P.A.C. August: 4W

4 of wandsCongratulations! You chose the path out of ennui straight through to the land of joy. If you picked this card you are beginning to, or need to, realise the part you play in engineering your own happiness. If your circumstances aren’t utterly abject then you have something to transform a dull day into an adventure, party or memorable moment. This is the moment you decide you can do a dinner-and-cinema evening out on your own. Or that you’re not too old to go out and find new friends to hang out with if your current set isn’t there for you like it used to be. If no one ever has a party to call you to, why not throw one of your own? Or do something on a smaller scale like treat yourself to a wine picnic in the local park. Or join a meet-up of shared interests. If you stop focusing on how nothing exciting ever happens, you’ll start to see fun is all around — in the chase of the dog and the bee; in the clouds shape-shifting into so many stories, in that ice-cream cart you haven’t stopped by since you were twelve.

Psst, you might want to consider taking someone(s) up on their invitation even if you aren’t too kicked about it to begin with…you might be surprised.


About Ma Megha

I'm the happy medium trying to find the happy medium!
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