forcing yourself to stay in a circle of friends or an association that once was full of mirth but now seems forced is serving no one nothing. Set yourself and your associates free to explore other, more rewarding interactions. Also consider if an overemphasis on ‘fun’ and ‘partying’ is actually taking away from your experience of life’s magical offerings. Take a walk outside among nature’s critters, stop to notice the roses and what hovers about them. Earthly delights of a much more energising and enriching kind abound all around you, outside your favourite hangout spots.

If you picked card number 4


Going nowhere fast? Stuck in a rut? Consider that the places you want to go and the things you want to achieve might need you to learn a little more, the art of navigating ambiguity and harnessing failures to become vehicles of victory. If something comes along to upset your apple cart of desires, upturning your well-laid out plans right now, see it as a course correction destined to take you where you need (and will ultimately like) to be rather than where you want to be. Perhaps what you were aiming for wasn’t actually good for you. Losses are blessings.



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I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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